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    Cinderella scenes Essay (978 words)

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    Cinderella was the main character in the play. Cinderella was portrayed very polite, for example: Cinderella’s step mother insulted and gave her more jobs to do and in return Cinderella asked her how she was and did not complain about what her step mum was doing to her. Cinderella was also portrayed as a stupid person, for example: after Buttons explained his life story her response was ‘huh?’ and ‘I don’t get it?’. Cinderella also comes across a bit vain because when she was in the forest an old lady called her beautiful and she responded ‘I know am so sexy’. Cinderella always had a smile on her face, which showed me that she was a positive person. She always had a finger at the bottom of her lower lip when someone was talking to her, this is something a kid would do to try and figure out what the person is talking about, this showed me how she was not a intelligent person.

    Her slave’s clothes colours were bright blue/yellow and white with black lines. The colour yellow showed me Cinderella’s characterisation, as it is the colour of sunshine. It connects with joy, happiness and energy. The colour yellow arouses cheerfulness. The colour attracts a lot of attention, which can symbolises her beauty – men are attracted to her beauty because it stands out just like the colour. Yellow is usually the colour used for kids toys, it is a childish colour, which shows that Cinderella is not smart at all. The light blue portrays her character it shows how calm, healthy and nice she is. The colour white shows that she is pure and clean. The black contrasts with the other colours, the black shows me that she is a bit dirty as she has to do a lot of cleaning and she also always wears the same clothes. Even though she had the same clothes all the time it was clean, had no holes or etc, which showed me even though she had no clothes she took care of herself.

    Her wedding and ball dresses both touched the floor, big, puffy, white and pink. The colour white symbolised her beauty as it showed the audience the level of her beauty as white is an angelic colour. The pink showed the audience the acceptance she was getting from the Prince and her stepsisters. It also showed me the love between Cinderella and the prince. The forms of the dress made her look like a rich girl or a princess.

    The lighting on Cinderella was the same in all scenes. It was natural, a yellowish white colour and bright. The lighting connected with her actions, as the colours were bright and positive, Cinderella’s actions were always positive. Cinderella had many props like the old broomstick, which symbolised how long she worked for the stepmother and a carriage, which was used to bring Cinderella to the ball.

    Buttons was a male slave working for the stepmother. Buttons was portrayed as the joker as he cracked many jokes, for example: ‘the twin evil sisters are so ugly that when they were born the doctor took one look at the babies and slapped the parents’. Buttons acted so confident when Cinderella was not around by cracking jokes and messing around but as soon as she stepped on stage he froze and couldn’t talk, which showed the audience that Buttons acted like a confident guy but really he was no good with girls and romance.

    Buttons mystery secret was that he was the fairy and he had a different personality. He smiled a lot, he was joyful, talkative and nice. His costume was different he had a white suit, white shoes and a white shirt. The lighting changed from grey to yellow – white colour. His fairy personality was a contrast to Buttons personality as Buttons was rude, loud and a joker while the fairy was nice, polite and happy, it was like the ying and the yang, two different people living in one body.

    Buttons had a black suit with a white shirt. The suit showed me that the evil stepmother was a rich woman. It also showed me that Buttons was better treated then Cinderella, the white shirt showed me that Buttons job was safe unlike Cinderella’s, which again showed me is job was better. The black makes button look mysterious, as no one knew about his background until he told Cinderella after she had a romantic moment with the prince. The lighting for Buttons was natural and yellow, which went well with his actions as yellow is a funny colour and funny was what he was.

    The twin sisters were played by two men, which showed the audience how unattractive they were. The thought they were good looking as they both stood on stage trying to make them attractive by posing on stage. The evil twin sisters were very different in height. Lucretia was very tall while Griselda was very small which showed the audience the difference between the two as they argued about their height difference a lot.

    The twins wear colourful clothes. The main colours are dark green which symbolises their wealth it shows that they are rich people, dull yellow which showed me how jealous they were of Cinderella as all their clothes had that colour, pink which shows how girly they are, dark blue which symbolises the power they have over Cinderella, orange and red symbolise that they want to take over Cinderella’s life. Their outfits are always colourful like a rainbow. The lighting for the twins was a dramatic, purple – pink colour which connected very well with their actions as pink and purple are sexual desired colours, they did a lot of sexual movements, for example: they purposely moved their breasts forward or squeezed one of the prince bum.

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