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    Chapter 13

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    During the Renaissance, there was a revival of interest in
    individual achievement
    Who sculpted David and painted the Sistine Chapel?
    How was Renaissance art different from the art of the Middle Ages?
    It was more realistic and portrayed some non-religious subjects.
    How did Italy’s location help make it the starting point of the Renaissance?
    Its location on the Mediterranean Sea allowed trade with the Muslim world.
    In The Prince, Macchiavelli advises rulers to
    be ruthless in achieving goals
    What did Rabelais, Shakespeare, and Cervantes have in common?
    They each wrote in the vernacular
    The printing revolution meant that
    exposed educated readers to new ideas and places.
    The northern Renaissance began in the cities of
    Rubens, van Eyck, and Bruegel were all
    northern Renaissance painters
    Which Renaissance ideal did Shakespeare’s work explore?
    complexity of the individual
    Luther’s ideas spread mostly in
    Germany and Scandinavia
    What is one belief Luther held that differed from Church practices?
    He believed Christians could be saved only by faith
    John Calvin believed the world was divided into
    saints and sinners
    Which of the following was a factor leading to the Reformation?
    anger at the worldliness of the Church
    To escape religious persecution, some Calvinists
    sailed to the Americas
    Which statement best describes the religious persecution of the 1500s and 1600s?
    Persecution was widespread
    Anabaptists called for
    religious toleration and separation of church and state
    Which of the following best describes the Catholic Reformation?
    Church abuses were reduced
    In 1545, the Council of Trent
    established the direction of Catholic reforms
    Who was executed for opposing the Act of Supremacy?
    Thomas More
    Why was Copernicus’s theory revolutionary?
    It contradicted the teachings of classical thinkers
    Why did scientists begin to repeat their experiments?
    to refine and improve their hypotheses
    Which two men revolutionized scientific thought in the 1600s?
    Bacon and Descartes
    One of Newton’s contributions was his
    explanation of the movement of planets
    Galen’s ancient works were incorrect in terms of
    human anatomy

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