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Greek Sculptures: Nike of Samothrace and Aphrodite

The marble sculpture shows a complete lighthearted scene between the three figures of Greek mythology as the details of Aphrodite’s hair, Pan’s furry legs and rough horns, and the anatomy of each figures are accurately rendered. The proportion of each figure is carefully done as the artist made sure that each figure contains their most prominent characteristics: Aphrodite’s voluptuousness and womanliness, Pan’s hybridism and dishevelment, and Eros’s lenient infancy and power of flight. The work displays a great composition as it is due to the linkage between the figures in the artist’s arrangement. The two main figures Aphrodite and Pan were in contact with each other by Eros at the top, with the hands and arms combined while Pan’s leg...

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Society of Animal Artists summary

This article is about the Society of Animal Artists that was first formed in the 1960’s and how large the society is today. Being a part of the Society of Animal Artists is comparable to being a member of Who’s Who of the world’s top wildlife artists. Patricia Allen Bott was the founder of the Society of Animal Artists in the 1960’s. The group started out very small with less than 20 members. She loved animals and animals in art. The group still continues on today with more than 400 members. Members attend exhibitions at zoos, whale-watching trips, and venture to different wild animal parks. The society’s sculptors then have an opportunity to take reference pictures of a wide range of animals...

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