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Restaurant Essays

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Growing Up as a Restaurant Kid Essay

The automatic door bell rings as the front door opens, and customers are greeted with, “Hi! How are you? How can I help you today? ” I welcome everyone who dines in my parents’ sushi restaurant with this progressively robotic phrase every day. My journey as a “restaurant kid” started when I moved to America…

How to Start Your Own Restaurant Sample Essay

Did you know that the really first eating house in the universe was opened in Paris in 1765? A tavern keeper. Monsieur Boulanger. served a individual dish. sheep’s pess simmered in a white sauce. Boulanger’s concern was different from other nutrient concerns. like coffeehouse and hostel. because Boulanger’s concern was centered on nutrient. non alcohol….

My Favorite Restaurant Essay

Introduction Nowadays in order to find a place of entertainment in town, you do not need to go far, you just have to walk 10 meters from home. But to find a good restaurant that in future would be your favorite is easy said than done. Recently, people began to spend their time there much…



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Restaurant management Essay

One of the oldest and most prominent problems in the restaurant industry is employee turnover. “With annual turnover rates reaching 300%, apparently the foodservice industry’s problem is not finding employees, it’s keeping them” (Weinstein, 1992, online). The manager is the essential element to running a successful independent restaurant. In my eyes, a successful restaurant goes…

Restaurant management Essay

My interview is with a manager of a restaurant, the restaurant can have as many as 75 customers, and staff of 14. The restaurant served your everyday American food. The person whom I interviewed started as an assistant manager at the young age of 27. He has been a manager for the restaurant for the…

Research Paper on Restaurant Management Essay

Nicholas Marshburn Peggy B. Price Honors English 12-3rd period 17 February 2005 Restaurant Management Running a restaurant can be one of the most stressful job as well as the most fun and rewarding job. If the manager is a good leader with excellent leadership skills and has great followers the restaurant will be rewarded. If…

Restaurant proposal Essay

Have you ever wanted to eat great food like what you would get at any “fancy shmancy” downtown restaurant, but just didn’t feel like getting all dressed up? Or do you have elderly family members who aren’t able to prepare nourishing meals for themselves? Or sometimes do you just want to sit around the house…

History of the Restaurant Essay

The word restaurant according to the majority of contemporary dictionaries is defined as an eating-place, an establishment where meals are prepared and served to customers. By this definition, restaurants, by whatever name they have been given, are almost as old as civilization (Davidson, 1999). Modern historians, however, take a different view, that restaurants are a…

Restaurant Review Essay

Restaurant Review Essay It was rainy, crowded and loud at the entrance, the smell of cigarette and rum filled the air of the lobby area. It was Saturday night at the T.G.I.F in San Francisco, the Giant’s were playing so the place was packed and fans were being loud. The restaurant is located on a…

Best Restaurant Essay

I always enjoy entering a clean well-rounded atmosphere to eat, but in some cases it is not always a well a rounded atmosphere that attracts me, it is just the plain and simple environment. I look forward to going to a place where great home-cooked meals are served. Sometimes eating in the places like Fridays,…

Restaurant Industry Essay

Discussion of the problem Sanjay Thomas, a second-year MBA student at M.I.T. Sloan School of Management has three choices after he graduates. The first one is an excellent job offer that he received from a top-flight management consulting firm. The second option is to open an upscale restaurant that will serve Indian gourmet cuisine. The…

Pizza: Restaurant & Fast Food Industry Analysis Essay

THE RESTAURANT & FAST FOOD INDUSTRY ANALYSIS OF THE PIZZA CHAIN SECTOR THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY AND HISTORY Where and when did the fast food concept come into play? Consider the hamburger. While German immigrants brought the first Hamburg Style Steak to the United States in the early 19th century, the humble hamburger, White Castle, became…

Restaurant Business Essay

The restaurant industry is very competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people have less time, resources, and ability to cook for themselves. The most important things that we have to concern before opening the restaurant is site selection. I have decided to open a…


Jitters gourmet coffee has been around since 1972. The founders of the caf originated from Nevada, where the first Jitters was born. People in Las Vegas have been enjoying Jitters coffee for years. The franchise in Tempe wasn’t built until the 80’s. But the history that is really interesting is the social history of the…

My Parent Child Observation At A Restaurant Essay

I did my parent-child observation at a restaurant in Batesville Indiana. I went to a small family owned place called Wagner’s. I did my observation over Thanksgiving break after my family cut our Christmas tree down. This occurred on Saturday November 28th around 6pm. This is a place that I am relatively familiar with. I…

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