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Radiology Essays

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Radiology Formulas & References

Anything with (a/b) = (c/d) means you have to CROSS multiply. This would result in (ad) = (cb) and it is called proportion. (a/b) x (c/d) means you multiply ACROSS. This would result in (ac)/(bd). Basic multiplication setup. Basic Proportion vs Multiplication Formula Setup 5:1 = x2, 6:1 = x3, 8:1 = x4, 10:1 =…

Additive or Destructive Pathologies and Radiology

Additive Abscess Destructive Anorexia Nervosa Additive Edema Destructive Atrophy Additive Tumors Destructive Emaciation Additive Atelectasis Additive Bronchiectasis Additive Cardiomegaly Destructive Emphysema Additive Congestive Heart Failure Additive Empyema Additive Pleural Effusions Additive Pneumoconiosis Additive Pneumonia Destructive Pneumothorax Additive Pneumonectomy Additive Pulmonary Edema Additive Tuberculosis Additive Aortic Aneurysm Destructive Aerophagia Additive Ascites Additive Cirrhosis Destructive Bowel Obstruction…

Anatomy & Radiology II – Practical – Labs 7,8,9

What is the highlighted structure? Costal pleura what is the arrow pointing to? diaphragmatic pleura What is #1? What is #2? #1 mediastinal pleura #2 cervical pleura Where is the probe extending into? costodiaphragmatic recess Pinned structure? pulmonary ligament What is the probe touching? costal surface of the lung What surface of the lung is…



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NORMAL CHEST • Spine seen through heart shadow • R, L lateral costophrenic angles sharply, acutely angled • WL: level of minor/horizontal fissure, usually visible on frontal view (seen en face); no minor fissure on L side • WC: lung markings (BVs); L hilum higher • White”3″: posterior 3rd rib • Black “3”: anterior third…

Radiology: Spine – revised

Cervical Spine – AP Open Mouth Cervical Lateral Cervical Spine – Oblique X-ray – hard to see, thin gray line- L image: should be smooth line from C2 body and dens, instead there’s a break at L right arrow- R image: lat. view, can see better DENS TYPE II FRACTURE U/L jumped facet = AKA…

radiology anatomy

external oblique ridge alveolar ridge mylohyoid ridge (superimposed over the superior border of the mandibular canal) mandibular canal (inferior alveolar canal) inferior border of mandible mental foramen radiopaque line lamina dura (radiopaque line in the root, called the “follicular cortication” when it is in the crown) mandibular tori (radiopacity superimposed over the roots in the…

Oral Pathology – Radiology (UBSDM)

Dentigerous Cyst Florid Cemento-osseous dysplasia Peripheral Osteoma Compound Odontoma Periapical cyst/granuloma Periapical Cemento-osseous dysplasia Condensing Osteitis (aka Focal Sclerosing Osteomyelitis) Stafne Defect Ameloblastoma Periodontal Cyst Ameloblastoma Fibrous Dysplasia Paget’s Disease Compound Odontoma Cementoblastoma Osteosarcoma Langerhan’s Histiocytosis Multiple Myeloma Ameloblastoma What is the differential Diagnosis? Dentigerous Cyst vs Ameloblastoma Complex Odontoma What is the differential diagnosis?…

Radiology best flash

The best way to visualize a small left sided pneumothorax is a. Right lateral b. Left lateral c. Right lateral decubitus d. Left lateral decubitus Pneumothorax is best demonstrated by taking a radiograph, with the patient in a. Inspiration b. Full inspiration c. Expiration d. Prone Minimal pleural effusion is best detected by x-ray ………

Radiology of Pulmonary Infection, Lowry

Pneumonia CXR Lung Cancer CXR RML. Right heart border is being blurred/lost Atelectasis CXR This particular one is in the minor fissure Loculated Pleural Fluid CXR Pneumonia CT Atelectasis CT Lung Cancer CT Pleural Fluid CT The loss of a normal interface or border due to the pathological opacification of a region. Silhouette Sign Normal…

Radiology Funny End Pics

Advanced caries- C4 on number 4 apices are cut off arrested caries bisecting angle problem bisecting angle technique bitewing problem what type of image is this bitewing image problem? cervical burnout problem? cone cut problem problem? cone cut problem problem? dot not put in slot problem? double image problem? failure to remove fixer- thisulfate problem?…

Radiology 1 Images

Lisfranc Fx (Metatarsal displaced from Tarsus – rarely heals fully) Colles Fx (Palmar angulation of radial tip) Smith Fx March Fx Jones Fx Boxers Fx Osteopetrosis (“Stone bones”) Normal Hip Normal Ankle Normal Foot Normal Hand Normal Shoulder Scotty Dog (Anterior Oblique view of Lumbar spine best for viewing Pars Interarticularis Fx aka Spondylolysis) Prostate…

Aunt minnie radiology cases

Olliers disease NF 1: Pseudoarthrosis of Tibia Progressive Massive Fibrosis Neuroblastoma with Mets Pyknodysostosis Rolando Fracture (Comminuted Bennetts) Artery of Percheron Infarct GBM Inguinal Hernia with Obstruction Scimitar Syndrome Thyroid Opthalmopathy Blounts CLE Joubert Syndrome 35 year old. Diagnosis? Adamantinoma Caudal Regression Tophaceous Gout Supracardiac TAPVR Bilateral Retinoblastoma Meconium Peritonitis Ellis van Creveld Hexadactyly ,…

Radiology Resident Funny Pics

Barium Enema; Double contrast (Barium and Air) Esophagram; double contrast Small Bowel Series; single contrast w/ Barium Always! IV or Oral contrast? Both IV or oral contrast? Neither IV or oral contrast? IV but no oral IV or oral contrast? IV but no oral IV or oral contrast? IV but no oral T1 or T2?…

Why I Chose Radiology Essay

RadiologyHumanity, constantly learning, growing,and facing more challenges each secondof the day. Whether the challengesare mental or purely physical. We have found moreefficient, safer, and easier ways of doingthe tasks we may face. From moving cargo, tosending information via the Internet. Probably the greatest accomplishments we havemade, are in the studies of medicine/treatment. And to be…

Radiology Technician Essay

Humanity, constantly learning, growing, and facing more challenges each second of the day. Whether the challenges are mental or purely physical, we have found moreefficient, safer, and easier ways of doing the tasks we may face. From moving cargo to sending information via the Internet. Probably the greatest accomplishments we have made, are in the…

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