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Theatre Essays

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Grease on Broadway Review Essay

I went and watched the play, “Grease,” a few years back in Columbus. It depicted the 1971 musical, and later 1978 hit film, based on the students of a 1950’s high school. The broadway stars Max Crumm and Laura Osnes, as Danny and Sandy. Their journey to the lead roles were documented on the NBC…

The Addams Family Musical Essay

The Addamss Family Musical comically explores the familiar dissimilarity between the strange habits, somewhat “violent” of Addams, and the “good” habits of American society. Wednesday falls in love with a normal boy named Lucas; she plans a dinner with the boy and his parents at the Addams’s house. Wednesday ends telling a secret to Gomez…

The Joy of Theater Essay

For the last four years, I have attended the Marin School Of The Arts (MSA) in Novato California. MSA seeks to give students the opportunity to express themselves in many different artistic forms, such as acting, musical theater, visual arts, dance, creative writing and film. MSA seemed like a perfect place to cultivate my love…



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The Wiz – Directed by Gary Hicks Essay

On March 6th 2015, I went to watch the production of The Wiz, directed by Gary Hicks. The Wiz is about a young girl named Dorothy who gets blown away by a large twister, into a far land named Oz. Dorothy soon learns to appreciate her home and makes new friends while on her journey…

Theater Critique – Clybourne Park Essay

Last Thursday, I had seen the Pulitzer and Tony Award Winning play “Clybourne Park,” written by Bruce Norris and directed by Ralf Remshardt. “Clybourne Park” is the spin-off of Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun. ” The stage was setting up as a truly house. “Clybourne Park” is an allegory about racial problems. In…

Theater Review – First Date Essay

I attended “First Date” the evening of June 18th at the Hobby Center in Downtown Houston, which was held at 7:30 p. m. This play was shown from June 11 – June 21 in the TUTS Underground / Zilkha Hall. There were approximately 150 people who attended the play that night. Surprisingly to me, the…

Theater Review – The Arabian Nights Essay

On April 21st, 2015, the American University of Sharjahs’ College of Arts and Sciences Performing Arts Program presented Mary Zimmerman’s finest theatrical adaptation play “The Arabian Nights” in the Arts Rotunda. This play was edited and directed by Professor Anthony Tassa, who dedicated two months of rehearsals with the cast to make this performance as…

Theatre of the 21st Century Essay

“Theatre of the 21st Century should be looking forward, not looking back. ” Discuss the above statement in relation to the play you have seen in performance and with reference to its original performance circumstances. In discussing the statement “Theatre of the 21st Century should be looking forward, not looking back”, it is necessary to…

Verbatim Theatre and April’s Fool Essay

Good morning, my name is Phoenix Robinson and today I will be speaking about the recording of the live stage performance “Aprils Fool ? by David Burton. This presentation with focus on Verbatim Theatre, which is the style of play Aprils Fool is. Other aspects of this oral presentation will be the educational purpose of…

Violet – A Musical by Jeanine Tesori and Brian Crawley Essay

For the professional play of my choice, I saw the musical, “Violet,” presented in Ford’s Theater by director Jeff Calhoun and an incredible team of stage artists and actors. I did not particularly enjoy the plotline of the play, but the acting was great. Since watching “Violet,” I have been reading my introduction to acting…

Marriage of Figaro – Act 1 Essay

This opera we watched as a class was quite an experience. It was initially a bit hard on the eyes to see in the dark as I was not able to take proper notes for the one page summary submission. This opera was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and premiered in Vienna at the Burgtheater…

Music Piracy Persuasive Essay

Music piracy according to Cummings (2013) is the act of copying and distributing of pieces of music copies from the recording artist, composer or the recording company that holds the copyright did not consent on it. Aksomitis (2007) indicated that music piracy also referred to as music theft is ongoing, real and an evolving challenge….

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