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Music is a kind of art that reflects reality and affects a person through meaningful and specially organized sound sequences, consisting mainly of tones.


Music is a specific kind of sound activity of people. Its ability to express the thoughts, emotions and volitional processes of a person in an audible form and serve as a means of communicating people and controlling their behavior unites it with other varieties such as speech, instrumental and acoustic signaling. At the same time, it differs significantly from all other varieties of people’s sound activity. Preserving some semblance of sounds of real life, musical sounding fundamentally differs from them by strict high-altitude and temporal (rhythmic) organization. These sounds are part of the historically established systems, the basis of which are the tones. In every composition, tones form their system of vertical connections and horizontal follow-ups.

Sensual art

Musical art can be described as “the most sensual among the arts.” Poetry or painting, for example, cannot be perceived at the level of physiological reactions, music can not only be perceived but also reproduced without the inclusion of intelligence, and the horizon of such listening and playing is wide enough (meditative practice of disabling rational thinking through certain tunes, dancing in a disco, singing patients with speech disorders and the disorder of the logical apparatus).

Emotional content

In the content of music, the main role is played by emotional states and processes as well as volitional aspirations. Their leading place in the content is predetermined by the sound (intonational) and temporal nature, which allows it, on the one hand, to rely on the centuries-old experience of external revealing by people of their emotions and transferring them to other members of society through sounds and, on the other, adequately expressing emotional experience as movement, the process with all its changes and shades, dynamic build-ups and downturns, mutual transitions of emotions and their collisions. Of all kinds of emotions, music embodies mainly moods. This allows this kind of art to reveal not only the psychological states of people but also their characters.

Music is able to reveal the content of different kinds: epic, dramatic, lyrical. At the same time, due to its non-pictorial nature, the lyrics are closest to it. The material form of the content, the way of its existence is the musical form. It is a system of sounds, in which emotions, thoughts and imaginative representations of the composer are realized.  Even taken separately, the sounds have already primary expressive possibilities. Each of them can cause a physiological sensation of pleasure or displeasure, excitement or soothing, tension or discharge, and also simple spatial associations.

It is established that the blood pressure, heart rate, rhythm and depth of respiratory contractions varies in humans, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and dogs under the influence of music. A Japanese experiment showed that breastfeeding mothers who listen to classical one have a 20-100% increase in milk, while jazz and pop reduce its amount by 50-20%. People who suffer from amusia are not able to understand and perform it.

The music is lulling

The Eve of St. Agnes has been criticised as building tension but not really fulfilling its potential. How far do you agree with this view point? The Eve of St. Agnes is an epic, romantic ballad which tells the story of conflict between the families of two lovers; Madeline and Porphyro. The Eve of St. Agnes was based upon a superstition whereby if a virgin girl fulfilled the rites on the eve, she would dream of her future husband that night. For me to look fully into this view point it is important to establish the meaning of the word 'tension'. I would describe it as a mental strain provoking feelings of anxiety, apprehension and suspense. As I study this poem...

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Sex FM Review

Year 10 got the opportunity to watch a live performance of the production 'Sex FM'. This production was brought to us by the theatre company called Face Front. Sex FM was about teenage sex and it showed what the consequences were if you didn't use contraception. It was also about getting pressured into having sex and getting infected with STI [sexually transmitted infection] and where to turn to for advice and help. The main theme the production was about was teenage sex. The issues it discussed were the consequences you would face if you didn't use contraception, for example, if you got pregnant mistakenly and don't know what to do. Another issue was if people, like friends, pressured you into sex...

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Harry’s and Grey’s

The music in the play was the part I admired most, mainly because it was made and compiled by students in the play, percussion was a large part of the sounds used in almost all scenarios, it was loud and often quick, which signified military and also pace in the scene, and danger. The Dauphin's music was played whenever a scene revolving around him opened, his music was in the E minor pitch so descending and threatening, it was also very distinct, it had a noble background of percussion and trumpets but over the top had a gangster mix, this could signify his noble background and also the cover he tries to put on as a gangster. The music composed for...

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley is known worldwide not only for creating and popularizing a certain style of reggae music, but also with using music to focus attention on the difficulties of black people around the world and on various social issues. While he was deeply involved with the context and culture of his country, Marley's musical influence was felt internationally. His style of music and protest lyrics was truly inspiring and touching. The lyrics and style of his music were also a comment on society and had enormous political and activist appeal. I am sincerely honored to be performing a research on this exemplary human being. I chose this particular person because it seemed extremely curious how influential he still is to our...

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The musical ‘Blood Brothers’

After going on a trip to London to watch the musical 'Blood Brothers' we were asked to complete an essay which discussed the medium and elements of drama that had been portrayed within it. Similar to the famous play 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Blood Brothers' begins by revealing the ending. To set the scene, anticipation through the audience was created by using effective background music. This accompanied an illuminated gauze curtain that was covering the stage in front of the beginning scene. The curtain had ripples of red and blue projected onto it which prevented the audience from seeing perfectly how the scene behind was laid out. To the audience, this gave the effect of looking through water at a distorted image; obviously...

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Music playing

In this essay I will be directing the final scene of Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'. I will use all aspects of theatre for example lighting and sound etc, etc. The time this play was written in Liverpool (where it was written) there was a lot of classing going on which in this play is a theme that makes the play what it is. Throughout the whole play the classes are affecting the two brother's relationships in many different ways. This at the time in Liverpool was also happening where there was a lot of class divinisation. To be able to perform this scene effectively I think that we need to make the audience feel the play not just watch it. This...

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The language of performing arts

Performance studies is about exploring how dance, drama and music interlink through the use of common language, as well as acknowledging that each art form has many elements that are unique to it. The language of performing arts is an essential range of vocabulary employed by writers, performers and directors to effectively convey the various stages and processes, in which all aspects of the theatre must participate, in order to produce a successful presentation. I have always thought that performance is about showing situation/emotions that others can only dream about, when acting you are living/creating the life, if only for a moment of infinite number of possibilities. The Idea of creating a performance for an audience fires my imagination. "Performance is...

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Song and music

For our first piece of work, to the opening of our unit 2 "Blood Brothers" section, we were set the task of taking the first and opening song in the play, "Marilyn Monroe" and to add different drama techniques. The basic layout for my group was as above. We had two different couples doing very similar things but at the same time, they were also slightly different. We also had one narrator who spoke the song as well as doing various, appropriate actions. When reading this opening for the first time I thought that it was about a mother who was very troubled yet extremely happy, that no matter how much she was in debt or how many times the welfare...

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Music of the Baroque

Music of the Baroque BY Pagan Unit 3 - Music of the Baroque 1 . Name two important visual artists (such as painters) and also two important writers of literature (such as poets) from the Baroque Period. Do not name musicians. (Visual Artists) - Peter Paul Rueben & Artemisia Gentiles / (Writers)- John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont 2. Write a paragraph about "The Baroque Style". The baroque style was very well suited to the wishes of the aristocracy, who were enormously rich and powerful during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, also religious institutions powerfully shaped the baroque style. Churches used the emotional and theatrical qualities of art to make worship more attractive and appealing. The middle class too, influenced the development...

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Compare and Contrast the Baroque Music and Jazz

They also focused on harmony rather than the complexity of melodic lines. The growth of figured bass and counterpoint represents the placement of harmony. However, by the late baroque period, polyphonic texture returned to favor. Famous Baroque composers: - Johann Sebastian Bach Popular work: Air on a G String - George Frederic Handel Popular work: The Messiah - Antonio Vivaldi Popular work: The Four Seasons It is difficult to define Jazz music, as there are many different styles and movements. A brief definition of Jazz would be: American music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and characterized by propulsive syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, improvisatory, virtuosic solos, melodic freedom, and a harmonic idiom ranging from simple diatonic through chromatics to...

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Baroque Music

Opera was the new musical form of the Baroque period and it was very expressive of the baroque cultural values. By then end of the operatic form was stylized into a recipe, including improbable plots, small motivations for the characters, and magical transformations, which were signs of opera's baroque nature. Oppress united drama, dance, elaborate stage mechanisms, and scenery with music. Johann Sebastian Bach was one artist whose greatest legacy was religious music. His works re distinguished by their inventiveness and complete mastery of major and minor tonality. George Frederic Handel was renowned for his Italian-style operas. He had a brilliant way in which music allows the singers to show their virtuosity. Yes, Opera was the new musical form of the...

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AS Music: Baroque Ensemble Music

Baroque ensemble music: 1. What is meant by rounded form? Discuss its origins and main sections. Why was repetition so important for Baroque composers? Rounded form is where the opening passage in the tonic key keeps coming back around, the most common pattern generally being ABACA. The A section is called the refrain or rounded and the non-A passages are called episodes or couplets. The rounded form originated in France, and was first the name of a medieval song with a repeating pattern. Later composers n the Classical era preferred to use the Italian spelling of the word, rondo. Repetition in Baroque music was important for composers and audiences, because composers of the Baroque era often wrote vast amounts of...

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Music History Medieval -> Baroque Notes

Court Music: La Dough Vote -a troubadour and secular composer -his composition/writing style helped establish the classical form of courtly love poetry -is French -approximately 45 of his composition and works survived. Operation/Operation the Great (End of 12th Century - Beginning of 13th Century) Organ Music: Alleluia: Diffuse est. gratin -European Composer (believed to be French) -pioneered the style of organ triplet/quadrupled (3/4 part harmonies) -his works are preserved in the "Magnum Libber" Gallinule De Mach Nova) Songs Composed Polyphonic Progression: Dame, De quiz touted ma Joe event Quant en mom -Medieval French poet and composer -part of the musical movement known as Ears Nova -helped developed the motet and secular song forms -survived the black death/plague -composed poems and 7...

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We’d rather have a bowl of Coco pops

"We'd rather have a bowl of Coco pops" remember that song? This is just one example of a successful advertising campaign - if the slogan is remembered then so is the product. A consumer in the world of the twenty first century is very much a victim of the media; the main vulnerability lies in the campaigns put forward by advertising. Advertising is very persuasive and develops strong compulsions. Its sole purpose is to influence the public into choosing the advertiser's product over all the others on the market, although this has proved harder to do in today's society as we, the purchasers, have become more aware of the way that they try to manipulate us. To overcome this problem, the...

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The Baroque Period Opera

Opera - "drama presented in music, with the characters singing instead of speaking" Joseph German, p. 87): One cannot speak of Baroque opera without mentioning the name of Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643). Monteverdi has the distinction of being known as the first great composer in the genre of opera, as well as the last true madrigals of his time. He began writing his madrigals at a very early age and composed operas well into his seventies. Although much of his music has not survived to this day, one very important assistance did; The Coronation of Poppa. This opera is done in recitative style as well as aria. Recitative is when the characters half sing, half recite the words presented in an opera...

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Key characteristics and the pioneers in avant-garde music

Minimalism originated in the sass, as a movement that sought to stray from the previous decade of self-expressionism as well as the contemporary trends of intellectual complexities found in serial music. Marked by repetitive mitotic and rhythmic patterns, it sought to emphasize simplicity in both melodic lines and harmonic progressions. In contrast to serial music's favored chromatic compositional techniques, minimalist music was wholly diatonic and consonant in nature. Textural consistency and layered melodies/rhythms gave way to gradual changes, highlighting the 'process' of music, tater than a particular musical goal or specialized form. Seemingly lacking a climax, each composition unfolded by a series of repeating motives and additive rhythms extended over long periods of time. Influenced by Asian and African music, minimalism...

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Music Education

It is worth reminding ourselves that in light of Raymond Williams’ understanding of “a culture in common,” central to the concept of “shared humanity” is the idea that people’s well-being is related to “the [mutual] tending of [their] natural growth.” Williams insists (as quoted above) that “it is on growth, as metaphor and as fact that the ultimate emphasis must be placed.” It is all too easy to place, instead, the emphasis on the product of growth—what people grow into. Where we are concerned with the product, we care about growth simply as a means to an end. Growth is the pathway, if you like, to the desired result and, in order to determine the nature of that pathway, we...

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The Shins – Wincing the Night Away

Taking one step at a time keeps the future open and the material fresh for the Shins.  “I’ve become a lot happier because I now allow for a total upheaval of my understanding…My hope is to remain open-minded and never really allow myself to be certain.” The Shins may be the biggest indie band in the world, but they know they can’t let themselves think about it. Retaining indie status while steadily rising to mass popularity is a puzzle that few bands have cracked, and the Shins’ James Mercer has such a good chance of succeeding at this because he doesn’t even try. “I spend a lot of time doing interviews and just worrying about the day-to-day maintenance of this band…I...

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“Bare” – An EP By Gosia Basinska

The Network M’s own, Gosia Basinska has recorded an EP of what she describes as the “bare essentials” of six of her songs. Bare is a singer/songwriter style fusion of folk and jazz vocals. Gosia has an absorbing and powerful voice, and it’s rare to find such beautiful singing accompanying such unique and poetic songwriting. Gosia’s songs sample a wide range of interesting subjects including a song about her relationship with her partner, songs of yearning and songs inspired by feelings of loss, love and happiness.  Some of the songs on Bare feel sad and some of the lyrics come across as dark at first, but there is something uplifting and inspiring about them at the same time.  The first track, Baba Yaga, which...

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Communication Strategy Employed By Pop Artist Rihanna

In this essay, I will be analysing how Rihanna has used the media to pass on or portray her different messages through her music. On the other manus, nevertheless, there is the media that has its ain version of those messages therefore, building different worlds for the perceiving audience. The Media provides information and updates on assorted occurrences and issues on all facets to the public therefore supplying them basic cognition and information to enable them do their ain judgements and perceptual experiences such as, societal perceptual experiences ( Sadaf, 2011 ) . Sadaf ( 2011 ) explains societal perceptual experience as the agencies in which we make sense of our societal universe through media representations as it plays an of...

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Look at the sources – Were the Beatles were the most popular group in Britain?

1. Source A suggests that the Beatles were the most popular group in Britain. As it says in the source, "The nation held its breath because that evening the four Beatles, all the fab four, were appearing live on Juke Box Jury." This suggests top us that everyone and everything in Britain had come to a standstill because the Beatles were on Juke Box Jury. The source also suggests that they were idolised and admired by most teenagers. The source is written first hand by Joanna Lumbly in her autobiography, so obviously she was there to experience it. However the source was written almost thirty years later so she may have forgotten details or even may have exaggerated the truth. One...

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Analysis of West End Blues by Louis Armstrong

During the 1920’s jazz was beginning to sweep across America, becoming especially popular in the city of New York. The status of African Americans was elevated at this time due to their distinct music becoming increasingly popular, and jazz music evolved into an integral part of American popular culture. The original music of the Africans that had begun in New Orleans had diversified and now appealed to people from every social group of society. One man who helped the progression of jazz through the 1920s was Louis Armstrong, originally a part of Joe “King” Oliver’s jazz band; he broke away from his mentor and moved to New York creating a new genre of jazz improvisation. The growing popularity of jazz was...

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The Punk movement as a reaction to stagnant music scene of the 70s

The Punk movement is often seen as a reaction to what was regarded as a blown up and stagnant, self-indulging music scene in the mid-70s. In wider perspective, it is considered not merely as a music genre, but more as a complex mixture of social, cultural, rebellious upheaval of the marginal, disillusioned young white generation, first in the US and UK and then in the rest of the western world. This essay will try to explore these statements and find out whether any of the two can be considered as the only cause for the emergence of punk. Music and influences background One would say that any form of modern music in its initial phase is a protest, by default. That could be...

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Challenges Facing the Music Industry

Cinema came into being in the late nineteenth century with the efforts of the Lumiere Brothers from France. Ever since then, there hasn’t been any looking back for the motion pictures. Multiple reel films too made an early entry in the United States in 1907 and the start of the First World War saw collaborations between feature films and the distributors to suit the immense cost of production of the multiple reel films (Britannica). From the early days of single reel films to the 3D era to the current age of digital cinema and sound, the entertainment industry has come a long way. In order to prevent the audience from letting television jeopardize their cinema going, the multiplex culture was...

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