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Monologues for women

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Type of monologues for women is a form of speech formed as a result of active speech activity, is intended for passive and indirect perception, and practically is not connected with the speech of the interlocutor either in the content or the structural sense. In some cases, the past is defined as an in the transpersonal speech act. The monologue is not adapted to direct communication; it assumes that the listener only listens, but does not answer.

Contemporary monologues for women are pronounced aloud and addressed to a real or imaginary interlocutor speech, in which the most secret thoughts are transmitted. The speaker’s emotions are expressed. Speech situation is based on the principle of speaker-listener. The monologue is pronounced by one person and does not involve a response from other participants in speech communication directly in the language process.

Monologues can be of various types, depending on the sense they render. Comedic monologues for women are in the humoristic direction. Their sense is usually concentrated around the funny situation. They are used as a mean of entertainment for the audience. Best monologues for women are traced in history as well as in the books and most popular films. These monologues are logically built and enhanced with the variety of speech means.

Topics for the monologues should be wide and related to the contemporary reality. In this case, the audience feels like the speaker is trying to deliver a relevant message, that is connected to the current events. If the text of the speech will be enhanced with the variety of stylistic means, the guarantee that listeners or readers will perceive it is 100%. On the stage a role, containing the scene was, it is necessary to deliver a message to the audience is considered to be the best. It allows the actor to demonstrate his talent and skills to the fullest.

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