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Monologues for men

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A monologue (from the Greek mono – one, the only, and losso – word) is a long, inwardly homogeneous and consistent statement, which belongs to one hero and does not require an immediate answer. The monologue is a relatively independent component of the composition of an artistic work; therefore, it can be used both in the presence of listeners and without them. He expresses thoughts, experiences, and feelings of the hero and is an important means of revealing his psychology, his inner world, spiritual state.

Monologues for men are usually in the form of confession (the hero reconsiders his life, deeds; he is an important moment in the self-awareness of the character, his self-esteem). The speaker refers directly to the target audience. The dramatic monologues for men are usually pronounced by the hero, who intends to share an unpleasant experience or endeavors to describe the dramatic situation.

These speeches move the audience to tears. Opposite to this kind is comedic monologues for men. They are characterized by the dynamism of the language used. They are usually informal, sometimes even rude. Many stylistic means of speech are implemented to make it more colorful and attract the attention of the audience.

No matter what type of the contemporary monologues for men it is, it is always characterized by an increased subjectivity of the narrative, emphasized emotionality and expressiveness of the means. It can have either didactic or inspirational. Several skills are needed for the successful monologue. They include:

  • ability to draw attention to his story;
  • ability to plan a story and start it;
  • ability to tell history in chronological order;
  • the ability to tell stories in a non-chronological order;
  • opportunity to give the story a mysterious character or introduce detective elements into it;
  • the ability to decorate the story, make it more alive;
  • the ability to express their point of view and give an assessment of the events that occur.

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