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Monologues for men

A monologue (from the Greek mono - one, the only, and losso - word) is a long, inwardly homogeneous and consistent statement, which belongs to one hero and does not require an immediate answer. The monologue is a relatively independent component of t…

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Monologues for women

Type of monologues for women is a form of speech formed as a result of active speech activity, is intended for passive and indirect perception, and practically is not connected with the speech of the interlocutor either in the content or the structur…

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Depending on the type of the verbal communication, exist various types of speech. One of the language flow directions is called monologue. This type of speech is one-sided and usually presupposes involvement of one person. A speaker can turn to one person or the whole audience.

Monologues delivery is characterized by a large compositional complexity, requiring the completeness of thought, the strict logical flow of thought and consistency in the statement, strict adherence to grammatical rules. One person acting under conditions of stage isolation delivers the speech. It is pronounced irrespective of replicas of other actors and determining a known moment in the development of action.

There are various types of monologues according to different criteria. Shakespeare monologues are characterized by prevalence, structural isolation, the absence of incomplete sentences in them in the semantic sense; these are replicas contain a description of the actors, information about events occurring, and reflection of events.

One minute monologues are condensed statements. They are usually very informative. These types of speaking are applied to awaken the desire to act or to encourage people to the particular process. They can be either humoristic or serious.

The primary task of classic monologues and the original task is the making the public acquainted with the circumstances of the action, which do not get their reflection on the stage. They tell about the intrusive moments that affect the development of scenic events, and finally depict the experiences of the actors, concentrating action on the personality type.

There are many speeches, which have become famous monologues. To those belong the performances of people who were steeped in history thanks to their specific achievements. To this category also belong speeches of literary characters. Monologues from popular movies also are considered effective, touching and inspirational, as they call to action as well as provoke various emotional responses.

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