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Dance is a rhythmic, expressive gesture, usually arranged in a certain composition and performed with musical accompaniment. In this kind of art, the main means of creating an artistic image is the movements and positions of the body of the performer.

Dance art is one of the oldest manifestations of folk art. It is directly connected with music. Every nation has its own national traditions. On this basis, a stage fling was formed. Professional saltation, having reached high development, became the basis of European classical saltation, and systems of the countries of Asia and Africa.

Dance pas lead from the basic forms of human movements such as walking, running, jumping, bouncing, jumping, slipping, turning and rocking. The combination of such movements gradually turned into pas of traditional flings.

The main characteristics of the fling are the following.

  • Rhythm is a relatively fast or relatively slow repetition and variation of the basic movements;
  • A picture is a combination of movements in the composition;
  • dynamics is a variation in the scope and intensity of movements;
  • A technique is the degree of possession of the body and the skill in carrying out the basic pas and positions.

Communicative and Psychological Features of Fling

Dance is one the oldest arts. It reflects the need of a person, rising to the earliest times, to convey to others his joy or sorrow through his body. Almost all important events in the life of a primitive man such as birth, death, war, the election of a new leader, healing of the patient were marked by such rituals. They expressed prayers for rain, sunlight, fertility, protection, and forgiveness.  Mary Wingman first spoke of it as a communication. Now fling and communication are inseparable concepts, however, it has always been so.

If to look at saltations from the point of view of social psychology, this form of art contains a lot of important and valuable information about a person, his individual characteristics, and his interaction with the outside world. Individual characteristics of a person can be traced, in the manner of performance, in the presentation of the fling. This layer of information is perceived and evaluated at an unconscious level. In dance, openness to the outside world, extrovert attitudes in life, an aspiration to novelty is manifested.

Dance and body Expression

The video Dance in the Real World expressed the details of dance and body expression. The video stated that sometimes the only way to get to know someone is to watch the way they express themselves through the detail of dance. This video showed many different cultures of dance. Native Americans traditions have suffered for 500 years. When the band was lifted from their dance. The Native Americans had many huge POW wows to keep their dance alive. The Hawaii Hula praised the ancestors, and fertility of the land. It was also band because it was thought to be immoral. It was keep secretly keep alive by a few families. Hula has keep Hawaii"s traditions through the years. They continue to dance....

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Thousands of Dancing Gay Men

Like everyone else here, I dance much of the night like a madman. I take off my shirt and make some “friends,” those people with whom you convince yourself you have a profound connection— until you realize it was “just the drugs.” —Michelangelo Signorile, “The Evangelical Church of the Circuit” Dance is powerful. It is a source of profound sensual, emotional, and spiritual pleasures for people from cultures around the world. At a certain level, people who dance for pleasure understand each other, in much the same way that people all understand what it is like to breathe. I am a dancing fool. I dance around my house. I dance in the shower. I dance in my car when I drive. Sometimes I dance when I write. I...

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