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The Meaning

Performing arts means depicting something using your voice or/and body in front of a live audience. Since the dawn of mankind, it has become a vital part of social and cultural life. The first thing that comes to mind would be the Classical era of Greek performing arts. Poets were declaring their comedies or tragedies in front of a crowd on the streets or specifically designed amphitheaters, plays were staged, praising the heroes of the past and present. Actors were portraying mythological gods and beasts, telling the story that would live through ages. It carried on to later generations with the incorporation of complex music and dance moves.

That’s how we got our modern ballet. The music was also becoming more solid, diverse and powerful. Evolving from one-man bands with a simple music instrument, the orchestras began their paths, combining different sounds of many instruments into one piece that would cause a huge range of emotions, depending on the theme. Modern age brought even more diversity to already existing species of performing arts. We now have music concerts, dance bands that tour the world, showing various genres to everybody, theatrical performances and so on. Even you impersonating your teacher in front of your buddies can be considered a performing artist, spreading the message of performing arts even wider, making the term itself an important part of our culture.

The Contents

The great diversity of the term means a big variety of genres and arts that come under this category. A theater is one of them. It includes actors showing a story to the live public using gestures, speech, singing. It is supported by the sound and music performed by another group of people. It emphasizes the emotional coverage of any given moment, the overall tone of the performance and so on. It divides into tragedy, drama, comedy, musicals etc. Other than traditional theatrical performance, there are many more branches of it, including puppetry, stand-up comedy, ballet, improvisation performance, dancing, illusion, mime.

Another form of performing arts is dance. As you know, it means movement according to the rhythm of the music for public entertainment. It may be a solo performance, a pair dance or a large performance by a big group of people, transforming the dance into something wider and more massive in terms of meaning.

Music is something that combines the pitch, rhythm and dynamic to create a sound. It may be done specifically to meet the tone of the lyrics of the song, to increase the influence of acting crew on stage, give more feelings to a specific moment in the movie, or to showcase the author’s feelings on a deeper level. Dividing into many genres, music is always close to us, giving more colors to the daily life. Composers or musicians can perform their creations themselves or take a step further and have an orchestra play the tune for them.

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