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Discursive Essay – Trailer spotting

From films, music and even to computer games, the media has a great influence on people today. On a regular basis, we listen to the radio, read the daily newspaper, or even "Go surfing" on the Internet. There is no escaping the worldwide power of the media. The power of the media is a very contreversial issue as some like myself believe that the media has the power to influence the mind to take actions such as purchasing goods that we would normally not consider, just as a result of the media. Others believe that if there were any actions taken, it would be comletley to their own gain, and they would have had next to no influence on the...

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The Pirates of Silicon Valley reaction paper

After watching the Pirates of Silicon Valley, I have learned lot of things. The movie was entertaining and interesting because it is about the history of computers and information technology itself, which I am pursuing for a career. I was also inclined with the cast because of their good portrayal of their characters. There were no dull moments in the movie. The time was well divided because it shows all there is to know about the Apple and the Microsoft Company. The story revolves on the humble beginnings of computers, particularly the beginnings of the Apple Computer Corporation established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and Microsoft Inc., established by Bill Gates and his colleagues. It also features company such...

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Explore How Conflict Is Created In Othello And Bend It Like Beckham

Conflict is explored and created in many different ways throughout Shakespeare’s play Othello and Gurinder Chada’s film Bend it like Beckham. Both main characters Jess Bhamra and Othello experience internal and external conflict. They both have to make choices which affect themselves and people around them. Deception and cultural conflict play a major role during both texts. A range of both literary techniques such as irony used by Shakespeare and film techniques such as high and low angle shots during Bend it like Beckham help to create conflict. Whilst the inner conflict during Othello deals with Othello questioning whether to believe Iago about his faithful wife’s “infidelity”, during the movie Bend it like Beckham, Jess undergoes internal conflict about whether to...

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Watching movies at home or at the movie theaters

Is it better watching movies at home or is it better watching movies at the movie theaters? My opinion is that watching movies at home is way better than watching them at the movie theaters. Why? Because you save money and you can watch it whenever, wherever, and at your own pace. After reading this essay, it will make the reader consider that watching movies at home is a way better deal than watching movies at the theaters. Based on a conducted survey by phone, randomly selected of 2,250 adults in 2006, said that the place that they would rather watch movies is under their own roof. (Pew Research Center). Ever since Blockbuster opened its stores in the late 1980’s, more...

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The Development of Film Art

The Lumiéres brothers, Louis and August, did not invent film, but they finished and practically used Edison’s kinetoscope, Their father was a fabricant from Lyon who manufactured photographic papers and therefore Louis and August had really good conditions for their invention. The project of Lumiéres brothers was really good from a technical standpoint and more perfect than other projects of that time. However, they were not the only ones who made it. J. Carpentier who was a mechanical engineer helped them with a prototype of the kinetoscope. Producers of photographic machines had their own kinetoscope, which was a combination of camera and projector. The kinetoscope was presented on the 13th November in Lyon to Photographic Company. August and Louis became...

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