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Digital art emerged as a response to modern media. In an environment of communication and technology, art is searching for new forms. For abstract art technology is not a novelty, but an opportunity to form the idea of a work in the mind of the viewer. Digital art is free from some kind of direction; however, it can be characterized as since-art.  Artists seek to answer complex questions of modern times about the impact of man on the planet, the social role of technology, the globalization of technology, the “Internet of people.”

Digital and Traditional Art

The emergence of digital painting is usually referred to the 1990s, at that time SVGA monitors and video cards capable of displaying 16.7 million colors appeared. Initially, this direction was developing in the US, but soon the torch was picked up by Europe and the Asian countries. Now it art is already becoming commonplace.

Digital and traditional paintings are not rivals, there will always be fans of one or the other, but the final result is difficult to distinguish even for a professional because only the means and technology for achieving this result vary. Both traditional and digital paintings are completely created by the hand of the master, so the latter has nothing in common with Photoshop. These two areas are united by the fact that only a real artist, who knows the basics of drawing and the art literacy (the perspective, glare, reflexes, color circle, etc.) can create a picture with the help of technology.

Digital painting has a number of advantages over the traditional. The computer performs the functions of the easel, and paints, and brushes. And this greatly simplifies the life of the artist.  He does not need to mix colors; it is enough to just choose the right color, shade, and the right brush. It is possible to cancel previously performed operations and be saved at any stage of the work, returning to it when it is convenient for the artist. All this significantly speeds up the process, and therefore the price of this painting is more sparing than traditional.  The quality of the drawing of digital painting, as well as the traditional one, depends only on the talent and painstaking performance of the work of the artist, but, unlike the traditional, the computer-created picture can be adjusted at any time.

Stages of Creation

1.      Initially, the artist needs an idea, inspiration or just an order. Typically, the customer comes with a photograph or a copy of the famous canvas, or a simple explanation of what he wants to get eventually.

2.      When the order is accepted, the artist starts to work and manually draws a “task” on the graphics tablet. He uses a whole set of online brushes that mimic the “physics” of conventional ones.

3.      After processing the picture, it is printed on a linen canvas. In digital paintings, acrylic and textured gels and oil pastes are used, which also has a significant effect on the speed of the order, because they dry up in one day. After printing the picture, it is again drawn and varnished from aging and destroying.

4.      The finished picture (a stretcher with a canvas) is inserted into the frame from the baguette.

Medea Quote Analysis

"Do I not suffer? Am I not wronged? Should I not weep? / Children, your mother is hated, and you are cursed:/ Death take you, with your father, and perish his whole house! " (Euripides 20). Medea's agony over Jason's betrayal is clear: her desire for revenge, to sever all ties between herself and her former husband is even clearer. This statement clues the reader that Medea, however cool and collected she may appear in later scenes, is not entirely herself, being dealt a shocking blow in Jason's marriage to Glauce, princess of Corinth. This also foreshadows the slaughter of her children, that despite her initial weakness she will, through a savage willpower, kill her two sons in order to cause...

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SLR digital camera

On a SLR digital camera it should have a dial that turns the camera on manual, the "M" setting is when the photographer have complete control unless the camera has preset limitations that doesn't allow it to do certain things. In the "M" setting it should allow the user to change the shutter speed and the aperture, when taking a picture that one needs to stop all action or time in the picture, it should be shot at a speed of 125 and greater, depending on your subject, to give water it's moving effect you would need to shoot the photo of 60 and less to create the effect, while changing these setting you will have to compensate the other settings...

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The language of advertising

I have noted that generally, most property advertising of new housing estates, is done by using an artist's impression of the new/proposed, development. Whilst this is practically feasible, it must be pointed out that these graphic representations are intended to represent the idyll and set out to do exactly that through the imagery used - see appendix 2 (Tournore Court) at the rear of this assignment. These images are then supported and their message enforced through the wording used on the advert - eg "Make the Right Move, Choose Tournore Court, Dungarvan. The very first word of this statement sets out to convince and persuade the potential purchaser to initiate/take a course of action. The following words, " the Right Move",...

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Discover digital arts

Perhaps the dream job of every digital artist is to be able to work for major animation companies like Pixar. just like some of our fellow Filipinos who have made a name for themselves abroad. Rey Bohol, Gini Cruz, Ricky Nierva, and Ronnie del Carmen all from Pixar have worked on Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, Wall-E and a lot more; Giovanni Nakpil from ILM worked on Transformers, War of the Worlds, Van Helsing, Star Wars, Star Trek to name a few; and Anthony Ocampo who won the Visual Effects Society award for his Trojan horse work on the USA Network Productions special, Helen of Troy. Working for Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney is possible for a talented Filipino digitalartist. Just...

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Am broadcast station design

Am broadcast station design k performing a Class II-A operation with service area requisites of 4. 47 mm and IPPP/m for primary and secondary respectively. 2. To recognize different factors to be considered in selecting a feasible location for an AM Broadcasting Station. Company Profile Location Official Seal of Tarmac City Location map of Tarmac City Company Profile Format News, Entertainment, Information, Inspirational Company Logo Objectives . Furthermore, the conductivity of the soil and the path between the site and target area must also be taken into consideration. 2. Proper integration of materials and other equipment is necessary during the implementation and optimization of the station's functionality. 3. For the acoustic consideration, the proposed acoustic design can be improved. The rooms...

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Females and their Animal Counterparts in Anime

West In the last five decades, animated cinema has often featured animals as one of its main draws. One of the primary reasons for this is that the flexibility of the animated medium allows directors, writers and artists to easily give their animal characters extraordinarily human characteristics. This anthropomorphism enables the human and animal characters to have something in their relationships that is unique: A high bevel of communication. The surreal ability of animals to communicate allows the protagonist to have a delightful and unique helping hand in his/her adventures. Animal friend(s) get to provide comic relief, Join the protagonists as they conquer, and help him them when they are in trouble. This is generally received well by the audience, who...

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Application Architecture

In planing and constructing a paysheet plan for a big organisation with offices spread across the state. which possesses rather a few idiots to get the better of and must be done in a peculiar mode. Therefore holding the right application architecture is of import where the design is concerned. Because the company has one big informations centre that each office connects to via a broad country web ( WAN ) . hence the appropriate architecture for this solution would hold to dwell of a WAN diagram to be used in direction of this undertaking. along with system certification. and information engineering architecture paperss to supply a ocular representation of the web. A broad country webs ( WANs ) normally...

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Our Day Out – character study of Mr Briggs

Mr Briggs is a very complicated character to work out. Both him and Mrs Kay are very different. Mrs Kay is a very caring person and very easy going where as Mr Briggs is very strict and enjoys the fact that he has been sent on the trip as a spy. He has been sent as a spy to watch Mrs Kay because he knows that she is easy going and the children run rings around her because shes too soft and as a teacher he is reliable and trustworthy and will do exactly that. When we first meet Briggs in the play driving along the poor Liverpool streets, the lollipop man Les refurs to him as a 'arigant git' which...

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Communication Technologies – LAN and Topologies and Data Flow

In this assignment I am going to list and describe the components that make up a LAN. I will also state how they can be interconnected and interact with each other. I will show some LAN topologies and illustrate them. Finally I will explain and describe how data travels around the various topologies and list the advantages and disadvantages of each topology. LAN I am going to look at the components that make the LAN and describe them. Ethernet, Hardware, NIC's, Hubs/Switches/etc these are the list of components that make up the LAN and now I am going to explain each of these components. NIC's - Network Interface Card are used for connecting a RJ-45 cable. Nearly all the modem PC's or PC's...

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The Influence Of Technology in Both the Artist and the Art

How is technology changing art today? Technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade and has changed the way that we live our lives. The introduction into our world of pc"s, internet and mobile phones has greatly influenced the way that we live. Communication with people all over the world is a simple key press away. These advances in technology have opened many new doors for us all, whether we work in a technological area or whether we just have a home pc. Not only has technology had a huge effect on every day life but also in all areas of arts and science. However, how is technology changing art today? Throughout history, technology has had an influence over both artists and...

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