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Media Arts Essays

Cinematography Essays

The film is a collection of photographic images (frames) sequentially arranged, connected by a single plot and intended for playback on the screen Complexity of the phenomenon In the cinema art, the aesthetic properties of literature, theatrical an…

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Digital Arts Essays

Digital art emerged as a response to modern media. In an environment of communication and technology, art is searching for new forms. For abstract art technology is not a novelty, but an opportunity to form the idea of a work in the mind of the viewe…

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The Meaning

Media Arts is a relatively new term and movement in the artistic world. It heavily depends on modern technologies such as computerized systems to exist, thrive and develop new forms of art that have modern communication systems as their primary field of operation. Although it may seem like media arts did not exist before the first computers were created, that is not true. These arts start their way far back in 19th century when the industrialization and overall technical progress became stable, gradually increasing and widespread. Early forms of computing machines and photography are known to mark the beginning of media arts era. The technological advances allowed artists to experiment more with the sound and visual effects, pushing the limits beyond the known borders and creating something wild, new and extraordinary.

Media refers to transferring information and storing it worldwide, making the artists able to redraw the boundaries of the traditional art. The development of mass media, telecommunication, and digital devices it has become much easier to share the artistic worlds throughout the world and opened the possibilities to create new forms of arts based on that. You don’t just place media art in a museum or exhibition. These arts require much space, resources, and gear to be installed properly.

The Contents

Media art includes several genres that differ depending on the type of technology used and the form of presenting that particular work. Speaking about video art, each of us can create a new, unique content and post it online, making the Internet itself our exhibition spot. Going down the deeper road, we can see video exhibitions installed worldwide, bringing up socially important topics or having a marketing value. Gamers would be pleased to know that game development is a form of modern media art as well, including character design, level design, and even voice acting. Media arts are based on technologies and digital advancements.

There are computer, electronic, interactive, Internet, robotic, biotech arts. Sound production using digital machines is also a newly formed art that fits the category. Software art includes the software created by artists and its primary purpose is to be the work of art like visual and musical instruments that allow us, the common mortals, to create something aesthetic ourselves. Other media art disciplines include hacktivism, considered a political tool by many, digital poetry, demoscene, cyberformance, that combines digital communication tools and live theatrical performance, kinetic art, light art and more emerging on a regular basis.

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