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Madonna Essays

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Madonna and Child Bramantino: The Falls of the Rhine Essay

A single picture acquired in 191 3 is anterior to the nineteenth century. It is a Madonna attributed to Bartolommeo Suardi, whose intimacy with Bramante and whose care to follow Bramante’s second manner gave him the surname of “ Bramantino,” the ‘‘little Bramante.” The Milanese School developed late, playing but a small part in the early…

Jan Van Eyck Madonna in the Church Essay

Madonna in a Church is a small oil panel on oak by Flemish painter Jan van Check. Madonna in a church was made between c. 1438-1440. Van Check has been traditionally credited with the invention of painting in oils, and, although this is incorrect, there is no doubt that he was the real master of…

Masaccio, Tickling Madonna

Artist Masaccio Title and Location Tickling Madonna, Uffizi Date 1426-1428 Artistic and Historic Age Early renaissance, quattrocento, Florence Artist’s Life Period Masaccio died very young, just a couple years after the piece was completed. He was uninterested in traditional notions of beauty and was inspired by contemporary sculptors and ideas of his time. Technique Tempura…



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Madonna Phenomenon Essay

    O’Hagan points out that this resulted in Madonna being paid five million dollars by Pepsi to reproduce her work in advertisement form, which in turn helped in making her single to the Number One spot in the pop charts. In this vein, it could be argued that whilst ‘Like a Prayer’ is promoting…

Madonna Enthroned painting Essay

Found the Giotta, Madonna Enthroned painting to be the most interesting because the power and love the painting displays. The personal values in this particular painting, such as the colors caught my eye because; the colors in this painting are almost bronzed. To me bronzed shows heroism. A very rich colored painting with the golden…

Madonna And Child Essay

The subject matter of Madonna and Child was a very popular one for artists of the sixteenth century. Raphael painted numerous versions of the Madonna and Child. He portrayed what seems to be a loving, warm relationship between mother and child, a lifelike Christ child, and serenity within his paintings. The differences between the views…

Comparison: Madonna And Child Angels Essay

The painting called Madonna and Child with Saint Francis and Dominic and Angels by Giulio Cesare Procaccini is one of many paintings labeled masterpiece. This painting contains brilliant brushwork and messages that are indirect. This painting was done in Milan Italy any where from 1574-1625. It is 101 1/8 x 56 3/8 in. 256.9 x…

Madonna of the Goldfinch: An Analysis of the Painting Essay

All of the figures in the scene stand on grassy green hillocks, set against a rich background Of gold. The painting is composed in such a way that the viewer’s eye is drawn consistently to the scroll being presented to the three shepherds. The sheer size of the angel presenting the scroll, almost twice that…

How the elements Raphael’s drawings were used to form “Alba Madonna” Essay

Our book does explain the step by step process of how the elements to Repeal’s drawings were used to form the final composition of the Alba Madonna. Raphael utilized drawing before committing to any canvas because it helped him brainstorm or allow him to make his first draft of the piece. The materials Raphael needed…

“Madonna and Child with the Chancellor Rolling” by Jan and Eek. Oil Paintings Essay

One of the images that I’m most fond of is the “Madonna and Child with the Chancellor Rolling” by Jan and Eek. This piece is one my favorites because it uses oil. When using oil the images of the paintings seem to realistically speak to me. This particular painting enables both fusion of tones and…

Historical Paintings of the Madonna Essay

The mother of Jesus Christ, Madonna, the most popular woman in the majority of classical art, is typically depicted as a beautiful woman. Her son is Jesus, suggesting that she should be shown as a woman of equal significance. Prior to Parmigianino’s “Madonna of the Long Neck,” artistic works with Mary as one of the…

Paintings of the Madonna and Child Essay

The Madonna and Child is a painting topic commonly known throughout the Christian, Catholic and Orthodox religions. It is usually a representation of the Virgin Mary (Madonna) and baby Jesus (Child). In most pictures baby Jesus and Mary are the only focal point but in some paintings they are surrounded by angels, worshiper, and/ or…

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