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Poetry is a special organization of artistic speech, which is distinguished by rhythm and rhyme-the poetic form; it is a lyrical form of reflection of reality. This term is used in the meaning of a work of different genres in verse, which conveys the subjective relation of the individual to the world.

Stages of Poetry Development

·  Primitive poetry as a tool of ritual. Quite often primitive poetry remained aloof from universal recognition. Such an attitude was a consequence of the fact that language as a means of communication was not at a sufficient level of development, the developing element of primitive man could not have a full-fledged generation in the form of poetry. With the amplification of society, there was a complication of social processes, which in turn initiated the development of language.

· The baggage of images. With the development of the language, the human perception of the world became more complicated, as many phenomena and sensory experiences could all be more easily conveyed with the help of words.

· The development of literature in general. Any stage was characterized by features of the social and political system in the state.

The Poetry of the Main Cultural Epochs

·  Renaissance. From this period begins the direct development of poetry, the main genres are the poem and poetic drama. Love and pastoral lyrics acquire universal acceptance and the classical forms of sonnets, canons, sestinas, terza rimas spread throughout Europe.

· Rationalism. The main genres are high (ode, heroic poem) and low (comedy, satire, fable, and idyll). In other words, prose and poetry satire develops.

· Sentimentalism. Sentimentalism comes in the 18th century as a replacement for strict regulation and aristocracy. The goal of the authors was to touch the feelings of readers, showing the unhappy fate of the heroes of their “tearful” comedies, elegies, messages.

· Romanticism. The emergence of romanticism can be associated with the amplification of ideas of sentimentality and the rise of anti-feudal movements. There is a great interest in folklore, the genre forms of the historical novel, the fantastic story, the lyric poem, the ballads are updated and improved, the language is saturated with figurative expressions and other kinds of ornaments.

· Realism. The desire for truthful and objective reflection and reproduction of reality in forms that correspond to reality itself, together with the revolutionary views, has become the basis for the formation and development of critical realism which was also reflected in the poetry of that time.

· Decadence. This direction made a revolution in the poetic worldview. Decadence is characterized by alienation from life, rejection of social struggle, propaganda of the concept of “art for art,” pessimism, mysticism, individualism. The main idea of decadence was to impress the reader not only with the help of the meaning of the work but also with the help of a certain set of sounds in words, inadequate images.

· Modernism. Modern trends in literature are characterized by a mixture of classical currents. The eternal quest for artistic expression leads to the adoption of absolutely different trends in poetics. On one line of the poem there can be glimpses of the author’s meaning, and, at times, the most absurd things.

Philip Larkin

In the poem Mr. Blarney, Larkin does indeed portray a theme of loneliness. From his 1964 Whitish Weddings collection and written in 1955, the pain and memory of the Second World War were still very much present in the minds of the British people, and the country was in a state of Post-War Depression. The language used by the poet also reinforces this attitude. Initially, we are confronted by the monotonous name, 'Mr. Blarney, which itself sounds very lackluster and represents an uninteresting man who led a life absent of excitement. The use of rhyming couplets in an ABA format symbolisms the repetitious nature of Mr. Blarneys life and how it ill always remain unchanging, a pattern that he couldn't escape....

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Leadership Dead poets society

Vision Mr. Keating has a global vision of what he wants to achieve with his students. He knows how he will lead them to achieve it. He arrives very relaxed in class, begins to whistle which was meant to appeal the student's attention. Teaches in unconventional ways by not following 100 years of conventional education like his predecessors have done, he chooses an alternative: teach the students how to become free men and "seize the day'. For example, First lesson was done outside the classroom showing them how life is short using the pictures of the former students who has passed away. The objective was to make the students become free thinkers, ND push them to dare express their opinions, experiment...

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Maya Angelou A Phenomenal Literary Poet

What distinguishes Maya as a writer is the fact that, almost all of her work is based on real life experiences she underwent from her childhood to adult life. Moreover, another key distinguishing factor is her literary style, which oscillates between straight forward ideas and complex symbolic concepts. In her works, she displays her triumph over numerous life challenges, and this is what places her in a position to inspire and influence the lives of many people around the world. This research paper argues that Maya Angelo is a phenomenal literary poet and will present reasons and evidence o support this argument. However, before describing this phenomenal woman, a brief history of her life will be provided to establish the roots...

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Naga Poetry

Therefore, Nag poets use poems to try to tell the Nag story. However, despite all these memorandums and political and legal actions that Nags had undertaken, in October 1954, Indian sent in over 54 thousand Indian troops and forcibly annexed England to India. The Nag Hills have been occupied by the Nag people as early as 150 AD where Claudia Ptolemy (Claudia Ptolemy, Geographic Volvo VII (it) p. 18) mentions their existence. The threat of occupation and annexation has always checkered the history of the Nag Hills. In 1228 AD, the Ahem rulers led by King Shaped and his great army were repulsed in their efforts to conquer the villages of England. Following this a war was unleashed where official statistics...

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Poetic Devices in the Dream of the Rood

Even many of the Christian followers in the audience would have had strong ancestral ties to pagan beliefs. To effectively reach this disparate and evolving crowd with his message of Christian salvation, the author employs several established poetic devices, common in the oral traditions of the various and blended Anglo-Saxon tribes. Narrative structure, vivid imagery, and anthropomorphism are key poetic devices used to appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike. Using these devices, "The Dream of the Rood" incorporates the ideals and entertainment value of a non- Christian oral tradition into a homiletic allegory about the Passion of Christ and the remises of Christian salvation. "Lo! Choicest of dreams I will relate, / What dream I dreamt in middle of night /...

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Nothing: Poetry and Persona

Although the box is Just small, it is being tied skillfully and very well. It is not stated in the first stanza where the package does came from but lately, it is being mentioned that it's from the persona's father. The package box came all the way across 10, 000 miles of ocean. While opening the box, the persona can feel the love of his/her father that binds them together. Breaking Through if examined could be the literal meaning of breaking through or the undoing of the strong thread of two or three strands that are being twisted together tied around the package box received by the persona from his/her father. The title its self could be the connotation of the...

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

  "The purpose of reading, once you get the hang of it, is not merely to follow the action of a plot, but to learn about the characters, explore different ideas and enter other minds. " (Besotted with Potter, pg. 1) For many parents, witchcraft is dangerous and demonic. There is Good and Evil in the world. Times are changing and some believe children are now more vulnerable to deception than children of earlier times. This is clearly due to different times and culture, such as social activities influencing outcomes of many issues. Secondly, different types of fantasy, computer games, television and the media, movies and Books are all the birth of different imagination. Depending on the source of the child's imagination,...

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Charlotte Bronte

In her poem "Stanzas," author Charlotte Bronte employs the literary devices of imagery, mood, and repetition in order to successfully add depth and meaning. These instruments are aided by careful and skillful word choice as well as by other literary tools such as alliteration and assonance. Together, these devices work together to produce a complex and masterful collection of verse and thus fulfill the author's intentions of creating a thought-provoking and meaningful piece. In this piece, mood is used to develop greater intensity and complexity through its establishment and subsequent shifts in character. The author uses carefully chosen words and phrases in both the creation of the desired sentiment and in the introduction of modifications in its nature. The mood changes...

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In both Sidney’s Astrophel and Stella XXXIX

  Words such as embalmer, casket and hushed connote a sense of the ultimate escape, death, reinforced by the religious lexicon of other verses. Normally reserved for God alone, a hymn is a religious song that sings the praises of the Lord. By conferring this type of praise onto sleep, the speaker is demonstrating its importance to him. The notion of the climactic volta is also reinforced by the rhyming of the first verse of the volta with the first group of the poem. The vocabulary used in this group is very dark (midnight, shutting, gloom-pleas'd, enshaded) and contrasts strikingly with the negatively-bright daylight in the volta. The carefully chosen words of the poems give a deeper understanding of the themes of...

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“Tickets Please” and “The horse Dealer’s Daughter”?

Both romantic love and desire have a significant effect on the characters' behaviour in "The Horse Dealer's Daughter" and "Tickets Please". In both the stories the needs for love differ between the characters. Annie, for example, desires a romantic relationship with John Thomas, whereas John Thomas merely wants a brief encounter with Annie. This relationship is therefore condemned from the beginning since there is a major conflict between their personalities and needs. Romantic love and desire are very important as motives for character's behaviour in "The Horse Dealer's Daughter" since the story is based on Mabel's love for Jack Fergusson. This story focuses more on romantic love rather then desire. The two characters undergo an experience which is especially different to...

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How far is ‘Haymaking’ typical of Thomas’ poetry?

'Haymaking' is very typical of a poem by Edward Thomas. This is shown through many common devices that are present in 'Haymaking' as well as many of his other poems. I shall outline and elaborate these on these devices in this essay. 'Haymaking' is a description of a snapshot in time. There was a thunderstorm the night before and the reader is initially led to believe that the storm is the reason that everything is so still in the poem, but half way through the poem, Thomas begins to describe the activities of the Haymakers who are having a break in silence as they "leaned on their rakes". So the stillness of the poem can work on many levels. There is...

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The Great Gatsby is a moral work?

  The location of Gatsby's house is chosen as an attempt to impress Daisy with his so-called wealth, a clear misuse of his ill gained money. Gatsby's house is furnished to a very high standard, but these books and antiques are just Gatsby's way of showing off his wealth to others. However Gatsby does not really care for materialism, we can tell this because his bedroom, the only room he really ever uses, is empty compared to the rest of the house. The whole illusion of his lifestyle, house and parties, hide his main goal in life, to win the love of Daisy. The fact that Daisy is now a married woman does not signify with Gatsby, his lack of morals again...

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Plath s Poetry

I will now analyses Plash's poetry, relating its emotional content and vivid imagery to the turmoil in her life which is evident in her poetry. In "The Arrival of the Bee Box" Plat explores her inner mind and expresses a desire to be in control. The poem also depicts mental anguish. The box represents the hidden aspects of the mind; the dark and mysterious parts the port must explore. Plat is nervous about exploring her unconscious mind and horrified by the demons that might lurk there. The sight and sound of the locked box fills the speaker with dread. "The box is locked and it is dangerous. She seems to associate it with death, referring to it as a "coffin. "...

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Poetic Justice: A Look at King and Anthony

Later in 1868, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution emended the status of all people born or naturalized in the U. S. As citizens and promised the protection of the all associated rights. Despite these signs of progress, women were still legally being denied the right to vote and equal protection under the law as men. Fighting for Justice, Susan B. Anthony, a feminist and civil rights leader, broke the law and voted in the 1872 Presidential Election and delineated her reasons for doing so in her speech, 'Is It a Crime for a U. S. Citizen to Vote', in 1873. Similarly in 1963, Martin Luther King Jar. , a social rights activist and Civil Rights leader, De a peaceful public...

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Poetic Elements in Sandesakavya

Inasmuch as, the theories adumbrated by it are applicable to all literatures and it is possible to evaluate any specimen of poetry y applying the norms set forth by Sanskrit poetics. Sanskrit poetics considers 'Rasa' as the core of poetry and art. While analyzing the poetic elements it says that, all the elements in poetry like the literary embellishment or the literary excellence, the style or the technique are to be incorporated, keeping an eye on the emotive content or the 'Rasa' of paramount importance. Scandinavians Scandinavians are also first originated in Sanskrit. In the text figured, one can see the archetypes of Scandinavians in the sending of Sahara to Pains by Indri. The idea of conveying messages through messengers is...

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Poetic treatments of journey in Tennyson

Despite their differences forever, both of the poems share a fixation with death as a Journey, though there is contrast in how this is explored. Tennyson "Ulysses", two Journeys are explored, the first being the Journey of the speaker Ulysses upon his return from the battle of Troy, during which he experiences greatness and develops a craving for adventure. The second Journey is the Journey that which his experiences have inspired him to desire to undertake, a Journey of fulfillment and "to follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound of human thought". Ulysses' is intensely dissatisfied at the prospect wasting his existence as a stagnant ruler. In the first stanza Ulysses reflects on the travel and adventures that...

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Poetry essay

A tender is considered as an invitation to treat. As opposed to an offer, an invitation to treat is not made with the intention that it is to become binding as soon as the person to whom it is addressed simply communicates his agreement with the terms; although, it is not always simple to differentiate between the two. Kayo Takers Investments v Beneath Properties Ltd. 1993 Cancel 289 BCC (CA), Tenders are generally placed in the category of invitation to treat, where a party is merely being invited to make a bid which constitutes the offer and the party issuing the invitation s merely seeking offers. Typically, the party issuing the invitation for tenders is not bound to accept any submitted...

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Poetry Analysis

The one thing that family could respond to all negative attitudes toward them was bitterness and even this was prohibited. In consequences of race's discrimination, few generations of one family lived through violence, pressure and suffer and family could not do anything, Just not to be bitter. The author used irony structure in order to show the powerless of the family's race, such powerless that family's members did not have a chance to be bitter on this lawlessness. The extraordinary author's style gave us an opportunity to feel the whole emotions, that writer wanted us to feel. The rhythm and rhyme of the poem is first example of accent on negative relation of the author to the violence. Brown highlights the...

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Poetry studying

He also refers to himself as "King of Kings", (line 10) this means e regards himself as above everyone else, superior to everyone else or the most powerful leader on earth, this may indicate that he was a vain man. Commanding is depicted as a strong ruler in the poem, this can be assumed after reading frown", "wrinkled lip" and "sneer of cold command" (line 4-5) which gauges snobbishness, authority and high-handedness (www. Notes. Com). His FRR scornfulness or smug smile was intended to scare everyone around him or them fearful of him, this suggests that he ruled out of fear and thought he powerful ruler. The enormous size of the statue emphasizes the great ego Commanding (www. Notes. Com). Question...

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Poetry Analysis of Batter My Heart

In fact, he would have to be captured and completely made anew to ever find such faith. The entire poem is driven by this desperate longing for renewal. The speaker seems to start with a request that illustrates his despondency simply because of its harshness. (He requests to have his heart battered. -Len 1) As he continues in prayer, the character becomes more distraught. He explains his feelings of total helplessness in the simile found in line five, where he compares himself to an usurped town. By line eleven he has professed his deep-rooted love for his God and his awareness that e will never be faithful to this love unless he is torn and broken and then made In each...

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Poetry Analysis for you

The author classifies men into four different categories to persuade his father to realize that no matter the life choices, consequences, or personalities, there is a reason to live. It is possible that the author used these categories to give his father no excuses, regardless of what he did in life. In the poem "To an Athlete Dying Young", A. E. Houseman makes a quite different approach on death. People have different perspectives on death, but more often than not, it is viewed as an undesirable event that people wish to avoid. The speaker in he poem, praises a young and famous athlete for dying before he became old and forgotten. "To an Athlete Dying Young" is definitely a thought-provoking poem...

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Poetry Across Time – Compare How Feelings Are Presented

Remarriage also underlines the feeling of regret throughout the poem, s the harmonium is "gathering dust", which means by protecting the instrument, he can retain memories from his life. In 'Brothers' feelings are also explored by Andrew Forester, the poem underlines the childhood experiences, and the unbalanced relationship with siblings. Forester presents a nostalgic part of a childhood memory, which consists of emotional significance, where relationships change between two brothers. The little brother is considered inferior, as the older brother does not enjoy his "spouting" conversation, he takes advantage to neglect his little brother so that he an be with his friend doing "what grown-ups do". In similar, this poem also identifies regret, the older brother expresses guilt that the 'distance'...

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Poetry Analysis A Poison Tree

The poet, William Blake warns about the ill effects of holding malice inside oneself. Interestingly, the poem emerges as a metaphor for what happens when one allows anger to grow within, instead of using the power of communication to resolve conflicts. A Poison Tree" is organized into four quatrains(four line stanzas). The rhyme scheme is BABE, that creates a very simple and easy to follow flow for the poem. The poem is narrated from the point of view of a mysterious narrator, who happens to be acquainted with/aware of, all the personal details of the speaker; allowing a scope for traders to place themselves into the poem. The first quatrain explains that the narrator at one time became angry with a...

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Poetry Analysis for “Sunshine” by Matisyahu

Mantissas uses symbolism to define the deeper meaning of never giving up in his so Eng. In "Sunshine", the artist says, uniform my golden sunshine", which symbolizes the center of happiness in life. The artist is telling someone that they are his golden sunshine which translates t o something such as "you are the light of my life". The audience is told that there is someone or something out there that keeps him at his peak of happiness and also benefits his eagerness in life. Another sys mambo in this song is he shelter that the artist refers to when he says "I'd be your shelter from the storm". This particular line is both a symbol and a metaphor. The artist...

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Poetry and Emily Dickinson

These elements include: diction, characterization, form, and the overall significance of the poem. The understanding of the poem, "I'm Nobody! Who are you? " was simple. The author stated that one person was a "nobody', which lead to a second person found who also shared the same "title" of nobody. As the poem continues, as a reader we start to see the form in which the poem is written. Emily Dickinson used a form in poetry that rhymes but doesn't at the same time. Through rhyme the reader is able to e the correlation that she continues throughout. The way in which the poem was written, leads the reader to an element called diction. There are some words in which are...

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Poetry and Schizophrenia

Personification and symbolism are the most important poetic elements to "Schizophrenia" because they are used to describe how the house can never be the same after the effects of schizophrenia and how the souse personifies and symbolizes a family and the person with schizophrenia. One of the first major and noticeable uses of personification of the house takes place in the lines "It had begun with slamming doors, angry feet scuffing the carpets, / dishes slammed onto the table, / greasy stains on the cloth" (Stevens 673) These lines show how the house is personifying a person when they first get schizophrenia and how things began to change. Things in the house had started to be destroyed but it was only...

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Poetry Comparative Essay Guide

What the examiner will look for: When marking your essay, the examiner will look to see whether you have appreciated and explored the: ; ideas attitudes and tone structure and form techniques used by the poets When answering an exam question, keep these five criteria in mind. Question! Now consider the exam question. Highlight and underline key words and requirements: How is the theme of death presented in the two poems? Choose two of the poems you are studying to try this exercise (you might need to replace 'death' with a different theme, depending on the collection of poetry you are focusing on). When planning an answer it is a good idea to look at each poem in turn and to...

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Poetry Essay woman’s separation from her husband

What is amazingly captured by the tutor of this poem is the woman's separation from her husband. She feels devastated and not sure she can go on without him. She laments sorrowfully even as her surroundings are coming to life. The poet uses the element of alliteration. This is evident in the words flames, flamed and fire; and later in the poem feel, fall and flowers. Assonance is also very visible as is reflected later in the poem with words like they, today and away. Symbolism and pathos add to the poem making it a very poignant story. Williams uses irony and imagery from the beginning of this literature. It is ironic that the character has to experience so much grief...

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Poetry Essay June 16

The poem is a free verse there is no punctuation; it describes the anxious thoughts of a teenaged boy who does not know what tomorrow will hold. The title of the poem includes the words "June 16th. " This date is a very significant date in the history of South Africa, as Youth day is commemorated and celebrated on this day. It goes back to the time in South African during the Apartheid regime. On June 16th 1976 thousands of students marched in the streets of Sweet to protest against Bantu education, which limited the level of education to most South Africans. There was an angry youth crowd fighting against and angry government and this resulted in the police killing two...

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Poetry Essay

Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. " Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist. . To what extent are Emerson ideals reflected in contemporary American life (I. E. , movies, television shows, ordinary social behavior)? Are there any well-known personalities in America today who seem to embody Emerson ideal of self-reliance? "The Rhoda" 1. The poet finds the Rhoda hidden away in the woods, as if "to please the desert and the sluggish brook. " How do these facts relate to the question that prefaces the poem? The question of why the flower is hidden, its "charm...

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