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Literary arts

Artscolumbia / Literary arts

The Meaning

Since the dark ages, the word had the biggest power. When backed up by a sword in most cases, but that will do. Words are the means of communication and what’s more important for us, producing art of great quality. Literary arts are a set of written and printed works of certain people from a certain the era of mankind. Literature reflects and retains the knowledge and culture of the people in the given historical period. Literature is, in fact, the art of words that reflect the reality in images, creating a new artistic reality according to the laws of beauty; the result of the creative process of the author, recorded in the corresponding text using letters.

Functionally, each text that performs aesthetic function belongs to literary arts. It is important that aesthetic settings change over time, and the text previously considered as not a part of literary arts may become a prime representation of fiction due to the changing aesthetic norms. For example, Buffon’s natural sciences work is considered a model of high literary style and is published in the most prestigious French publishing series Library Pleiades, which usually contains the classics of literature.

The Contents

Literature sums up all the knowledge of mankind written down in the form of stories, novels, poems and so on. The pass on the feelings, thoughts, hopes, and fears, tell us about the deeds of great heroes or warn about grim future unless we take action now. In general, literary arts consist of poetry and prose. The prose is considered a literary text in which a separate, independent rhythm does not interfere with the language and does not affect the content. However, there are many landmark phenomena: many writers consciously give their works some signs of poetry (rhythmical fragments of James Joyce’s prose, for example). The prose is widely used in fiction. It is the language of novels, short stories, etc. Some examples of these works have been known for centuries, but they have developed recently as an independent form of literary works.

Poetry is a verbal art in which language is used for aesthetic or semantic and symbolic purpose in addition to or instead of the denotation. In poetic text, the leading role is usually given to the form of expression. Poetry is the art of language that provides maximum use of language and the creation of new poetic images, meaning new semantic relations between linguistic units with the help of metaphor or metonymy. Epic poetry, lyric poetry and drama are the three founding fathers of modern literary arts as we know them today.

Ophelia “Frailty They Name Is Woman”

Hamlet says, "Frailty thy name is woman". Consider this statement in the light of the presentation of Aphelia; Identify key scenes and soliloquies for analysis Discuss various productions/interpretations State your preference of interpretation The word frail meaner when a person or object has the quality of being weak, fragile, weak in health or being morally unstable, also someone who is easily manipulated and influenced by people that surround them, unable to stand on their own. In this essay I plan to look into the character of Aphelia in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, to see whether she is a frail character and what factors contribute to this. I want to look at particular scenes where Aphelia is involved and ones...

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Michelangelo by Rhys Carpenter

I Stern and grim-visaged, gaunt, and dark of gaze, Time crouches in the outer-world of night Amid the shifting and entangled maze Of dusk and star-shine and half-lightless light, And with strong fingers moulds the unformed clay, Ruling the refluence of night and day With shape of sun and satellite. All men he fashions and all living things, All aspiration and all great desire, The might of conquerors, the strength of kings, The universal forces, good or dire, The star dust blown through windy heights of space, The glimmer from the utmost bounds of place, The thunderous comet flight of fire. One dream he holds forever in his eyes And vainly strives to fashion with his hands, A wonder world of storm unclouded skies And mystically Spring encompassed lands, A vision of all men become as Gods, Unbroken with...

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Franz Kafka, translated by Mark Herman Chicken

Franz Kava's name has been appropriated as our century's reigning adjective; 'Kafkaesque" is a word for which no adequate synonym exists. From the absurd circuitry of managed care to our Deliberateness workplaces and the bizarre comic opera playing in Washington, the relevance of 'The Castle," Kava's Para able of bureaucracy gone mad, has never been lost on the modern reader. Until now, the accepted English version of ' 'The Castle" has been the 1925 translation by Will and Edwin Mir, who believed Kava's unfinished novel was about the quest for an unavailable God, according to Mark Herman, translator of the present volume. Harm's new translation emphasizes modern and post- modern meanings; Herman believes the book is about meaning itself, about the...

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Ophelia Talks Back

Based on Margaret Tattoo's 'Gertrude Talks Back' Why yes I do believe I am fair, and I don't need you to confirm it. Honey you were never invited to my wedding. God has given me one face, and I can do whatever the hell I please with it, thank you very much. Frankly you could do with a little heavy foundation and a wig yourself; it might Just conceal the premature balding and all the frown lines you've accumulated from moping. You looked like a tired old man some days. It totally screwed me over. Get thee to a friary. Clearly you're the one lacking in morals. I know you were cut about losing your dad, but there was no excuse...

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Dickinson and Roe’s nineteenth century english prose – critical essay

This is one of the choicest books of the day for all who love literature, who would intelligently admire and affectionately enjoy the best essayists of England and the one great essayist of America. It is in a class by itself, since in no other volume can be found so much» that is best regarding writers who were best in essay writing. It is a book in which any college student will revel, a book to inspire and guide the thought of a class, and is at the same time a book to fascinate any lover of the essay. Here are ten essays by Hazlitt, Carlyle, Macaulay, Thackeray, Newman, Bagelot, Pater,. Stephen, Morley, and Thomas Arnold, and they arecritical essays...

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The Minority Self as Other: Problematics of Representation in Asian-American Literature

The problem is not that the c hildren are too young; the answeris not that “Jap” and “Japanese” mean the same thing—theydo not. The semantic difference between the two signifiers signalsa critical différence in speaking positions and enunciative power,between representations of Japanese Americans engendered bydominant American ideology and the possibility of articulating aself within an "ideologically neutral" nomenclature. The latter,however, is frustrated by a limitation inherent in the structurationand maintenance of the symbolic space of what I will call the dominant Other, wherein investments of representation echo in the gapbetween “lap" and “Japanese." Yet literature, as an exemplary rehearsal of liberal human-istic cultural activity, has been assumed to be an area whereinsuch ideological differences are bracketed out, superseded by theethico-aesthetic impetus...

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Human Metamorphosis – A Book Review

The trouble with economics is that, thinking we already know what it is, we often choose not to go there. Professional economists themselves are largely responsible; the highly abstract language with which their domain has been ring-fenced designates a protected area whose assumptions must be tacitly accepted before one is given entry. It is therefore a refreshing change to discover an economics that is built on its own logic, a logic which is able both to examine the erroneous thinking that lies at the root of the many and various anti-social outcomes of the prevailing economic order, and which can also find a practical foundation in thinking that starts with the human being. The appearance of global economy has confronted humanity...

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Demian – A book for the individual; sheep need not apply

My eyes widened.  I breathed sighs of relief and agreement.  My heart raced.  I wept. In short, this book rocked my world.  Upon first impression, Demian seems to be a chronicle of Emil Sinclair’s rocky, sometimes painful, transitions from childhood, through puberty, into adulthood.  I would venture to say that Sinclair actually, upon deeper reflection, has the opportunity to transition out of the “real world,” but only if he so chooses. At an early age, Sinclair is aware of an alluring dichotomy in life.  On the one hand, he is part of the world of purity and goodness.  He exists in this world with his parents and sisters, living a prayerful, righteous life.  In opposition to this fair world, a dark world...

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Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hauschka Way

Susan West Kurz’s new book, Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hauschka Way reflects her own transformation and discoveries about beauty from the many years of study and work with Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Inc. In her book, Susan gently dismisses the standards of beauty the media has marched in front of us for the last 30 years.  She rejects the pursuit of beauty as a process of trying to make ourselves look like someone else or chasing certain images the media deems as the ultimate form of beauty. The book does not reject our desire to be beautiful; it recognizes the attraction to beauty, but finds a deeper meaning to the pull of beauty.  Susan finds the attraction of beauty lying in its origin, the...

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Book Review: Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope”

Theodore Roosevelt once said, "The United States of America has not the option as to whether it will or it will not play a great part in the world. It must play a great part.  All that it can decide is whether it will play that part well or badly." If this is to be believed and I believe it is not only true of the US but virtually every capable nation in the world than this November 4th may mark a great turning point for not only the US but the world entire. Barack Obama's second book, The Audacity of Hope, is one part memoir, one part political infomercial.  The subtitle he uses is "Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream", and although the specifics...

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