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Literary Arts Essays

Drama Essays

The dramatic genus of art has three main genres: tragedy, comedy, and drama in the narrow sense of the word. Tragedy The tragedy is a dramaturgic genre based on the tragic collision of heroic characters, its tragic outcome and full of pathetic. …

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Poetry Essays

Poetry is a special organization of artistic speech, which is distinguished by rhythm and rhyme-the poetic form; it is a lyrical form of reflection of reality. This term is used in the meaning of a work of different genres in verse, which conveys the…

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Prose Essays

The ancient Romans, heirs, and successors of Greek culture, began to name rhythmically unorganized speech prose. Definition The prose is originally all non-fiction works (philosophical, scientific, journalistic, informational, and oratorical), la…

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The Meaning

Since the dark ages, the word had the biggest power. When backed up by a sword in most cases, but that will do. Words are the means of communication and what’s more important for us, producing art of great quality. Literary arts are a set of written and printed works of certain people from a certain the era of mankind. Literature reflects and retains the knowledge and culture of the people in the given historical period. Literature is, in fact, the art of words that reflect the reality in images, creating a new artistic reality according to the laws of beauty; the result of the creative process of the author, recorded in the corresponding text using letters.

Functionally, each text that performs aesthetic function belongs to literary arts. It is important that aesthetic settings change over time, and the text previously considered as not a part of literary arts may become a prime representation of fiction due to the changing aesthetic norms. For example, Buffon’s natural sciences work is considered a model of high literary style and is published in the most prestigious French publishing series Library Pleiades, which usually contains the classics of literature.

The Contents

Literature sums up all the knowledge of mankind written down in the form of stories, novels, poems and so on. The pass on the feelings, thoughts, hopes, and fears, tell us about the deeds of great heroes or warn about grim future unless we take action now. In general, literary arts consist of poetry and prose. The prose is considered a literary text in which a separate, independent rhythm does not interfere with the language and does not affect the content. However, there are many landmark phenomena: many writers consciously give their works some signs of poetry (rhythmical fragments of James Joyce’s prose, for example). The prose is widely used in fiction. It is the language of novels, short stories, etc. Some examples of these works have been known for centuries, but they have developed recently as an independent form of literary works.

Poetry is a verbal art in which language is used for aesthetic or semantic and symbolic purpose in addition to or instead of the denotation. In poetic text, the leading role is usually given to the form of expression. Poetry is the art of language that provides maximum use of language and the creation of new poetic images, meaning new semantic relations between linguistic units with the help of metaphor or metonymy. Epic poetry, lyric poetry and drama are the three founding fathers of modern literary arts as we know them today.

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