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Journal Essays

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Eva Smith’s journal Essay

An inspector calls was written by J.B. Priestley, full name John Boynton Priestley, in 1945. This play is a great example of some of Priestey’s best work. Set in 1912 (the same as ‘Eden End’, written in 1934) before the war. It is about morals and how one’s actions can influence the lives of other people….

1984 Analytical Journal Essay

Explain the role of technology, through methods of surveillance, and how it contributes to the party’s overall level of control. In 1984 by George Orwell, the Party, the ruling political group of Oceania, displays their authority over its people through thee use of technology. The world, in 1984 is split into three different super states…

Journal of Arts Essay

There are many kinds of art in the building of Science. I want to describe two of them. At first, I saw a photo. It is so amazing. There are seven wind turbines in it. And I think that this picture is made up of seven photos. Each wind turbine has a different background. The…



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hristopher McCandless” last journal entry before dying of starvation in the Alaska bush was simply the words “Beautiful Blueberries” Essay

Over the previous two years he bought a secondhand canoe on impulse and paddled to Mexico. Then he lived on the streets of Los Angeles with vagrants, camped in the Arizona dessert with hippies, tramped through almost every western state, occasionally holding odd jobs. He also lived completely off the land in the Alaskan backcountry….

Song and Dance Journal Essay

Today was the first dancing practise for the International peace night. After a hot and sunny day of school, I was not too determined for a training session. Luckily, there was no dancing practise today, just an explanation of the dance performance we will be doing and organising the days which we were free in…

Journal – Volunteering Expectations and Purposes Essay

There are times in everyone life when the person introspects himself and wish to do something for the happiness and satisfaction of soul. I also had such moment and then a thought of doing something for the good cause evolved in me. I wanted to do something selflessly for someone and help the society which…

Sex Roles: A Journal of Research Essay

Advertising’s effects on men’s gender role attitudes. Jennifer Garst; Galen V. Bodenhausen. Author’s Abstract: COPYRIGHT 1997 Plenum Publishing Corporation We posited that media images of men influence the gender role attitudes that men express soon after exposure to the images. A total of 212 men (87% European American, 7% Asian or Asian American, 3% African…

Paper on Bronfenbrenner’s Theory (on Journal Article) Essay

The Bronfenbrenner’s Theory is defined as describing the nested social and cultural contexts that shape development. Every person develops within a mircosystem, inside a mesosystem, embedded in a exosystem, all of which are part of the macrosystem of the culture (according to the textbook). I found a journal article in Journal of Instructional Psychology explaining…

The Arts Journal Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Essay

While the text re-examines the British Slave Trade and the manner in which its victims have been portrayed in literature, the articles reviewed focus on the home of the changing images of African people. According to the Arts Forum, a review by Professor Selwyn H. H. Carination stated that these three articles including another “represent…

Civil War Journal Essay

Dear Journal,August 2, 1863With Dixie in my heart, today is the day that South Carolina recruited me for this war. I must soon be ready to go to the regiment I was assigned to. I am in the 3rd Infantry Regiment of South Carolina. I would rather have been in the cavalry since, the Great…

Adoption journal Essay

In 1991 a study was conducted using 916 respondents to find attitudes towards transracial adoption. . 71% of those surveyed believed that race should not be a factor in who should be allowed to adopt a child. However, those respondents in a highest age category, such as 64 or older, were 63% less likely to…

Walden journal Essay

Lindsay MottsWalden JournalAuthor – Henry David ThoreauoD.O.B- 07/12/1817oDate of Death- 05/06/1862Date of Publication: 1854Literary Period: RealismPlot:oIn the first chapter its announced that Henry David Thoreau spent two years in Walden Pond, near Concord, MassachusettsoIts devoted to discussing how people try to acquire wealth, but doesn’t lead to happinessoHe likes to enjoy nature, and explains that…

1984 – Reading Journal Essay

1984 – Reading JournalSummary Chapter 1 and 2We are introduced to Winston Smith the main character of the story. Works at Ministry of truth. Ministry of truth is one of four government buildings in destroyed London, the main city of Airstrip One, a province of Oceania. Year is 1984 and three contries are at war,…

a journal on of mice and men Essay

Chapter 1The opening sequence of events, which introduces us to George and Lennie indeed gives the impression that the larger Lennie, suffers from some form mental disability. He is the exact antithesis is the character of George, a small man, with sharp features, who seems to be close friend and confidant to Lennie. In addition…

Essay about Even Happier: A Gratitude Journal for Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment Essay

Tal Ben-Shahar begins by asking himself not whether he was happy but how can I become happier. Shahar reason for this is because happiness is not binary but instead it exists all around us. Shahar states that when he was sixteen he, spent all his time training to win the Israel national squash championship. He…

Urbanism and child mental health journal review Essay

How much of an effect does your environment have on your mental health? Plenty. Does it mean you’re doomed if your environment is supposedly negative? Not necessarily. What can we attribute the high rate of social and psychological problems in cities to? And, are urban areas predestined to be a hub for high social and…

The Engineer Discourse Community : A Journal Article Essay

To open this essay I have to start with saying that I will not be analyzing a manuscript, but a journal article instead, which the reason for will be explained later. Now, to define a journal article in a simple and modern definition, we can say it is a professionally published article that deals with…

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