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Computer Essentials 2014 Study Guide Chapter 3

System This type of software works with end users, application software, and computer hardware to handle the majority of technical details Application This type of software can be described as end user software and is used to accomplish a variety of tasks Dialog Boxes 3. _____ provide additional information and request user input. graphical user…

Physics Unit 6 Quizzes

William Gilbert The earliest ideas of charge were the result of experiments by: newtons Common units of electrical force are: lack of electrons A positive charge means: are charged with respect to the earth Lightning is formed when clouds: the sea, air, metals Charges exist in: has essentially no free electrons An insulator is a…

Full List of Polyatomic Ions, Monatomic Ions and Acids

Ammonium NH?? Acetate CH?COO? Carbonate CO?²? Hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) HCO?? Chromate CrO?²? Dichromate Cr?O?²? Cyanide CN? Hydroxide OH? Nitrate NO?? Nitrite NO?? Phosphate PO?³? Phosphite PO?³? Sulfate SO?²? Sulfite SO?²? Hypochlorite ClO? Chlorite ClO?? Chlorate ClO?? Perchlorate ClO?? Bromate BrO?? Iodate IO?? Peroxide O??² permanganate MnO?? hydrogen sulfate HSO?? thiocyanate SCN? oxalate C?O?²? hydronium H?O?



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Biology 155 Chap 4-6

Which of the following help direct the movement of materials or organelles throughout the cell? rough endoplasmic reticulum, cytoskeleton, smooth endoplasmic reticulum Which of the following organelles is found uniquely in autotrophic, eukaryotic cells and not heterotrophic, eukaryotic cells? chloroplast After proteins are formed by the ribosomes located on the endoplasmic reticulum, what is the…

Chapter 3 Quiz: Application Software

Programs that combine a variety of visual objects to create attractive, visually interesting presentations are called: Answers: A. graphs B. presentation graphics C. diagrams D. charts Correct Answer: B. presentation graphics Specialized and powerful programs, called _______ are typically used to create specialized commercial sites. Answers: A. graphical site map B. web authoring programs C….

Graded Oscillation Techniques (Joint mobilizations)

Definition: Small amplitude rhythmic oscillations are performed at the beginning of the range Grade 1 Definition: Large amplitude rhythmic oscillations are performed within the rage, not reaching the limit. Grade 2 Definition: Large amplitude rhythmic oscillations are performed up to the limit of the available motion and are stressed into the tissue resistance Grade 3…

Quiz 13, 12, and 11

amplitude For a wave, what term is defined as the maximum height of a crest, or depth of a trough, relative to the normal level? wavelength For a wave, what term is defined as the distance between two successive crests or two successive troughs? period For a wave, what term is defined as the time…

Physics study

dimensions of B = dimension of x/(dimension of t)2 = L/T2 or LT-2 (a) Suppose that the displacement of an object is related to time according to the expression x = Bt2. What are the dimensions of B? “x” is again “displacement”, so replace it with “L”: L = A sin(2?ft). They tell you that…

Conceptual Physics Ch 5

Whenever one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first. Newton’s third law of motion A quantity that has both magnitude and direction. Examples are force, velocity, and acceleration. Vector quantity A quantity that has magnitude but not direction. Examples are mass, volume,…

Physics Multiple Choice 2

e. none Which of the following is a vector quantity? a. mass b. density c. speed d. temperature e. none of these e. horizontal component of projectile motion Which of the following is not an example of accelerated motion? a. vertical component of projectile motion b. circular motion at constant speed c. a swinging pendulum…

10 Axioms of vector spaces

if u and v are objects in V, then u+v is in V 1 u+v = v+u 2 u+(v+w) = (u+v)+w 3 There is an object 0 in V called a zero vector for V, Such that 0+u = u+0 = u 4 For each u in V, there is an object -u in V,…

Distinguish between autotroph and heterotroph

An autotroph is an organism that can synthesize their organic molecules from simple inorganic substances. They are producers. A heterotroph is a consumer and it obtains organic molecules from other organisms. DISTINGUISH between autotroph and heterotroph Consumer: An organism that ingests other organic matter that is living or recently killed. Detritivore: An organism that ingests…

Ch 8 Digital Forensics

False Most digital cameras use the bitmap format to store photos. True The first 3 bytes of an XIF file are exactly the same as a TIF file. True Graphics files are created and saved in the graphics editor, such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Freehand MX, Adobe Photoshop, or Gnome GIMP. False When you decompress…

6th Grade Science Vocabulary Metals, Non-metals, Metalloids

An element that is typically a hard, shiny solid, is malleable, and is a good conductor of heat and electricity Metal An element that is usually a gas or brittle solid at room temperature, is not malleable or ductile, is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, and is typically not shiny Non-metal An element…

Anatomy & Radiology II – Practical – Labs 7,8,9

What is the highlighted structure? Costal pleura what is the arrow pointing to? diaphragmatic pleura What is #1? What is #2? #1 mediastinal pleura #2 cervical pleura Where is the probe extending into? costodiaphragmatic recess Pinned structure? pulmonary ligament What is the probe touching? costal surface of the lung What surface of the lung is…

Ch 8b Meiosis

Asexual reproduction What name is given to this process? To view the animation, click here. Then click on the image to start the animation. A) gametogenesis B) sexual reproduction C)meiosis D) asexual reproduction E) fertilization Meiosis Gametes are produced by _____. 1) meiosis 2) fertilization 3) mitosis 4) the cell cycle 5) asexual reproduction 23…

BIO102 Chapter 9

genetic material is exchanged between nonsister chromatids, resulting in new combinations of alleles. During crossing-over, genetic material is exchanged between sister chromatids, resulting in new combinations of alleles. genetic material is exchanged between nonsister chromatids, resulting in new combinations of alleles. sister chromatids from each homologous chromosome of a tetrad are exchanged, resulting in new…

Linear algebra test true and false

a homogeneous equation is always consistent TRUE Ax=b always has “trivial” solution (where all the variables are 0) the homogeneous equation Ax=0 has the trivial solution if and only if the equation has at least one free variable FALSE Ax=0 always has the trivial solution the equation Ax=0 gives an explicit description of its solution…

Chromosomes Pre-Test answer keys

D(aa) Which diagram shows a homologous chromosome pair that has homozygous alleles? petit arm (short arm) Consider the chromosome. mc001-1.jpg Which is indicated by the letter a? chromosome Which is the cell structure that is made of DNA that gives the master instructions for the cell? the long arm of a chromosome In cell biology,…

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