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Creative Writing Essays

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Creative writing – The Disappearance Essay

At first when they heard about the disappearance they didn’t believe it. “Why, we saw her the other day at the Ram Ratan grocery store” they proclaimed. “Yes, didn’t she wave to us yesterday with her little boy? He looked just like her. We spoke to her the other day, she had that salwar-kameez on,…

Creative writing Essay

He had a good job in the city, from which in four and a half years time he would retire to receive a healthy pension. Recently, he set up life insurance for himself and his wife, so that his nineteen year old daughter, whom he adored, would be looked after if the worst happened to…

Creative Writing : Factory Work in 1911 Essay

Yesterday in the factory. The girls, in their dirty and untidy clothes, their hair disorderly as though they had just got up, the expressions on their faces fixed by the unbroken noise of the transmission belts and by the individual machines, automatic ones, of course, but unpredictably breaking down. These girls aren’t people, you don’t…



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Creative Writing Example Essay

Is it possible to create a new human being from a collection of cells? A few years ago, many of us would agree that this was unachievable. But as technology continues to develop, recent scientific discoveries have altered our perceptions. In the year 1971, a sheep named Dolly became the first mammal to be cloned…

Creative writing piece Essay

It was a week before Christmas day in the year 1776. The wind was cold and hard as it brushed past my face. I felt a chill run through my spine, but for the glowing sun, the cold would have been unbearable. “Why won’t God give me a break? “, I thought. I was thinking…

Invisible – creative writing Essay

  His name, perhaps, is trying to suggest that Inspector Goole is not a living being at all. His name-“Goole” sounds exactly the same as the spirit type “ghoul” and the author could possibly be trying to hint to us that the Inspector is like our conscience or a good spirit trying to uncover all…

Creative writing Essay

  This also suggests that emotions can be controlled. Emotions however, can give us truth- for instance, if we see a dead mean and smell his rotting body, we would instantaneously feel sad and have a sick feeling. The fact is that the man has died, and believing that triggers the emotions, thus we know…

How Does Stephen King Discuss the Joys of Creative Writing Essay

“On Writing” is a true masterpiece and Stephen King once again has proven that he truly is brilliant and extraordinary when it comes to creative genius. “On Writing” can be seen as a combination of two books, with one half concentrating on his quest to becoming a successful writer and the other half, a collection…

Attitude – creative writing Essay

I woke up early today, excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight. I have responsibilities to fulfill today. I am important. My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have. Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or I can be thankful that…

Creative writing: Five Essay

In the migration of the talented tenth black people and black business were moving to the north. They are moving for better opportunities; for example better paying jobs and better education for themselves and their children. Most black people who had success in the north would not return to the south. If the blacks showed…

Creative writing: Beauty Essay

Beauty is so easily overrated. An omnipresent characteristic, beauty has stolen the eye of today’s youth. Gone are the days where a person’s inner beauty accounted for so much more then his/her outer beauty. Where how you styled the eloquence in your conversations mattered more then how you styled your hair. What is it about…

Creative writing: My Dog Essay

Over the past several months, my family and I noticed that Molly, our 12-year-old dog, had progressively become more torpid about the house and outside. At first, we thought something was wrong. We believed that she had come down with some sort of sickness. After a while, we came to our senses and deduced that…

Creative writing: “A flower” Essay

A flower can be a beautiful object. Many can observe it. If a flower is cared for, provided with its needs than the flower is able to blossom and grow. If the flower is left out alone in the cold and rain it will die. A flower has feelings and emotions. It reacts to the…

Creative writing: “Surface” Essay

Drowns his sorrow in liquid bliss. Drowns his self as well. Hide all the pain under a bottle. Escape from this depressing hell. The skin pealed back, but so much remains. The pain only grows worse with depth. How much deeper can he go. Before it drives him insane. Torment every day for him. Nothing…

Creative Writing Narrative Essay

Congratulations. Five syllables. One word. A million sparks of energy surge through my body sending my every nerve into a hypnotic awe. It was as though you were falling in a dream and being kicked out of it. A moment of realisation this must be just a dream, and for that reason alone I refuse…

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