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Early Christian Art Essays

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Art History key terms

Terms Attributes- Symbolic object or objects that identify a particular deity, saint, or personification in art Ceramics- Wares made of baked clay Corbel vault- Dolmen- Prehistoric sculpture made up of or more large stones supporting a large, flat, horizontal slabs Capstones- The final topmost stone in corbel arch or vault which Joins the sides and completes the Structure Hinge- Circular area enclosed by stones or wood posts set up by Neolithic peoples Megalithic- Modeling -in painting the process of creating the illusions of three-dimensionality on 2 dimensional Surface by the use of light and shade. In sculpture the process of molding Passage graves- prehistoric tomb under a cairn, reached by a long narrow slab lined access passage or Passageways Post-and-Lintel-architectural system...

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