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Dada Art Essays

George Grosz – Dada

George Grosz once said, “I thought the war would never end. And perhaps it never did, either.” Grosz took his feelings of the war and expressed them through his crude caricatures, illustrations, paintings, and poems. Grosz was an important member of the Dada movement. He engaged in touchy subjects during World War I such as: the deceitfulness of the government, prostitution, fat businessmen, sex crimes, Nazism, poverty, wounded soldiers, and other terror during the war. Grosz was born Georg Ehrenfried Gross in July of 1893, in Berlin. He received his education at the Dresden Art Academy. He first started his famous caricatures in 1910 which he had published in a few German journals. He graduated with honors in 1911. From 1912-1917...

Effects of the Dada on Punk Rock

The movement spread in the confusion of a world that would bring about such tragedy as that of World War I and its trench warfare. According to Dadaist Hans Richtner, "the confusion was only a cover. The provocations, demonstrations and oppositions were only a means to provoke the bourgeois" rage and bring them to a rude awakening." This universal rejection of conventions in art and thought sought to shock society into self-awareness, most often through art forms such as mechanomorphic works, ready-mades, and photomontage pieces. This condemnation of society and reality, amongst other common characteristics, was also found later in the twentieth century with the development of the movement that came to be known as punk rock. Punk rock had much...

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