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Manuel Felguerez – Entre Dos Almas

Abstract art is defined by suggestion of the natural or real versus the concrete, indexical perception of absolute depiction found in realism. In understanding these precepts the reader of this review will gain insight into how the writers assess the various viewpoints presented by opticality and perception from the artist, viewer, and critic in finding meaning in the work of an abstract painting. Opticality, how to view a work of art, can take the intellectual approach or take the form of a psychological game, sometimes perpetrated by the artist, as an optical illusion to be solved and other times to be used by writers through an intellectual approach in resolving the hidden meaning of the abstract painting. Manuel Felguerez is a...

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Art history paper

I would say that only 3 people at the same time can view the paintings in this crevice. This piece also wasn't hung and it as set on a standing column, sort of like a platform. Also, the painting was one of the smallest in the whole museum that I looked at. The size of the painting looked like it could fit inside a photo album. The framing used made it seem like a regular framed picture that you would see on someone's desk in their bedroom. The light shone on it also gave it some intimacy and erotic attention. I experienced the work of art in an informal way because it was a nude woman and she's on the bed...

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