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Interior Design Essay

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Research Paper on Interior Design Essay

In this research, six aspects about Interior Design and Staging include the Origin of interior design, interior design and staging, designing process, education and training, professional organization, and my mentor information. Basically the history of interior design is quite uncertain. According to the article “Interior Design History”, “Nobody really knows for sure how the history…

Considering The Persian Carpet Design Essay

Here, there is an chance for sing the Iranian rug design- one of cardinal elements of rug art and industry – from another point of view and with the purpose of lucubrating the research patterns in the field of rug. This design, inspired by astonishing existence, in zenith of completeness, is such a beautiful and…

Color sense and taste – their value in the home Essay

It appears, according to the modern theory of color, that the color sense is purely physical, just as the senses of taste, smell or hearing are, and that it may be even more easily cultivated. The childish fancy is for strong colors, and for massing brilliant colorings. This is true of the savage and semi-barbarous…

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Interior design is the projection and organization of the inner space of rooms, lines, shapes, textures, furniture, color and lighting, which results in a special human environment characterized by functional convenience, security, a healthy microclimate, comfort and artistic appeal.

The Origins and Importance of Interior Design

The primary source of furnishings projection was people’s desire for ambiance decoration of premises; however, the responsibilities of a modern furnishings designer are much wider.  Today, interior designers work together with architects, customers, contractors, builders and suppliers, making decisions about the dimensions and structure of spaces, equipment, types of furniture and decoration materials.  They develop the furnishings s of homes and offices, hospitals and restaurants, public buildings and many other places. Since people spend most of their time under the roof, a well-planned ambiance plays a big role in ensuring their psychological comfort. The projection of furnishings greatly influences the productivity of labor, contributes to the saving of labor costs, ensuring the health and safety of people.

The Main Components of Interior Design

  • Space is the interaction of surrounding objects. Space necessarily determines the character and lifestyle of the person living in it, so the designer’s task is to capture the client’s personal qualities and create a unique and unrepeatable space.
  • Composition is the interaction of furnishings Correctly selected composition allows turning all objects into a single whole. There are laws that can not be violated. So, the semantic center should be allocated in any ambiance. It can be a living room in the apartment, and a table or fireplace in the living room.
  • Proportions are a combination of the sizes of these or other objects of the furnishings in relation to each other. Developing an idea, it is important to correctly combine the proportions with the style of the interior. For example, the Gothic style assumes high ceilings and large doorways that will look out of place in a different style.
  • Color is the main tool of the furnishings. As a rule, the combination of colors allows modifying the interior completely. Choosing the color, it is necessary to use the principles of similarity and contrast, as well as the emphasis and nuance.


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