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Industrial Design Essays

Environmental Design and Industrial Design: Integrating Knowledge around Urgent Issues

The connection between environmental design and industrial design is, by now, generally accepted.1 Yet, when one considers the merits of the relationship, it becomes clear that there are certain aspects which require refinement and elaboration. This is particu- larly evident if one considers how disciplinary practices are currently defined within the separate fields. Actually, it is environ mental design which requires further reflection as well as develop ment of its contents, tasks, and methodological tools, and important work in this direction is being undertaken. The position of indus trial design is, instead, better defined, in that it builds from the following cornerstones: • A definition of the discipline formulated in 1961 by Tomis Maldonado; adopted that same year by ICSID, the...

Design Evaluation

In this design graphics project we were asked to create a fitness pack for an Olympic sport and my chosen sport was boxing. My task was to create a new more dynamic packaging with relevant graphics. In this project in addition to my fitness pack, one product I will include is a t-shirt which I will design and create. The build up to the creation of my fitness pack: During the first few weeks of the project I had to first create a brand for my product and the 'company' it was made by. So instead of thinking of company names I used branding through a logo. So I created a variety of picture and text logos and I chose the...

Design a suitable logo for the business or organisation of your choice

I have been asked by a Turkish football company called Galatasaray to design and produce a logo for their website www. galatasaray. co. uk. I must produce the company logo graphic to meet 'Galatasaray' design brief: image must use Colour  image must incorporate text and graphics  image must be no larger than 3 inches square. The company is interested in seeing my skills so I should make sure I demonstrate that I can use:  drawing tools (e. g. line, shape, text, brush, Colour, spray) attribute tools (e. g. fill, line thickness) manipulation tools (e. g. move, size, copy, paste, flip or mirror, rotate, zoom) I will be making the bitmap logo in Paint. I will show my steps in screen shots...

Modern Architecture and Urban Planning

Syllabus for Architecture and Planning (AR) City planning: Evolution of cities; principles of city planning; types of cities & new towns; planning regulations and building byelaw's; echo-city concept; sustainable development. Housing:Concept of housing; neighborhood concept; site planning principles; housing typology; housing standards; housing infrastructure; housing policies, finance and management; housing programs in India; self help housing. Landscape Design: Principles of landscape design and site planning; history of landscape styles; landscape elements and materials; plant characteristics ; landing design; environmental considerations in landscape planning. Computer Aided Design:Application of computers in architecture and planning; understanding elements of hardware and software; computer graphics; programming languages - C and Visual Basic and usage of packages such as Autocrat, AD-Studio, AD Max. Environmental Studies in Building Science:Components...

Industrial Design and Product Relations

1995 -1997, created the Apple personal computer company in the stock market continued to decline times, too, were several acquisitions. Companies had requested the original Apple CEO Steve Qiaobusi back. 1998 Apple computer company officially launched a brand-new release of the Apple iMac computer concepts, the traditional separation between the server PC, monitors and integrated box, and discarded the rice yellow line frames, with translucent warrants, five colors of colour frames. Despite the iMac in technology and skills are not too happy, and prices higher than other computers hundreds dollars, but the products on the market, has been warmly welcomed in the United States, when almost every 15 seconds one iMac was sold, Apple stock with the rapid rise, setting...

Industrial design is a branch of projection, an area of artistic and technical activity. Its goal is to define the formal qualities of technical goods, namely their functional and external qualities.

Industrial Design Development

The first designers in the industrial area appeared in England in the 18th century. This is due to the activities of Jazzin Wedgewood and the development of technical fabric manufacturing. Industrial projection began its development after the end of the Second World War. In the 60’s, this direction became popular in the US, and the Industrial Design College was organized. In 1969, a member of this collegium gave a voluminous definition of this concept as “creative activity aimed at improving the external merits of objects produced in industry.”

Stages of Project’s Realization

· Generating an idea;

· Conceptual study;

· Sketching;

· Three-dimensional modeling;

· Visualization;

· Designing;

· Prototyping.

What Do Industrial Designers Do?

Industrial projection, as a kind of activity, includes elements of art, marketing, and technology. It covers the widest range of objects, from small knickknacks to high-tech, science-intensive goods. Technical designers can be attributed to such professions as engineers, mechanics, and artists. They do not create drawings and are not responsible for the efficiency of inventions; they optimize inventions, trying to portray it as more expensive and beautiful than it is.

Importance of Industrial Projection for the Consumer

The commercial success of any product depends to a large extent on its projection. There are five tasks that a technical projection is able to solve.

1. Ease of use of the product. First of all, it is connected with the user interface, which should be safe, and as simple and intuitive as possible. Usability can also be extremely important, both for simple goods and for products with a large number of types of interaction.

2. Serviceability. This parameter is extremely important for goods that need frequent maintenance or repair. Product details should carry information about the procedures necessary for maintenance, although ideally, the developers are trying to completely eliminate the need for it.

3. External qualities of the product. An attractive good is associated with a high fashion and image, and, moreover, is able to cause pride of owning it. This is one of the main goals that the designer should strive for in his work, and the most illustrative example here is the latest iPhone model. In addition, the technical projection promotes visual differentiation of the goods, this is especially important for goods with a stable market and technologies.

4. Work with the brand. The design of the product should inform the consumer about the philosophy and mission of the company. The attitude to the brand, liking for the image of the good of this manufacturer, serves as a kind of conditional constant for the consumer in choosing a product.

5. Reducing the cost of equipment and manufacturing. Functional features, materials used and other factors significantly affect the costs of product manufacturing. With the right choice of material, consideration of environmental and other factors, technical projection can save from significant economic unjustified infusions when creating a new product.

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