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History of Graffiti

Graffiti is the act of pulling images or composing words on in any manner on private or public belongings. Most normally. graffito is done with spray pigment tins and markers in really publically seeable locations. The modern signifier of this art as we know it today was originated back in the late 1950’s. It has developed from simple letters and images to lucubrate and beautiful pieces of art. Active graffito authors are really gifted creative persons that implement every facet of art into their pieces. Although graffito done without permission is still illegal. it has become recognized and used in the mainstream civilization. Often times. graffito reflects the clip period and the issues that were relevant and therefore could be...

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What Is a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer has the passion, talent, and skills to convey, through visual art, the message his or her client needs to present. There is a wide spectrum of positions in this field: someone who is focused on producing artwork for the sake of art, an artist who creates graphics for clothing, or designs patterns for fabrics or carpeting, someone who designs patterns or scenes for decorating automobiles, or an artist who creates magazines or even book covers. Look around the room you are in right now, I’m sure you will find someone’s logo or ad. Many people believe designers simply push a button and click a few functions in Photoshop and a master piece is created. Well, it isn’t, it's...

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