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Graphic Design Essay

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What Is a Graphic Designer Essay

A graphic designer has the passion, talent, and skills to convey, through visual art, the message his or her client needs to present. There is a wide spectrum of positions in this field: someone who is focused on producing artwork for the sake of art, an artist who creates graphics for clothing, or designs patterns…

History of Graffiti Essay

Graffiti is the act of pulling images or composing words on in any manner on private or public belongings. Most normally. graffito is done with spray pigment tins and markers in really publically seeable locations. The modern signifier of this art as we know it today was originated back in the late 1950’s. It has…

Studies in the dermaptera and orthoptera of the coastal plain and piedmont region of the southeastern United States Essay

In the summers of 1911 and 1913, the present authors made extensive collections of, and field studies in, the Dermaptera and Orthoptera found in the southeastern States. About the time we were able to begin laboratory work on the first season’s collecting, other series from the same general region were placed in our hands, since…



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Introduction To Graphic Design Essay

As I have used special colours and finishes for the examples stated here, the cost is a lot higher than it would be if I was using one basic colour design. Although the more I produce of a graphic product, the price goes up, the price for each individual unit is cheaper with the more…

Graphical image Essay

An image used to represent the company created using computer software. It can be given a more professional edge by using effects and tools. Makes the company easy to identify and remember. Advantages of using this device for a Logo You are able to see what you are doing, without one; a computer would be…

Fifty Years of Composing Computer Music and Graphics Essay

A partnership is developing lhai offers a special complementarity of relationship between musical and visual design With this new partnership we are learnin to compose a unique counterpoint by means of computer algorithms. I would define the algorithms that we use as the routines of computer instructions that generate co ordinated color design with musk…

The Perspective Construction of Masaccio’s “Trinity” Fresco and Medieval Astronomical Graphics Essay

Quite beyond the solemn reality brought to bear on the central mystery of the Christian faith, Masaccio’s Holy Trinity fresco has played a pivotal role in the history of art as both a definitive example of earty Renaissance linear perspective and as a kind of prophetic forerunner of the perspective method discussed neartye decade later…

Dynamic Graphics for Data Analysis Essay

1. INTRODUCTION Dynamic graphical methods have two important properties direct manipulation and instantaneous change. The data analyst takes an action through manual manipulation of an input device and some thing happens, virtually instantaneously, on a com puter graphics screen. Figure 1 shows an example in which a dynamic method is used to turn point labels…

Computer Graphics: A Semi-Technical Introduction Essay

My semi-technical introduction to computer graphics will, however, provide only a half-answer, one that, in particular, cannot address the necessary comparison between paintings and computer images or between subtractive and additive color mixing. Simplified accordingly, a computer image is a two-dimensional additive mixture of three base colors shown in the frame, or parergon, of the…

Ethno-Graphics and the Moving Body Essay

In Evans-Pritchard’s classic monograph on Nucr religion (1956) there is a photograph illustrating a wedding dance, the caption under which reads, ‘Movement in the Wedding Dance’ (fig. 1). This photograph raises an impor tant anthropological question: where is the movement? Rather than single out Evans-Pritchard for unwarranted criticism, I intend to use this as an…

Graphic Design Essay

A career in graphic design is perfect for a creative individual who has a sense of design. “A graphic designer is one who creates ideas that are expressed in words and/or pictures, and generally solves problems of visual communication,” says Paul Rand, a professional designer 23. Employment in this profession is projected to increase 29%…

Posters Of The 1890’s Essay

The 1890″s was the beginning of the first poster graphics. Not only have these posters been seen as advertisements but they are also looked upon as works of art. Two excellent examples of different work done during this period are Alphonse Mucha”s Lorenzaccio 1898 and Henri Toulouse- Lautrec”s Jardin de Paris 1893. Each poster is…

Neville Brody Essay

Neville Brody is an internationally known British graphic designer and typographer, who is best known for his work on magazines, most notably ‘The Face. ‘ This magazine transformed the way in which designers and readers approach typography and layout. In addition to his magazine work, he designed record covers for such independent record companies as…

Poster Graphics Essay

The 1890″s was the beginning of the first poster graphics. Not only have these posters been seen as advertisements but they are also looked upon as works of art. Two excellent examples of different work done during this period are Alphonse Mucha”s Lorenzaccio 1898 and Henri Toulouse- Lautrec”s Jardin de Paris 1893. Each poster is…

Cheret`s Lithographic Posters Essay

Although lithography was invented in 1798, it was at first too slow and expensive for poster production. Most posters were woodblocks or metal engravings with little color or design. This all changed with Cheret’s “three stone lithographic process,” a breakthrough which allowed artists to achieve every color in the spectrum with as little as three…

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Graphics is one of the types of fine art.

Emergence and Development

Graphic art is the oldest of all fine arts. The first images appeared at the earliest stages of the development of human society (in the Neolithic and Bronze Age). Even before the ancient man turned to experiments in sculpture and painting, he created the first drawings that initiated the adeptness of graphics. For a long time, graphic images almost did not have independent meaning and were an ornament of certain objects. With the advent of writing, it has become increasingly used in handwritten books, parchments, charters for decorating and clarifying the text.

It is enough to look, for example, on the ancient Slavic manuscripts, in order to understand that real artists worked on them. The art of manuscript, or calligraphy, has become particularly popular and developed in China. People for a long time did not know the methods of reproduction of images, and all the works were created in a single copy.

Distinctive Features

· The distinctive features of the adeptness of graphics are reduced to the following.

· This is a kind of visual art, the basis of which is drawing;

·  The main means are the line, the spot, and the lighting;

·  The use of color is more restricted and conditional than in painting;

· The pictorial language is distinguished by its stinginess, laconism in the use of artistic means;

· The main material on which works are executed and reproduced is paper;

· A significant part of graphic adeptness is closely connected with the press, and the reproduction of works;

· The creation of works in this technique requires a relatively shorter time than in other fine arts;

The most important qualities of this direction of the art are the mass character, the speed of reaction to the demands put forth by life. Efficiency and plurality, clarity and expressiveness of the language make it combat, widely democratic and the most massive type of fine art. Due to this reason, it was and remains a powerful weapon of ideological struggle.

Modern art is divided into four main groups:

· easel,

· book,

· poster,

· and applied one.


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