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Fashion Essay

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Fashion and Status Essay

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One should never judge a person by external appearances. In general, some people tend to decide whether a person is good or not good just by his external appearances. However, I do not go along with the idea. For one thing, we may notice that a…

Oral French AS Essay

Music and Fashion 1) A mon avis, la musique est une des plus grandes influences de notre humeur. S’il y a une chanson joyeuse et rythmique, tu te sens comme tu veux danser, mais si la situation c’est le contraire, et il y a une chanson d�primante tu te sens triste. 2) Aujourd’hui, il y…

Assessing The Paris Fashionable Concepts Cultural Studies Essay

The construct of ‘Paris manner ‘ represents one of the most powerful and long-running topographic point in modern history. But even a casual scrutiny of the manner the term has been used draws attending to the complexness of the impression of the manner capital, and to the complexness of the manner procedure itself. The everyday…



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The major successes of the fashion industry Essay

Fashion retail is one the major Fieldss that provide benefit for European states, either in the last two old ages when they face to planetary economic system deficit and betterment of the planetary oppositions like China, India, Thailand, and Brazil with low labor cost. As these alterations result in more occupations lost in manner industry,…

Leading fashion retailer Essay

Following is one of the taking manner retail merchant based in United Kingdom holding more than 500 shops in UK and Ireland. Following offers fashionable and quality merchandises including vesture, footwear, accoutrements and place merchandises. It besides has an extended catalogue retailing division and launched online retailing in 1999. Bing one of the really successful…

The structure of the JD Sports Fashion Store Essay

JD Sports Fashion PLC is one of the taking UK specializer multiple retail merchant of stylish branded and ain trade name athleticss and insouciant wear, chiefly through the growing of its chief retail shops – JD Sports ( JDsports plc, 2009 ) . They presently operate over 400 shops crossing both Sports and branded manner….

How fashion professionals are inspired by history and culture? Essay

It has long been claimed that manner is a repeat of well-forgotten old. For centuries. interior decorators drew inspiration from ancient civilizations and traditions. ancient civilisations. fabulous Gods and alien states. Often the Grecian goddesses. who have long manipulated the humanistic disciplines and war. intervened besides in manner. For old ages the frocks are current….

Sixty Phases of Fashion Essay

The ladies who are so good as to act as pioneers would confer a greater benefit on their sex if they would free them, to the extent that men are freed, from the costly and occasionally hideous tyranny of fashion, than by enabling their sisters to add B. A. to their names. In the course…

Your Style Essay

Type is Cultivated Classic You transcend the basics with effortless attire that takes on a simple, modern, yet refined aesthetic. You have a cool sensibility in putting together looks that have a timeless inventiveness that is uniquely you. Your wardrobe has an array of functional separates, transitional pieces and refined prints that is truly classic….

Ophelia Parker’s Moment with Chanel Essay

They wore soft fur coats; shiny, ivory colored pearls upon their necks; slinky satin dresses; and carefully crafted leather high heeled shoes. These ere the rich and famous women of the Big Apple, the Broadway actresses, the wives of millionaires, or as I called them, the “Fur Coat Ladies. ” They all exuded glamour, which…

Fashion Flow Theories: Misconceptions Essay

Written Exam Fashion Flow Theories The Instrument of Meaning Exemplified as an instrument of meaning, the fashion system is a menagerie that takes meaning on an arduous cycle. One that sheds light on how its products are idealized, produced, adopted, and then finally discarded after serving its utilitarian or ideological purpose. Mass communication and other…

Fall Fashion Trends Essay

As we move into fall the weather gets cooler. The leaves start to change and so do clothes. Summer is out, and fall is here. It’s time to put away the bikinis and purchase the latest in fall trends. Pick up these latest trends and you’ll be a unanimous choice for most stylish. Just like…

Fashion:on and off the runway? Essay

Fashion: On and Off the Runway What comes to mind when you think of fashion? Do you picture the latest issue of W Magazine, a runway for “starving Models”? , or is fashion to you less of a privilege and more of a key to acceptance? Dries Van Note once said “Consider clothing not as…

Case Memo Fashion Channel Essay

Ms Dana Wheeler, Senior Vice President, Marketing subject: Suggestions for forthcoming Marketing Plan date: 10/12/2013 TFH is indeed in a rather tricky situation at the moment. Although I agree with you that there is an undeniable need for some substantial changes, I am equally concerned about the negative reception of these changes by our viewers…

Couture Fashion’s Chinese Connection Essay

Executive summary In this case, there are two major problems that I can analyzed. Firstly, Kaki and Houdini which are two of major loyal customers of Couture Fashions Bad (HCI)’s were writing to Jeffrey to inform him that they may looking to China to “contract manufacture” for them as the prices there were very competitive….

The Fashion Channel HBS Case Notes Essay

Introduction The protagonist of this case is Dana Wheeler who is the senior vice president of marketing for TFH She was looking into preparing a new Segmentation and Positioning Strategy If her boss liked what he heard then they would move forward with a 60 million dollar MIMIC campaign utilizing national advertising, promotion, and public…

Fashion Fundamentals Test Review Essay

The designer who creates designs for several manufacturers, is called a High fashion or name designer Stylist- designer Freelance designer The secondary level of the fashion industry is composed of: Is composed of growers and producers of the raw materials of fashion Ђ Is the ultimate distribution level Is the retailer Is composed of manufacturers…

Fashion in the 1950s Essay

The need to start buying goods created corporate expansion, accelerated mass production and this marked the time of important technological and economic advancement. Due to this feeling of liberation after the war, women were now able to go back to heir lives instead of serving in the workforce. Most left their Jobs for returning servicemen…

Fashion Buying Essay

What are the Core Skills and Attributes Required to be a Successful Fashion Buyer? Craig Weighting This study was carried out in order to explore the role of the fashion buyer and generate a greater understanding whilst also developing informed and insightful opinions on the key attributes required in becoming a successful fashion buyer in…

Design Elements in Fashion Essay

Club’s new album Champ is pretty damn adorable. I put it on in the car during a rare burst of winter sunlight a few weeks ago and for a few seconds I actually believed it was summer. This is the Ontario band’s second full length album, following Elephant Shell in 2008. Lead singer David Monks…

The Fashion Channel Case Essay Paper

Starting in 1996 TFH (the fashion channel) had a great success because of a big audience and no competitors in the business. Noticing the great success competitors such as CNN and lifetime started to also have fashion-based programmer. Since viewers now having a choice to decide which channel they want to watch the viewer numbers…

Consumer Behavior & Women’s Fashion Essay

Consumer Behavior & Women’s Fashion An interesting stereotype at Chinquapin University is the girls are always “dressing to impressing. ” Why is this, not only at Chinquapin, but at other schools as well? We were interested as to what influences girls to choose certain outfits. Our group decided to take the initiative to research why…

Medical Career vs. Fashion Design Essay

Fashion Design Career As teenagers, high scholars or even college students, we always struggle with big questions… What career am I going to pick? , What career suits me better? , Am I going to be able to do it?. We have been through those stages of adolescence, at least, I’ve past through them, and…

Women fashion 1930’s Essay

Due to the crash of the Wall Street on October 24th 1929 many people thought that fashion was going to be crippled, but thankfully fashion continued and grew over the years. 2. After the crash women had to sew and mend their own cloths. Due to this women who had great sewing skills began copying…

Fashion Branding Essay

Dry. Hang Fashion brands in the Market place The Market place of MAC was solely built on the networking and the relationships the previous owners Frank Token, and Frank Angelo had with people in the fashion industry. The owners were tired of seeing makeup products that couldn’t sustain the abuse of studio lights so they…

Kotu Fashion Accessories Shop Essay

Vietnam was positioned in 23rd among 30 countries for owning one of the most attractive retail markets globally. The total retail value for clothing and accessories sector in Vietnam was 7. % and held 72. 9% of share in 2009. From 2004 to 2009, there was a growth in the number of clothing and accessories…

Advertising and Fashion Retailing Project Report Essay

It is no longer a question of identifying your customers by age, geography or income, but looking into how and why they buy, based on their DOD, beliefs and the occasion. So far as in marketing field consumer buying is mainly based on either knowledge or perceived needs. When we had different surveys at different…

Women fashion Essay

What kind of clothing did women wear in ass’s advertisements? Women use to put on dresses that were limited and perfected Just below the knees, head scarf became more popular. Look today isn’t as precise as it was in the ass’s. Pattern now days are occasional. Women now wear Jean and pants rather than proper…

Successful Fashion Marketing Strategy Essay

When I first read that the topic of this creative assignment was to write about a successful fashion marketing campaign only one name came to mind: Marc Jacobs. How do you even begin to put his legacy into a one-page paper? Marc Jacobs is truly a fashion icon and is worshipped by anyone with half…

Fashion and Social Media Essay

Psychology of Clothing Youngstown State University November 21, 2013 The fashion industry is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the power of social media. Being an exceedingly visual and expressive industry with an engaged consumer base, the increased publicity and interactivity that social media provides lends itself particularly well to brands in the industry….

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Of all the arts, real or so-called, that if dress has no doubt been most widely discussed as it is most generally attempted, yet, both from the stand point of theory and practice, it still remains, like love, perpetually fresh and fascinating. Fashions of the day lure with the charm of novelty and those of yesterday with the sweetness of romance. In every time and country it has been the usual habit of those who wrote upon the subject to bitterly con demn whatever happened to be the mode and praise without stint costumes which were worn in “the good old times.”

A careful study of history, however, fails to fix the exact date of these “good old times” since, though the investigator begin with the present and go back to the dawn of written history, he will find nothing in any age but criticism of the present styles. It is difficult to determine what does or does not constitute art in dress, and by far more difficult to explain and set forth the whys and wherefores.

Thus it is that most critics flounder hopelessly and end by denouncing whatever is new or unfamiliar and by advocating in a broad and general manner the adoption of “simple, natural modes.” As a matter of fact no mode of dressing is natural. Dress even in its simplest form is a purely artificial matter and is therefore governed only by the principles of decorative art. A costume which reveals every line of the figure, one which conceals them all, or one which imparts new or modified outlines, creating often a silhouette in many respects quite dissimilar to that of the human figure, each and all of these may be equally pleasing, graceful and artistic.

This, however, is not a matter of acci- dent or caprice, but of law and of principles such as govern every other branch of constructive art. Proportion plays a large part in the success or failure of a costume design. Thus we find the Louis XVI costume with its highly artificial hoop skirt and equally artificial high head dress, harmonious and picturesque because the one balances the proportion of the other.

The i860 costume on the other hand, combining a full crinoline with a plain head dress, even in the best examples, proves only quaint and never once artistic, because it has overlooked the necessity for properly balanced proportions. The Empire costume is entirely artistic, revealing the figure as in classic draperies. We see it in its perfection in our illustration of Madame J. Regnault De Saint Jean D’Augely, and again in the bridal picture of Madame Junot.

The two small fashion prints of the period of approximately 1815 show how danger- ous it is to attempt a conglomerate style. Here we have the upper part of the cos- tume still revealing the classic inspiration of the Empire modes, while the skirt widens toward the crinoline. Even though the pic- tures are pleasing by reason of their quaint old fashioned suggestion the lack of harmony in their lines is at once apparent to the most casual observer.

The 1830 costume frankly swinging again to the crinoline and revealing a waist line well defined restores the old bell shaped silhouette and achieves a certain grace and piquancy, while the high poke bonnet bal- ances the composition agreeably. There have been times in history when human habiliments seem sadly out of joint. Such times were the Elizabethan when exaggeration involving discomfort disturbed the grace and dignity of human movements. The i860 period when flat hair dressing was combined inharmoniously with elab- orate and full skirts, the period of the tightly laced waist and large bustle and the period when we mistakenly attempted tailormade costumes with corset lines.

Outside of these, fashions have very generally proven artistic and beautiful and even dur- ing the reign of the least favorable modes, such as we have here mentioned, women of the best taste contrived to achieve pleasing effects and to wear these well nigh impossible garments with grace and distinction. Of all the forms of dress, fashions which completely reveal the figure, as did those of the Empire, and those which completely drape or conceal it, as did some of the robes of the Gothic and Middle ages, are perhaps simplest to handle.

When it comes to imparting a new silhouette or varying the human outline the problem becomes more difficult to solve, calling, as it does, for the exercise of the keenest artistic instinct and the most discriminating taste. One of the commendable features of fashion for the past fevy seasons has been the attention given by designers to the silhouette, showing an attempt to approach the matter from a scientific and artistic standpoint. A cos- tume, like a picture, involves composition and color harmony as a basis of its success. In ages past fashions grew and developed much more cautiously than they do today, for the reason that processes of manufacture were slower and that the dissemination of news from point to point was a matter of months rather than of moments.

For this reason people tired of fashions less suddenly and a mode which prevailed through several years had an opportunity to become refined through adaptation and selection, to a point of artistic perfection. Modern meth- ods of transporting men and merchandise and present day fashion publications make possible the appearance of the style all over the country, at almost the same time.

The development of the garment industry has tended to facilitate this style distribution, so that a mode soon attains a popularity so widespread as to render it tiresome. Changes in fashion today are sweeping and sudden for the reasons above outlined and the desire and necessity for new fashions is, in a measure, inclined to work against really sound and artistic design.

The prevalence which a style soon obtains has had a tendency to make the real woman of fashion demand individuality in her dress and seek for costumes especially designed to enhance her peculiar charms. She un- wittingly perhaps, at least unintentionally, sets the style which others attempt to follow. It is a game with the woman of wealth continually seeking to look different from those less favored by fortune, and those less favored continually seeking to approach her standard, as nearly as possible, and put a distance between themselves and the class just below.

The result is that we all end where we began, by looking very much alike and the effort is a strain upon ali of us.

In olden days fashions originated at court. Today it is the whim of the great society or theatrical favorites together with the decisions of manufacturers of tex- tiles and garments which decide what will be worn from Maine to California. Every season, however, offers, within the limits of certain well marked style tendencies, a variety of modes, some of which have inherent qualities of grace and smartness which the others lack. The faculty of choosing the best designs of the season’s offerings is often the factor which decides whether or not a woman will achieve the subtle distinction of style.

In every day and age a certain few of all the female population have been noted for the grace of their attire. No fashion of dressing was ever so ugly but some women, or some few women, could carry it off with charm. These are the artists born with an innate sense of proportion and of harmony in color and line. As a rule too, such women

possess considerable individuality in modifying the modes to suit their own require- ments and in adding little touches of ornament which «express their own taste and personality. The occupations of women have changed and their activities widened so much in the past few decades that styles themselves have undergone complete changes resulting in conditions of which our great grandmothers could not have dreamed. No longer do ladies go about, at least in American cities, in conspicuously gay colors or elab- orate fabrics.

Dark tones and simple materials have come to be accepted for street wear without a thought of the old days when rich brocades in dazzling hues and mantles of velvet and cloth of gold proclaimed the lady in public. With unerring taste we have relegated the gorgeous to the world of evening and of artificial light. Almost without exception femininity walks abroad in the day time clad in garments of quiet hue and unpretentious fabrics and the lady is proclaimed in the expert work- manship represented in the weaving, designing and cutting of her clothes. Now and again some young person steps out of the world of romance into the busy street in gay satins, invariably cheap, only to create a smile half of tolerance and half of pity for her youth and ignorance.

We have approached more nearly perhaps to democracy in dress than in any other line, for it is difficult to distinguish or determine by her street attire the class of society to which any tastefully dressed woman belongs. On account of the breadth and freedom of life in this great Republic it has always been necessary to modify Parisian styles, designed for countries where lines are more closely drawn, to meet our national requirements. Indeed while Paris has been the undisputed mistress of fashion for centuries the United States has been, almost without knowing it, achieving pre-eminence in certain styles of dress best suited to our country-women.

It has always been remarked that our tailored suits and street clothing were superior in neatness of line and suitability to purpose to anything offered by the more aesthetic French designers. America has for many decades past been evolving a certain neat, clean cut, practical style of dressing which answers the purposes of its women for all around occasions better than the more fussy and frivolous modes of le belle France. We have been adapting Parisian styles, even for after noon, evening and other elaborate oc- casions, so long that it is a matter of form rather than of fact to begin to talk about American fashions for the American woman as a new idea.

The war has only served to bring to notice and to a climax a trend of events which have been steadily working toward this end. Simultaneous with the development of American art has come the development of American art in dress and the interest which we feel in the approaching great fashion shows is as nat ural and commendable as our interest in exhibitions of native sculpture and painting. It is as appropriate, too, that prizes should be offered for the best costumes as for the most worthy works of fine art.


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