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Vase painters were only interested in glorifying war

Although it is true that the Greeks perceived war as a glorious display of heroism and a just way to settle disputes and face the enemy, the extent to which vase painters glorified the subject matter is debateable. As well as displaying the valour of many heroic figures in battle, many vase paintings display the horror and suffering associated with war; of the effect it has on wives, children, mothers and fathers, and friends. The Sophilos Dinos depicts 'The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis' (580 BC); a joyous wedding procession, yet with an air of foreboding of war - it is here where Hera, Athena and Aphrodite will argue as to who is the most beautiful, setting up the judgement of...

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C is for Ceramics

Ceramics—with its brilliant colours, innovative designs, and varied forms is among the most enduring and fascinating of the decorative arts. Artistic expression has been hugely prevalent in society since the early man drew paintings on a cave wall. It is ever-present in the world, and its magical lure has impacted societies forever. Nothing ever begins a perfect form, and just as ceramics has evolved over the course of American History, so too, has America’s appreciation of it. Through the ages, ceramics has been the most enduring and important American art form due to the grand effect it has on society. From its earliest beginnings in the seventeenth century, ceramics development in America was as diverse as the newly arrived settlers from...

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