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Rococo Architecture

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Painters and Critics of the Eighteenth Century: Diderot

The whole doctrine of «rotation waa cunlainod in a phriJM ciiinod slaty yuars before Dir win. organs create wants and want create organs. Yet etenie wля the pseu-d-science of nature at that moment that the on stony ground and did not even gwrminate. Equally aUrila wm the soil in whkh the rcots of relglon and morality thrive. The eighteenth century was religiously and morally indifferent: neither literature nor coo И keep the high level of achiure- meat attained In tho ago Just pisiai Patriotism in the sense of passica for natic and country was negative and out of fashion There was an arid ooemctmlitaniim and a diMiocated, ratinnalixtir philanthropy. It Massed aa if the superb gains of the seventeenth century...

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