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Renaissance Architecture

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The building in Renaissance architecture

The building in Renaissance architecture[ Despite its history, the building is seen as one of the great examples of the new style. Its more notable features include: the attempt to create a proportional relationship between nave and aisle (aisle bays are square whereas nave bays are EX.. The articulation of the structure in pieta serene (Italian: "dark stone"). The use of an integrated system of column, arches, interrelates. A clear relationship between column and pilaster, the latter meant to be read as a type of embedded pier. He use of proper proportions for the height of the columns he use of spherical segments in the vaults of the side aisles. There are significant problems in the design, most, however, occur...

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Mason-Caree, Renaissance Architecture

Part. B: Matson-Career. Since High Renaissance period was highly influenced by the Roman culture, the Roman orders of columns were applied in the architecture and most building plans and fade were symmetrical. One of the examples which can be brought from Roman times is the Matson-Career. It is an ancient building located in southern France, and considered to be one of the best preserved Roman temples. The three stepped floor was replaced with a tall platform, and the columns along the sides of the temple were converted to engage columns. Roman Architecture: Essential Humanities") Units of measurements were based on the human scale and it was in mathematical proportions. One of the best examples of this is Laurent Library by...

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