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African Architecture Essays

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African Art

The traditional art of Africa plays a major part in the African society. Most ceremonies and activities such as singing, dancing, storytelling, ect. can not function without visual art. It can also be used as an implement and insignia of rank or prestige, or have a religious significance.African art consists mainly of sculptures, paintings, fetishes, masks, figures, and decorative objects. Sculptures are considered to be the greatest achievement for African art. A majority of the sculptures are done in wood but are also made of metal, stone, terra-cotta, mud, beadwork, ivory, and other materials. It is found in many parts of Africa but mainly in western and central Africa. Many ancient rock paintings have been found in Southern and Eastern Africa....

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Visual Black Culture

Discrimination against African Americans within the United States has been a recognised problem for decades. Many were forced into sub standard accommodation in areas of cities, which came to be known as ghettos during the first, half of the twentieth century. Within the ghettos the African American community became a segregated underclass. The poverty experienced by the black community was amplified by the discrimination in employment, the better jobs being reserved for white workers. More recently, during the 70s and 80s, campaigns have been set up to end the segregation of the black community. Although the majority of white community agrees with the principal of these campaigns, many still have problems with the practical implications. The result is that urban segregation...

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African Architecture

African Architecture, like other aspects of African culture, is extremely diverse. Many ethno-linguistic groups throughout the history of Africa have had their own architectural traditions. From the Nubian pyramids of Meroe to the Great Mosque of Kairouan, African architecture has and always will fascinate archeologists and society as a whole because of its rich history and common themes it shares with todays structures and buildings. One common theme in much traditional African architecture is the use of fractal scaling, which means that smaller structures tend to look like the bigger ones. Their architecture uses a wide range of materials such as wood, mud, mud brick, rammed earth, and stone. The materials Africans use is also dependent on the region that they...

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