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19th Century Architecture Essays

19th Century Architecture Essay

19th Century architecture is a wide subject only because there were so many beautiful and magnificent buildings built. The Houses of Parliament were built between 1840 to 1865. It was built by Sir Charles Barry in a Gothic Revival style. The buildings cover an area of more than 8 acres and contain 1100 apartments, 100 staircases, and 11 courts. The exterior, in it's Revived Gothic style, s impressive with its three large towers: Victoria Tower spanning 336ft in the air, Middle tower 300ft, and Saint Stephen's better known as the Clock Tower spans 320ft to the sky. The latter contains a clock with four dials, each 23ft long, and a great bell, Big Ben, weighing 13. 5 tons. Among the house...

Gaudis architecture Essay

I decided to look at the aspects surrounding the predominately Spanish dish, paella. Obviously the actual dish and the ingredients that make up the dish are the most important components surrounding the meal. Therefore to begin with I decided to draw sliced green and red peppers. Through completing this piece of work I was able to get the texture and the colours of the peppers and use them to good effect. I then went on to draw a clove of garlic. As the clove is mainly white I had to emphasise this by creating a somewhat strong shadow that consisted of many built up colours. Continuing with the theme of ingredients I went on to draw a sliced tomato, which...

Elizabethan era architecture and interior design outline Essay

Design Outline Introduction The houses of the 19th century were considered as out modeled and poorly decorated. 1 . The main idea for a family home in the 19th century was an opened floor plan. 2. The main floor of a Victorian house included the porch, living room, and a dining kitchen. 3. Before the 19th century each room served its own purpose, such as a parlor, library, and 4. The number of sitting rooms. Bedrooms upstairs decreased because it was the new trend to have smaller families. The more smaller rooms you had in your house the warmer it would stay. B. During the 19th century rooms were decorated and painted in bold colors with wooden floors. 1 . Windows no longer carried long drapes...

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