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Architecture Essays

Architecture expresses the world outlook of the people in a concrete historical epoch, a certain originative style in the cult and public edifices. This is perceived in synthesis with all kinds of adeptness and originative creativity, with human activity in general.

What is Architecture

It is possible to say that it is the adeptness of forming environ, creating a new reality that has a functional meaning in order to bring benefit and deliver aesthetic pleasure to a human. The term covers the design of the appearance of the structure; organization of internal space; the choice of materials, the design of a system of lighting, as well as engineering support systems; electricity and water supply; decorative design.

It also means the adeptness of designing edifices in conformity with their practical purpose, modern technical capabilities and aesthetic representations of a given society. As an adeptness of the material means of human existence and as a part of the means of production (industrial constructing, residential and public edifices) architecture belongs to the sphere of material culture, as an important form of plastic arts – to the sphere of spiritual and originative culture.

Aesthetically shaping the life environ of a particular society, architecture expresses with specific originative means the dominant ideas of its era, the ideas, and aspirations of its society. Functional-technical and spiritual-aesthetic principles are interconnected in it: it is based on the triunity of utility, strength, and beauty. With the practical purpose of architecture, the plan and the three-dimensional structure are linked; construction equipment determines the feasibility of the project, the ideological image of the work.

Specific adeptness means of architecture are composition, tectonics, scale, proportions, rhythm, plastic volumes and surfaces, texture, and color of edifice and finishing materials, synthesis of arts. It serves as the basis for combining spatial and temporal types of originative creativity. It is not for nothing that this activity is called the “mother of all arts.” Social progress brings to life unprecedentedly innovative solutions to the imaginative and constructive tasks of architecture as an art.

Art and Architecture

Specificity of architecture as an adeptness form is as follows:

  • The duality as a combination of real and spiritual aspects, because it performs not only an aesthetic function but also a practical one in people’s lives. Architecture includes art, engineering, construction, which requires a huge concentration of collective efforts and material resources;
  • Architectural edifices have two “originative dimensions” – interior and exterior. Their images are related to each other by certain originative logic;
  • As an adeptness form, it is static, spatial, although the temporal factor also has significance for its perception since an interior and exterior of the edifice can not be viewed simultaneously;
  • Architecture tends to the ensemble. Its structures are skillfully fit into a natural or urban landscape;
  • Architecture does not reproduce reality in an imaginative way but has an expressive character. It does not represent reality, but expresses abstract ideas;
  • Architecture does not reproduce reality in an imaginative way but has an expressive character. It does not represent reality, but expresses abstract ideas;
  • It is closely connected with the social environ, brightly reflects the era and simultaneously creates its style.

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