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Applied Arts Essays

Architecture Essays

Architecture expresses the world outlook of the people in a concrete historical epoch, a certain originative style in the cult and public edifices. This is perceived in synthesis with all kinds of adeptness and originative creativity, with human acti…

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Ceramics Essays

What Is Ceramic Art? Ceramic Art is a true wonder that humans, without the means that we have today, discovered many years ago. They had genuine love towards the beauty, which helped them to come up with the stunning examples of ceramics. Today, man…

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Decoration & Crafts Essays

A glance at the decadence of any decorative art is apt to engender a feeling of regret. In some instances its secret has died out with the last of the traditional workers; in others it has been crowded but by new requirements and tastes. The exquisi…

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Design Essays

There has been rapid growth in interest in the notion of design—and hence in the building of a design science—in information systems (IS) in the past decade. Many seminal papers have been published that have proved very influential in the field,…

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Fashion Essays

Of all the arts, real or so-called, that if dress has no doubt been most widely discussed as it is most generally attempted, yet, both from the stand point of theory and practice, it still remains, like love, perpetually fresh and fascinating. Fashio…

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Graphics Essays

Graphics is one of the types of fine art. Emergence and Development Graphic art is the oldest of all fine arts. The first images appeared at the earliest stages of the development of human society (in the Neolithic and Bronze Age). Even before th…

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Illustration Essays

What is illustration? To the average mind which has not given the question thought, illustration consists of drawings, chiefly black and white, done primarily, with commercial ends in view, for reproduction; or, perhaps, the same mind thinks of tests…

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Industrial Design Essays

Industrial design is a branch of projection, an area of artistic and technical activity. Its goal is to define the formal qualities of technical goods, namely their functional and external qualities. Industrial Design Development The first design…

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Interior Design Essays

Interior design is the projection and organization of the inner space of rooms, lines, shapes, textures, furniture, color and lighting, which results in a special human environment characterized by functional convenience, security, a healthy microcli…

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Photography Essays

The marvellous productions of Photograph continue to engross the attention of the lovers ol Art in a high degree. The apprehensions once entertained that this art would, to a certain extent, thrust the artist and his vocation aside, are now no longer…

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The Meaning

Applied Arts is a type of artistic activity. The concept behind the term consists of two parts. The first and the main one is to decorate things, just like any art would do. But the second, more distinct peculiarity is the practical use of things. It’s like a painted cup. It doesn’t really need a color or decoration to perform its main function of drink container used for consumption of that particular beverage.

So the applied arts connect the practical use of the object and the aesthetic pleasure given by the decoration with both simple color schemes or more complex design. The main task of these arts is to make the proprietary environment of someone more pleasing and appealing while keeping its basic functionality on a normal level. Applied arts are one of the biggest marketing tools.

A random object with a generic design appeals only to the need for its functionality, but when specific artistic methods are applied to it, the value jumps up as the customer likes the decorated thing more which results in bigger sales and revenue per item. This makes the applied arts popular equally among business people and those who love the aesthetic view. However, the term of applied arts also includes various movements spread across the world and timeline.

These are Art Deco – a French influenced style of design, visuals, and architecture; Art Nouveau – late 1890s and early 1900s decorative arts style; Arts and Crafts movement – late 19th century style based on simple, almost medieval forms of art; Bauhaus – German style that flourished for 20 years since 1911; Productivism – originating in post-revolutionary Russia, based on simplicity and practical use.

The Contents

Applied arts vary greatly, depending on the type of produced item, the technique and the material of that item. The products are furniture, clothes, dishes, jewelry, ceramics, faience, Italian rococo porcelain, carpets and tapestries, glass, crystal, mosaics and many more. As you have guessed, materials used in applied arts can be of any sort and origin. Wood, glass, stone, osier and all other natural materials as well as  man-made plastic, paper, porcelain and so on.

Craftsmen skilled in smithing, weaving, carving, painting are all producing goods related to the applied arts. Architecture is also considered a part of this type as since the ancient ages, people always tried to give their buildings unique and pleasant designs. Photography is also thought to be a part of applied arts if you’re looking at abstract and more creative components.

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