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Applied arts

Artscolumbia / Applied arts

The Meaning

Applied Arts is a type of artistic activity. The concept behind the term consists of two parts. The first and the main one is to decorate things, just like any art would do. But the second, more distinct peculiarity is the practical use of things. It’s like a painted cup. It doesn’t really need a color or decoration to perform its main function of drink container used for consumption of that particular beverage. So the applied arts connect the practical use of the object and the aesthetic pleasure given by the decoration with both simple color schemes or more complex design. The main task of these arts is to make the proprietary environment of someone more pleasing and appealing while keeping its basic functionality on a normal level. Applied arts are one of the biggest marketing tools.

A random object with a generic design appeals only to the need for its functionality, but when specific artistic methods are applied to it, the value jumps up as the customer likes the decorated thing more which results in bigger sales and revenue per item. This makes the applied arts popular equally among business people and those who love the aesthetic view. However, the term of applied arts also includes various movements spread across the world and timeline. These are Art Deco – a French influenced style of design, visuals, and architecture; Art Nouveau – late 1890s and early 1900s decorative arts style; Arts and Crafts movement – late 19th century style based on simple, almost medieval forms of art; Bauhaus – German style that flourished for 20 years since 1911; Productivism – originating in post-revolutionary Russia, based on simplicity and practical use.

The Contents

Applied arts vary greatly, depending on the type of produced item, the technique and the material of that item. The products are furniture, clothes, dishes, jewelry, ceramics, faience, Italian rococo porcelain, carpets and tapestries, glass, crystal, mosaics and many more. As you have guessed, materials used in applied arts can be of any sort and origin. Wood, glass, stone, osier and all other natural materials as well as  man-made plastic, paper, porcelain and so on. Craftsmen skilled in smithing, weaving, carving, painting are all producing goods related to the applied arts. Architecture is also considered a part of this type as since the ancient ages, people always tried to give their buildings unique and pleasant designs. Photography is also thought to be a part of applied arts if you’re looking at abstract and more creative components.

The bauhaus related to 2014 fashion

The Aesthetic Of Bauhaus and Current Trends Following WWW, as much of Germany lay in despair, Bauhaus thrived as a revolutionary, inspired and unique School breaking down the perceived class barriers between craftsmen and fine artists. Founded in 1919 by Architect Walter Groping, Bauhaus modernized the Art Industry and Education, influencing all aspects of design today. As fashion, like art, progresses in cycles, inspiring and influencing each other through the creation of their designs, it would have been an ideal for Bauhaus and its collective education. The communal teaching of design basics to all iris year students meant all disciplines adopted a visionary approach to composition integrating simplicity, functionality and bare boned structure. The Wassail Chair is an iconic example of...

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The History of Fashion & Costume

The History of Fashion & Costume Fashion & Costume Costume has developed for thousands of years, the most obvious line of division is the male and female dress. The Greeks and the Romans wore tunics which are similar to skirts. In this period the garments would have a draped detail whether it is masculine or feminine. The fashion history on ancient Greece has been inspired by the Greek vases, pots and statues. The Greek and Romans would use fabrics like silk and linen. Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt is a very hot climate, the costumes were always white because white reflects the sun which is cooler to wear. The ancient Egyptian women with higher class wear wigs they could be made out...

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Fashion Isnt Fur

Fur is not a Fashion Statement. Every year 50 million animals are violently killed for our own selfish needs to look high status in the fashion industry. Most of these helpless animals with Just as much right as us are raised on fur farms in brutal conditions. Death is really their only escape from these dreadful prisons, which is mostly caused by stress, illness and pain. Sometimes animals are caught using a trap mechanisms and can be left there to die for up to 7 days. Animals often tend to chew their own paw of Just to free themselves from death but to only die only a few days later from excessive injury. Just like we do, animals have rights and...

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Del monte VPN architecture suggestion for assignment

Del Monte Organization Structure Diagram. Source: Dolente. Co. Z The business halogens: Provide role-based access to network resources for employees and business partners Reduce administrative and network costs Provide high-confidentiality for business information on the network Network requirements: Flexible and adaptive security appliance provides a variety of secure remote access Pre-configured telethon solution provides convenient voice and data networking for home workers VPN solution integrates with existing network systems to enforce access policies Del Monte Diagram VPN protocols and technologies VPN generally can handle three of these scenarios such as Remote access network, ranch office connection network, also business partner/supplier network or can be called as Extranet. Some of the VPN technologies are MILS, Pipes and GREG. Pipes is an...

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Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

Executive Summary This report is an examination of change process prompted by MEG International, a large and reputable Finnish IT organization. This report explains Enterprise architecture and how it can be applied as a strategy. It explains Coachman's "framework for enterprise architecture" (Coachman, 1987) and the components of its two dimensional matrix. Criticism that Coachman framework is only a taxonomy follows on identifying next framework "The Open Group Architecture Framework" (known as TOGA) and it's criticism that can act as architectural process rather than a framework, this report recommends to apply Coachman Framework for economy and TOGA as architectural process for MEG to implement Enterprise architecture as strategy. This report then follows on defining Re-engineering process from the key organizational change...

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Literature Review on IT architecture

Literature Review Abstract The research is all about the use of information system in the organizations. There are many tools which are helpful in managing the whole organization. The business environment is getting highly competitive and many organizations are making strategies to grab the market share. A company was selected in order to understand the scenario. A conceptual frames work was developed in the mind to present the problem. The IBM organization was selected to conduct the research. Literature review presents the important theories and concepts along with the importance of he information system in organization. The introduction of the research was done by analyzing the problem which organization face because of the information. Literature suggested many systems which can improve...

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It Architecture St Guide 1844582

Which statement best describes the relationship between Oracle Reference Architecture (ROR) and the Oracle products? A. ROR describes the architecture built in to the Oracle products. B. ROR describes the architecture underlying the Oracle Fusion Applications. C. ROR describes a product-agnostic architecture and then maps the Oracle products onto the architecture. D. ROR describes an architecture that is exclusively based on Oracle products. Topic 3: Application Infrastructure Explain Introduction Oracle Reference Architecture application infrastructure Describe Distributed Computing Concepts Describe Grid Computing Capabilities and Architectural Concepts Describe Cloud Computing Capabilities and Architectural Concepts Describe Fertilization and how it plays a key role in the foundation infrastructure Describe the role of Containers in the Application Infrastructure Management capabilities and how caching plays an...

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Global local fashion

The jackets has elements of a suit collar with peaked lapels, which indicates a tailored easing as well as a crinoline assisting with the shape of the dress which is originally a Western fashion element. (Radon, 2009) Hampton is one of the Japanese designers best understood in the West as he never deviates far from Western culture context. (AFAIK 2005: 23) "The image that exotic cultures have of themselves is often determined by the dominant West. " (Tennessee 2005:11) Countries that are non- Western have an auto-exotic gaze about their own culture and what constitutes as their own tradition. An "exotic" product is created by these non-western countries by coking through the eyes of the Western society to see what is...

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Gothic Architecture

The fall of the Roman Empire and the events that occurred in Europe leading up to the Middle Ages (has) have had a lasting effect on architecture and design today. The enduring values of medieval art and architecture can be split up into five major styles, early Christian, Byzantine, Islamic, Romanesque and Gothic. The most influential period was the Gothic, which is known for its significant change from classical architecture; this change from classical architecture aided in the Gothic era's transformation to its own identity. The Medieval period is known for its constant airfare and battle, and most people feared death and eternal damnation; the Catholic Church gained its wealth and power through people's fear. Due to the high level of...

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What Is Fashion?

An in depth discussion about fashion, its influence towards society and primarily causes responsible for these processes This essay offers a sociological approach towards fashion in which will be critically evaluated, in context of its influence on society, origins of fashion and whether external or/and internal causes are responsible for these processes. This essay begins with an introduction to fashion in a social aspect. According to Kumara (2005) the meaning of fashion is not Just about visual clothing but also the invisible elements behind it such as symbolic meanings and a sense of competition. Fashion is a trend of imitating those whom is admired and envied however fashion is never stationary or fixed, it is ever-changing but does not mean the...

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