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    Both Genders Should Have Treated Equally

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    It does limit our socialization to limit our social and intellectual development because we as female must act in a certain way. There are some villages where women get married early at a young age which limit their social and intellectual development. They don’t go to school. They just take care of their husband and their kids. They are still kids who didn’t learn about the world through their senses. Women are taught to wear certain types of clothes and the way we should talk to. Males and Females should have assigned gender roles but both genders should have treated equally. Women are able to do jobs that men can do as well and men can do women jobs too. There are many jobs on the internet today that people that unaware of the gender of the person who is working with. Men and women can get their education now.

    This is all about equality. For paperwork, it asks if your female or male, I think this is important to know who you are but one should not think that female or male is less than one another. The way we speak, or manners, the things we use and whom behavior defines or function. I think for this case it should not matter if we are male or female. Both genders can be rude, nice, friendly, but they should not be pointed like women should not speak way or men should not speak this way. Men have no right to own everything in society, including women and women’s sexuality because we all are equal. 2) Young people who are under 18 are minor and they need protection from sexual exploitation and abuse.

    With the law, the child is being protected from sexually exploited and abused and if there was no law then there is the loss of the protection entirely. If we give permission to make more decisions this could mean that children can cross the limits. By giving them freedom of everything that it can cause a child to grow up too soon in a society that is already moving too fast. 3) Women have not slaved to men knowing that through marriage women take on the name of their husbands and children take on the names of the father but it should depend on the woman if she wants to take her husband last name. Lastly, as long as women are treated with the love they are okay to change their last name.

    The slave would have considered if the husband beats their wife, force on themselves on their wife. If a woman is controlling the relationship they take care of their house, family, they would have more responsibilities. 4) Ira Reiss’s Wheel Theory of Love was one of the first developmental stage models to conceptualize courtship, relationship development, and mate selection as an ongoing progression. Courtship is when we are dating someone before marrying and relationship keep developing more and mate selection as an ongoing progression. When we meet someone for the first time, a person may get a rapport means that the feeling of absence of difficulty or effort that makes one comfortable with each other and the way rapport would come is if there are similarities in social, cultural, and educational backgrounds and upbringing, this can bring two people close. Stage 2 Self-Revelation means–disclosing personal feelings.

    After the first stage, it leads to self-revelation, which would be making new or secret information of personal feeling which would be the discussion of one’s hopes, fear, and ambition. If there are some similarities in social similarities in social, ethnic, racial, religious, and age background than it may affect one’s readiness to make new information about oneself. The third stage is mutual dependency which means sharing with each other. When we come to this stage we started to do activities together with our partner such as we would for a walk together, movies, eat together. Stage 4: intimacy needs fulfillment and this where couples support each other and become the strength of one another. Couples help each other. Love would continue to develop.

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