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    Biases in Media to Liberals and Conservatives

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    Unfortunately, neither liberals nor conservatives are convinced that the press isn’t bias to one group. Allegations of controversy about the nature of bias in the media will always be a debate. The question is in today’s society is the media biased more toward liberal values or conservative values? Clearly, no democracy can survive without freedom of speech and fair press. In that case news media tries to convert people to view an issue the way they want you to interpret the data from the most popular bias outlets, from each side to keep high rating may any means necessary. Along, with broadcasting the news industry it is essential in governmental establishments such as newspapers and other organizations of public information to keep viewer watching.

    However, the truth is that mass media is primarily cultural, and rarely economic interests of either liberals or cultural conservatives supposedly. with this being said, I believe that news media such as fox new are owned by liberals and they get away with setting the tone to openly discuss conservatives’ values harshly. Unlike with liberals values they carefully withhold opinions mainly avoid offending them and, most importantly, obtrude what they do not like about our government and our president. “The most interesting study of the effects of media bias is DellaVigna and Kaplan’s (2007) study of the impact Fox News’s differential timing of entry across cable markets in the late 1990s. They found that Fox News’s entry tended to both increase Republican turnout and increase Republican vote share among those who would have voted anyway.” Conservatives believe mass media, mostly news programs alter news to favor the liberal position on various issues. While the same time, liberals think that conservative media is full of one-sidedness and trying to divide the public by invoking fear among them. While conservatives argue as professionals; they report what they observe without letting their perspectives affect their judgment.

    In this sense, they are controlling the viewer by minimize and sensing what they can report gatekeep so to speak. We can see this basic setup more often than not these media outlets lean more to one side of the political spectrum, apart from writers opposing the press reports may be personally liberal, they are usually professionally neutral. Stuart Soroka an Associate Professor studies “Analyses reveal systematic differences between economic conditions in real life and economic conditions as captured by mass media; more importantly, they reveal the gatekeeping function—a distribution function showing the probability with which media select and present stories across a range of tone”(Sorka).

    With that being said, information that is aimed at supporting liberal policies through media as the principal instrument of ruling class domination in a liberal democracy. “But to apply that label to everyone in bioethics who does not explicitly identify with the conservative movement is misleading, at best. To characterize mainstream bioethics as “liberal” is to lump together—uncritically and irresponsibly—an array of widely divergent and often nuanced positions” (Macklin Pg36) .Liberals and left usually see the government’s role in media regulation as one of the protecting the public against the domination of the private sector. Conservatives on the other hand see this as government meddling in the free market.

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