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    Best Ways to Preservation Food (863 words)

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    One big question in the food industry is what is the best way to keep food preserved. Some of the best ways to keep food preserved are pickling, smoking, fermentation, and of course refrigerator. Also there are some questions on how to preserve food. Most of these academic journals i found were about how to preserve food but not about the best ways to preserve food. The big thing for this paper is that people aren’t preserving their perishable food right and it is going to waste. On the other hand, scientist are working on using technology to preserve food. There has been a lack of trust between the food industry and tech (Kaptan 988). This paper is trying to accomplish the idea that you need to preserve food so food doesn’t go to waste.

    The first topic is using nanotechnology to preserve food. Nanotechnology has transformed domains of food science, especially processed and packaged food (Bajpai 1201). But the use of nanotechnology has caused risks and health hazards to food. But using nanotechnology is much safer then some of the conventional ways. One conventional way is fermentation which is breaking down a chemical (Rahman 215). Fermentation is not as safe as using nanotechnology because it breaks down the chemical and fermentation does not preserve food for that long. The only thing holding back nanotechnology back is food policies. However it has been proven that applying technology to food makes it more hazardous.

    Food risks and hazards of eating expired food and eating dangerous ingredients. One of the most dangerous food ingredients is sugar. The reason it is so dangerous is that it can be as addictive has some drugs. “Risks of eating expired food are you can get sick, infections, and even death.”(Salter 23). Also eating unhealthy food and overdue can make you obese. According to Lorenz Lorraine, “In 2011-2012 approximately 17% of children were at risk of obesity.” The main reason for this high obesity rate is that children were not getting enough of fruits and vegetables(Lorenz 50). Unhealthy eating as child leads to higher chance of health issues later on. On the other hand with the increase use of food preservation there will be more fruit and vegetable intake in children. Some new food preservation techniques the food industry are testing are very unique. One way the food industry are testing is preservation using essential oils, this way is the technique of interacting with the food components(Maisanaba 447). The food industry tried to use a technique using water but that did not work.

    “You can’t eat your fruit and vegetables if they are going rotten and spoiled.”(Li 538). This statement gave the group of scientists trying to preserve food using certains amount of pressure. They used fruits and vegetables in this test. There analysis was that this way of preserving food to stay fresh longer then other ways(Li 538). A dangerous way of food preservation is food packaging(Martin 10). Food packaging is dangerous because it is bad for the environment. HIstoric ways people preserved food were pickling, smoked, and fermented(Horne 5). These ways have been traced back all the way to the 17 hundreds. But these ways are not very effective because they don’t last that long. The most common way people preserve food is through household refrigeration. But most of their refrigerator don’t have more than one perishable food item holder, “ 85% of consumers choose an appliance that, apart from the freezer compartment, only has one compartment for perishable fresh food.”(Holsteijn 27). This is not a good sign cause that means there could be people wasting perishable food items because they don’t have enough storage place to hold perishable food.

    This next experiment is testing how people act when eating different types of food. There was more student efficacy when eating healthy food but there was a non-teamwork attitude when eating healthy food(Mcleod 16). On the other hand when eating unhealthy food the groups were talkative and had less student efficacy. In this next study Catherine Shoulders predicted how undergraduates would do in a capstone food chemistry class(Shoulders 95). Shoulders used there little knowledge and brought the undergraduates to have a high gpa in the class.(Shoulders 96). This class was mostly about the preservation of mostly perishable food and to keep food preserved. In these two experiments it showed that if these people in the capstone class preserve there perishable food right they will become more efficient.

    In conclusion food preservation is very important. It doesn’t matter how you preserve your food because there are many effective ways to do so. Preserving food is needed all around the world because everyone needs to stop wasting perfectly good food and it is pointless to have your food go bad because your not preserving food. It is dangerous to eat spoiled food because you can get sick, get infections, and even death(Salter 23). Besides you don’t want to waste your healthy perishable foods and start eating unhealthy food and have a higher chance of getting sick or obese. Most people use refrigeration to preserve their food but that is not the best way to preserve your food, however it is the easiest way to preserve your food.

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