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    Benefits of Receiving a Scholarship

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    Prairie Meadows

    How would the Prairie Meadows Scholarship help you pursue an education that would put you on your ideal career path?

    Receiving the Prairie Meadows Scholarship would help me continue my studies and make the world an even better place. I would have to pay less to get into a good engineering school. Having less debt after college will help me get on my feet faster and after only paying partial tuition would greatly affect how successful I will be on my career path.

    After I graduate college, I will become a cCivil eEngineer. I have always wanted to be one because I love math and science. It is not an easy occupation, but it will push me to be my best. As I was growing up, I was always building structures in the backyard. As I got older, I started to incorporate math and science in my fun innovations.

    Getting to high school peaked my interest because it offered Project Lead The Way classes. Filling my schedule with Eengineering and drafting courses, I became obsessed. I love solving problems and thinking outside of the box. It is more of a challenge, and without challenges, what is the point of trying of life?. I want this scholarship to put me on my ideal career path because it will push me.

    How Will the Career You Intend to Pursue Help Make a Difference in Your Community?

    The career I intend to achieve will make a difference all over the Des Moines area. Becoming a cCivil Eengineer will teach me how to prosper when life gets tough. My field of interest is lots of math and thinking outside the box.

    This profession will not only help me, but it will also impact everyone else in the community. I will design buildings and great things to bring more color to the town. I could even help improve the dam downtown to make it more efficient.

    Another way I will give back to the community could be through community service. My family and I donate our time and money to the homeless shelter downtown. I will continue that tradition with my family and start to donate parts of my paycheck that I do not need, to give to the less fortunate.

    What Personal Strengths Will You Offer to Make a Difference, Both in Your Career and in Your Community?

    Becoming aA cCivil eEngineer will open a door to help thousands of people. I have a strong drive to do everything to the best of my ability. I attack my obstacles and overcome them. Southeast Polk wrestling taught me to always strive for greatness, on and off the mat.

    These strengths will help me be the best engineer I can be. What drives me is not the money, but driving down the street and seeing something I designed. That is all I have ever wanted to do.

    Fulfilling the profession I want will make the community prosperous. Beautifying the city and lighting up the night with unique buildings and structures. I hope to make a difference in the world as an Engineer and to inspire others to work hard for success.

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