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    B R Richardson Timber Product Corporation Commerce Essay

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    This is an assignment about B R Richardson Timber Product Corporation, which is all about the alteration intercession the company has tried to seek after morale of most employees went down and productiveness decreased.

    While standing in the places of an OD adviser, I have made an effort to analyse the instance taking the information gathered by Lawler, a adviser and his two pupils. The analysis portion goes from diagnosing to the plan direction, which is shown below:

    QN1.Analyze the information gathered by Lawler and his squad and place the issues confronting the company

    In order to analyse the information gathered by Lawler and his squad, it is put under organisational degree and group degree diagnosing theoretical account for comprehension ;

    Company ‘s General Environment

    B R Richardson Timber Products Corporation ‘s ( BRRTPC ) external environment is merely reasonably unsure and non really complex. Market status has been good. Overall concern is in net income. The economic system is stable plenty sing timber and timber merchandises. Lamination works is giving good net income to the companies since it was started. Politically, The company is composed of four little companies viz a logging operation, a timber factory, lamination works, and a factory lies in a countryside with an unfastened paces and soil linking route. The lamination works is noisy from proverb, conveyers, and hoists, and particularly the contriver. The lamination workss and a factory are about 50 paces off from head office. The pace is graveled, with timbers of all sorts piled up and auto Parkss around the borders.

    Company ‘s Industry Structure

    It is a household held corporation. The company dispersed in four different geographical locations with its divisional construction, three in Papoose and a factory in eastern Oregon. Timber purchases are made from Forest Service and BLM. Approximately 70 per centum of laminating works timber was purchased from outside and staying from Richardson factory. Outside purchases are chiefly from Orgeon companies -Weyerhaeuser, Bohemia, Georgia-Pacific, and smaller 1s.


    A The corporate organisation appears to hold divisional construction, while the lamplant appears to hold functional construction. It has ignored advanced direction tendencies that have emerged over the last decennary and now seem to happen it caught in the trap that comes from non taking advantage of new efficiency systems. By holding waited, several clefts in the construction have been identified within the organisational construction as a whole and it is holding a negative impact on operations. The construction is weak due to many factors from deficiency of engineering integrating to inability to set up teamwork within the organisation, which would let the debut of new thoughts and inventions on a consistent footing for the continual betterment of operations.


    The laminating works has been turning of all time since its origin, it is really profitable and busy, yet Richardson seems to be loath to pass money to spread out the installations and to upgrade the machinery and engineering, and engage extra staff. Adequate communicating at all degrees is missing, and the proper lines of communicating are non followed.A


    Richardson seems to hold focused on cost control scheme. The company tightly controls costs, choruss from incurring unneeded invention, human resource development and even hesitates to keep a good wellness and safety criterion. No formal mission or ends are mentioned in the instance and this makes it slightly hard to judge the effectivity of the scheme.

    Human Resource System and Measurement System

    Company ‘s human resource system is developing as there is no human resource section. So, Human Resource Development Programs are disregarded. There is no public presentation measuring system in the works. The company has conservative doctrine sing compensation benefits ; wagess and acknowledgment which is apparent from few selected top direction were merely given fillip if had to. Incentive for safety has been introduced but non implemented good. Even really loyal and committed employees are non recognized and rewarded for their part in the workss. Creation and keeping of endowments is non thought approximately.


    There is small specific information ; Richardson ‘s civilization can be inferred. Most of the supervisors and directors are production oriented do stretch the mark and force employees to make the overtime beyond their bound. So, work unrest, dissatisfaction, and defeat are rather common. There is evident of ‘do or decease syndrome ‘ in the organisation where employees either have to work long hours or acquire fired. Company takes lightly to those employees working with hernias, back hurting, and broken fingers merely by stating they had medical coverage for this. There is deficiency of human-centered values and attention in the organisation which is coercing even the loyal and devoted employees to turn to be different. Team spirit in the company is really low as difficult workers are neither paid nor cared.

    Goal Clarity: Senior direction has some ends in their heads and speak on occasion. It shows company does non hold clear, written and communicated end.

    Team Functioning: Directors and Supervisors show their ain manner of working. Employees actions and behaviours are wholly controlled by their higher-ups. Employees are forced to sit for the overtime. Lack of squad support for the difficult plant shows that there is no cohesive squad who work actively and energetically together for the accomplishment of a common end.

    Group Norms and Composition: Everyday following the everyday undertakings and all of a sudden accepting the overtime with a bid from the supervisors has been norms of the group members. And there is no combination of accomplishments, experiences and abilities within group members.

    Undertaking Structure: Employees are monotonously making their everyday undertaking. There is no occupation characteristic theoretical account where employees can hold different gustatory sensation of the occupation. Supervisors give order to make the occupations in peculiar manner shows that there is non autonomy, nor feedback is given how the undertaking was performed. Even after witnessing a fatal accident of one subsidiary, they are forced to go on their undertaking. Besides few supervisors, most of the employees ne’er feel any impacts of their undertaking has made to others. There is no undertaking significance nor have been recognized for the undertaking good done.

    Issues Confronting the Company

    There are assorted issues which are suppressing for the organisation ‘s and squad effectivity. They are mentioned as:

    Such a large organisation runs without Human Resource Department is a really large concerned and is rather a serious issue

    There is no effectivity, unfastened and crystalline communicating between displacement supervisors and directors, supervisors and top direction and between top direction and CEO. Supervisors and directors non to hear even there are any alterations in agendas and non to cognize about the inexplicit ends of their section is rather a serious issue

    Company neither has clear vision and mission, nor has strategic ends is a large concerned

    Some directors and supervisors are flinging all the emotions of their subsidiaries and handling them as like a machine instead than human organic structure is a large inquiry of human-centered values

    Companies non to hold linked to employees public presentation and part to any wagess system is unconvincing

    Lack of adequate staffs to transport out the extra work burden and to extinguish work emphasis of the bing employees is a baleful issue

    Company to take so lightly to the wellness and safety issues of people by merely stating there is insurance coverage for them who are losing and traveling to lose fingers and toes in the machine is scandalous

    In the petition of doing airing to the metal constructing a small spot more in the extreme summertime where people lost 5 lb in a individual displacement, direction to believe about disbursal to make airing is hapless

    Most of the supervisors and directors lack leading and demoing autocratic manner is unsound and proves to be one of the disputing issues in the company

    QN2. Assume the function of Lawler and compose a study to the direction squad of BRRTPC showing your findings and your recommendations.

    Mr. Richard Bowman

    B R Richardson Timber Corporation

    P O Box 66

    Papoose, Oregon

    Dear Mr. Bowman,

    After the Diagnosis of your organisation, I have found the undermentioned consequences:

    Strength of the Plant

    There are many loyal and extremely committed employees who are the biggest assets of the organisation

    Most of the directors and supervisors are really high in KSAs and have strong leading potency

    Introducing a ‘softball squad ‘ is rather a healthy mark of conveying employees wellness plan in the company which eliminate work emphasis of employees

    The works is really efficient in executing of scheme

    Problem Areas

    Overtime is the biggest jobs in the works. Workers are being stretched and pushed for working overtime beyond their bound which is doing dissatisfaction and emphasis to employees. And unrest and disquieted workers are the vulnerable to fatal accidents.

    There is no effectivity, unfastened and crystalline communicating between displacement supervisors and directors, supervisors and top direction and between top direction and CEO. Supervisors and directors do non hear if there are any alterations in agendas.

    Health and safety issues are really serious which premier cause for making low morale of employees. Employees are working with back hurting, hernias, and broken fingers or toes are take downing the reputation of the company.

    Employees ‘ turnover is endangering to the organisation that is induced by deficiency of initiation and orientation plan before directing workers to the occupation ; and it is strongly due to miss of human resource development plans.

    Unfulfilled Opportunities

    There are many possible leaders in the workss who are untapped and undeveloped. They want to work hard, achieve the mark and want to be professionally developed.

    Employees are willing to show organisation citizenship behaviour provided with work support, listen their concerns, and assist them to work out their work-life struggles.

    Workers are really enthusiastic in their plants and they could drive their energy farther if they could be given wagess and acknowledgment seasonably with public presentation assessments systems.

    Employees are likely to heighten their work public presentation when they are put under preparation and accomplishments development plan.

    Top direction if pattern ‘management by walking around ‘ manner by the sing the works clip to clip, it would make a good image and civilization in the company.

    Company does non hold clear vision, mission and aims and ends mentioned and communicated. A clear defined such mission and ends would develop mental image of the possible and desirable future province of the organisation.

    For any sorts of alterations and scheme preparation and executing, if the employees were invited to take portion in the treatment of how alterations should be implemented, it would make a strong sense of household civilization and ownership.


    The undermentioned non-training issues need to be addressed to assist guarantee effectual operation of the workss:

    Raise and instantly change the wellness and safety criterion of the works to convey the employees moral back to the organisation.

    Hire people to alleviate the employees to minimise overtime and work unrest to cut down accidents and wellness issues.

    Set up HR Department in the organisation in order to do the smooth operation of the plant- for aggregative HR Planning and Succession Planning ; and transport out the Human Resource development plans to in order to pull and retain employees and to make rational human capital for the organisation capableness.

    Set up a formal assessment system where in one session the proprietor sits down with the top direction and supervisors to discourse public presentation and set aims. In another session public presentation development is discussed.

    Use objectives set for the twelvemonth and clear up how wagess ( fillip, wage rises, and so forth ) will be tied to the aims.

    Determine the mission, ends and aims of the company and the facets of the public presentation focused on.

    Training Needs

    Several developing demands were apparent after the diagnosing of the organisation beyond what was indicated by you. Specific to those issues, nevertheless, supervisors and directors were peculiarly candid in bespeaking that they had ne’er exposed to any type of feedback or communicating accomplishments. They had no cognition or accomplishments in these countries. Attitudes in these countries were assorted.

    A partial list of developing demands includes deficiency of cognition and accomplishment in:


    Effective Feedback

    Measuring Employee Performances

    Team Building

    I believe above mentioned are the discovering from my analysis. When you and Mr. Richardson have considered about these preparation demands, give me a call. I ‘ll be prepared to sketch what I see as the cost of developing while planing the peculiar preparation class.

    Thankss for giving me chance to work as a adviser. I have enjoyed run intoing all of you and your squad and have learnt more about your company ‘s civilization and systems.


    Jack Lawler

    Partner, Oregon Consulting Associates

    QN3. Analyze the client-consultant relationship in the instance. Assuming that the direction accepts your recommendations, bill of exchange out an understanding for the OD work you will set about at BRRTPC.

    We go through the undermentioned points in order to understand client-consultant relationship:

    Entry of adviser began after the common understanding from both parties of traveling for organisational diagnosing before carry oning the motivational class. Lawler ‘s come ining procedure was faulty, his catching was lacking. A proper entrance procedure is a necessary preliminary to developing an first-class contract. Lawler ‘s catching was unequal and came down to a verbal understanding between Bowman and himself, in which it was agreed that Lawler would carry on a one twenty-four hours visit to the works with several of his alumnus pupils to garner information, which Lawler would so analyse and show to the company. Lawler would measure for three yearss of his clip, plus the disbursals incurred when he and the pupils visited. Lawler ‘s catching did non clear up how the OD procedure would continue, it did non set up and clarify the outlooks of the parties, the clip, and resources that would be expended, and the land regulations under which the parties would run.

    A Given the gravitation of the implicit in jobs at the works, and the fact that the OD practician was external to the organisation, a more formal, structured, and enlightening contract would hold been appropriate. There was no indicant of common understanding as to the outlooks of the parties involved, nor the services and results to be provided by the OD practician, except the instead obscure “ more equal diagnosing was likely a utile first measure ” remark made by Bowman, and that Lawler would do a one-day visit to the plant.A

    Lawler ‘s catching did non adequately cover the three cardinal countries of undertaking viz. , puting common outlooks ; the clip and resources that will be expended ; and the land regulations for working together. It did non cover how Lawler was traveling to garner the information, who would be involved in supplying this information, and how much of the staff clip would be required off from their occupations taking portion in interviews.

    Draft Preparation

    While making the bill of exchange the first measure will be to develop the acquisition aims.

    Learning Aims:

    Some of the acquisition aims are as follows:

    The trainee will, with no mistakes, understand map and way of communicating, the communicating procedure every bit good as different type of communicating – Interpersonal, Organizational ; and barriers to effectual communicating.

    Open and crystalline communicating will be practiced as a portion of organisational civilization

    Trainee will develop the wont of “ first to understand so to be understood ” reinforced by empathetic hearing. It will work out inter-personal struggle ; enhance coaction, communicating and cooperation in the work topographic point.

    Directors and supervisors will be taught how to catch a individual making right thing and give grasp to the individual for the occupation good done. After finishing of any undertaking, employees will acquire immediate feedback.

    Trainee will cognize how to utilize constructive feedback and how to pattern it in the work topographic point to actuate employees. This will be facilitated by function drama and some simulation exercisings.

    Trainee will cognize why and how to associate employees public presentation with the company ‘s ends and aims and how to develop anticipation theory amongst the employees to heighten their motivational degree.

    Organizational Aims

    Teamwork and squad edifice will be developed which will work out most of the conflicting issues and convey co-operation and coaction in the organisation and make a good cultural clime.

    Organization will get down utilizing public presentation assessment system to mensurate employees ‘ public presentation which will stimulate employees to work with outlook and associating appropriate wagess with it will convey motive to employees.

    Organization will present Job Characteristic Model, where employees are allowed to expose in different accomplishments and plants, and extinguish to a great extent to their ennui and anxiousness.

    Each of the preparation subjects will take three hours and stretch for three yearss. Maximal 15 people will be in one preparation session. Top direction will sit for two developing session- Communication and Measurement of employees ‘ public presentations.

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