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    Australian Rules – Directed by Paul Goldman Essay

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    Australian Rules is a 2002 drama film directed by Paul Goldman. The film is set in South Australia fishing town. Moreover, discovers the racial and cultural differences of the white Australian and the aboriginal Australian. The film Australian Rules was successfully shows the wilderness of Australian life, and the racism that still exists in Australia. The film is about a young man experiencing the hardships of growing up in rural South Australia. The only thing that connects two communities the whites and the blacks is football. The essay will be talking about the Negative representation of white Australian in the film Australian rules, and racism to support the argument.

    Australia is a diverse country that encompasses a multi-cultural population including the traditional land the aboriginal community. Located in the southern hemisphere Australia generally has a warm climate with the southern state being colder due to the proximity to Antarctica. Australian people are generally friendly, honest, and excepting of others. Due to Australia being a relatively new country buildings and houses are generally a modern design. The Main Characters in the Film Australian Rules are Gary Black and Dumby Red is exception teenage best friends from different sides of the ways. Dumby is the star of the football team and likely to become the next big Aboriginal star in the big leagues. Gary is the bookish son of a hard-drinking and ruthless white fisherman, Bob Black. He is attracted to Dumbys good-looking sister, Clarence.

    The men in the film Australian Rules are coward, racist, nasty, alcoholic, smokers, swears a lot, risk takers; bad parenting and they show a very bad image to the young Australian man well not just Australian man everyone. In the film, it shows how bad Australian men are. Bad parenting by Bob of Blacky and his being racist for example when blacky’s father got home he went to blacky’s room and saw Blacky with Clarence, an aboriginal girl. He had beaten Blacky because he saw him with Clarence in one bed. That shows the racism and bad parenting of bob.¬ ‘’Get out of my house, you black slut’’. Australian men show a bad image of being an Australian. The most predominant view is one of a violent beer drinking fisherman. Blacky’s father is the prime example in the movie. The fact that he bashes his wife shows that his values system is one that supports violence towards women.

    This leads to his attitude towards his role in the household; he sees his role as the father to be one of authority, providing and disciplinary. He seeks to maintain power by beating his wife when she doesn’t do something that he tells her, he also uses his fruit and nut chocolate as a reminder of the control he has over his family. “Don’t touch Dad’s fruit and nut.or god help you” Says Blacky’s mother, this shows that Bob (Blacky’s father) has a symbol of his power which can be tested but nobody dares to which shows that he has succeeded in maintaining his power.

    Blacky’s father sees drinking beer as being a ‘manly’ thing to do and thus wants his son to grow up to be what he considers a man. Blacky tries to fight this because Blacky won’t accept his values at all. Paul Goldman also positions the viewer to reject this view of masculinity. They provided the viewer with an insight into the view of masculinity. He also shows that the men in town think that their children should grow up exactly like them instead of letting them become their own person.

    The women in the film Australian Rules are intelligent, alcoholic, smoker. Pickles mum shows a bad image of being an Australian woman by how she acted in the film. She goes to the pub with Australian man’s she is the type of mother that cares about her life but does not take it seriously. Blacky’s mum she is intelligent she is a loving mum makes up about the dads abuse she is smart of how she does for the football she is brave and good stay home mum.

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