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Arts and Artist Paper Essay

The subject of this course is an exploration of the ideas and values from the Scientific Revolution to the Second World War, examining the various revolutions in the world (scientific, political, economic, social, spiritual and artistic) and their impact on philosophy, theology, literature and the arts. This Course So far has allowed me to see the influence of the Western thinking, forms of thinking and ideas on non-western cultures and vice versa.

As an accomplishment Of this assignment want to review and contrast five artists of the early 20th Century Who were influenced by the changing world and their lasting impact on the arts, even to this day. In our reading Georges MILs was one of the most important pioneers Of early cinema. Was interested in learning more about him and did some research. A successful magician and owner of the Theater Robert-Houdini in Paris, MILs attended the first screening of the Lumpier Cinematographer on December 28, 1895 (Larson, 2006).

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In February of the following year, MIL¶s purchased a motion picture camera, and he began making his own films three months later. Cinema technology was just being developed, and MIL¶s studied he various new mechanisms, and then projectors, printers, and processing equipment custom-made, based on other the inventions of other people or on improvements of his own design. MILs’ first films were straightforward cityscapes and event films, patterned after the short films of the Luminaries, but soon he was using the camera to document magic acts and gags from the stage of the Theater Robert-Houdini.

By late 1896, MILs was incorporating his knowledge of the mechanisms of motion pictures with the format of the stage magic skit, producing his first “trick” films (Larson). These short films relied on multiple exposures to create the illusion of people and objects appearing and disappearing at Build or changing from one form to another. Over the next few years, MILs was perhaps the most inventive filmmaker in the world.

Not only did he experiment With What could be done inside the camera With special effects and multiple exposures, but MILs led in the development off film language based on separate scenes edited together in chronological order. At a time when most filmmakers were content with single-shot films, MIL¶s was stringing shots together to make mini. Pick like “Cinderella” (1 899), which used seven minutes and 20 separate scenes to tell the popular fairy tale.

MIL¶s best known film, “A Trip to the Moon” (1902) was one of the longest and most elaborate of his trick film epics, the film as hugely successful but not as profitable as it should have been. “Trip to the Moon” was perhaps the most heavily pirated film of its era, and while crowds around the world marveled at its tale of space travel, relatively little this success translated into financial gain for its creator. Ultimately, Georges MILs was not a filmmaker. He was a film magician, As a lawmaker, MILs may have stopped producing important films by 1903.

But as a magician, he continued to create dazzling presentations of cinematic marvel. The inventiveness, humor, and visual power of Georges MILs’ film-created tricks, when projected in a Theater or performance hall like those where MILs was first exposed to the cinema. American composer, conductor and author, is how Aaron Copeland is remembered and he helped define a twentieth century American sound. His early music mixes very modern musical ideas with hints of jazz influence.

Pieces such as his Piano Variations stand out for their harmonic ND rhythmic experimentation, and jazz rhythms are an important part of his Music for the Theater. Soprano’s concern With modern techniques lessened during the Great Depression. Reacting to a changing social consciousness, he (along With a number Of Other composers) began to shape his style to speak too larger segment of the population (Sony, 2001 This comes through most clearly in ballets such as Billy the Kid and Appalachian Spring and in his music for films (Sony, 2001).

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In these works, simpler (but no less sophisticated) harmonies, broad melodies, and hints of folk melodies created a sound that came to be associated with our pictures of the mythic American West (Sony, 2001), And works such as Fanfare for the Common Man (my favorite) and A Lincoln Portrait (in which the narrator recites various writings of Lincoln) added a popular and patriotic element.

Henry Matisse was born as the son tot grain merchant in the Picador region of northern France, He studied law and worked as a law clerk, When Matisse was 21 years old he became seriously ill, and during the phase of recovery Matisse started painting and discovered his passion for art. Two years later he attended art classes and experimented with different styles, and was cost influenced by the impressionist and post-impressionist painters Pissarro, Cezanne and van Gogh. Around 1905 he established his style of daring bright colors expressed in broad bush strokes.

In 1941 Matisse suffered abdominal cancer which severely affected his ability to paint. He was unable to stand for long periods Of time. He turned to another form of artistic expression, by creating decorative paper cut-outs in the same vivid and strong colors and compositions he was known for in his paintings. He had an assistant and could work While lying in bed or sitting in a comfortable chair. Pablo Picasso once said about Matisse “All things considered, there is only one Matisse”. Pablo Picasso, also known as Pablo Uric y Picasso, was singular in the art world.

Not only did he manage to become universally famous in his own lifetime, he was the first artist to successfully to use mass media to further his name (and business empire) (Eases, 2008). He also inspired or, in the notable case of Cubism, invented, nearly every art movement in the twentieth century (Eases, 2008), Picasso father was an art teacher who quickly realized he had a boy genius on his hands and (almost as quickly) taught his son everything he knew. At the tender age of 14, Poss.. Eased the entrance exam to the Barcelona School of Fine Arts – in just one day.

By the early 1 Picasso had moved to Paris, the “capital of the arts. ” There he found friends in Henry Matisse, Joan Mir; and George Baroque, and a burgeoning reputation as a painter of note (Eases, 2008). For the rest of his days, no one style could maintain a hold on Picasso. In fact, he was known to use two or more different styles, side by side, within a single painting (Eases, 2008). One notable exception is his Surrealistic painting Queering (1937), arguably one of the greatest pieces of social protest ever created and known as an anti-war statement (Vireo, 006).

American poet, Robert Frost is one of the finest of rural New England’s 20th century pastoral poets. Props published his first books in Great Britain in the asses, but he soon became in his own country the most read and constantly anthologies poet, whose work was made familiar in classrooms and lecture platforms (Pegasus, 2008). Frost was awarded the Pulitzer Prize four times. Nature and Frost’s rural surroundings were for him a source for insights “from delight to wisdom,” or as he also said: “Literature begins with geography (Pegasus, 2008). ” Frost’s poems show deep appreciation Of natural world and insensibility about the human aspirations.

His images, woods, stars, houses, brooks – are usually taken from everyday life. With his down-to-earth approach to his subjects, readers found it easy to follow the poet into deeper truths, without being burdened with pedantry. Often Frost used the rhythms and vocabulary of ordinary speech or even the looser free verse of dialogue. At the time of his death on January 29, 1963, Frost was considered a kind of unofficial poet laureate of the US. “l would have written of me on my stone: had a lover’s quarrel with the world,” Frost once said (Pegasus, 2008).

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Frost depicted the fields and farms f his surroundings, observing the details of rural life, which hide universal meaning. A Masque to Reason (1945) and A Masque to Mercy (1947), which used the Old Testament characters of Job and Joana, examined the complex relationship between man and God (Pegasus, 2008). However, Frost developed a suspicion for religious mysticism (Pegasus, 2008)_ His half humorous view of the world produced such remarks as “l never take my side in a quarrel,” or “I’m never serious except when I’m fooling (Pegasus, 2008)_” Of all the artists, Picasso was one who struck me most dramatically.

He not only avgas cited for Cubism, e worked in almost every form of art style known at that time and created by him. What impressed me most was the use of his art for social commentary when he created the Queering in 1937, in response to the Spanish government’s bombing of a Spanish city. For that time avgas risky and could have had serious repercussions for him. Not only did he create a revolution in the art world but was willing to make a statement about the injustices of the government using his art. This to me is reminiscent Of the asses when music and art were used as a tool for sending an antiwar and anti-government message.

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Arts and Artist Paper Essay
The subject of this course is an exploration of the ideas and values from the Scientific Revolution to the Second World War, examining the various revolutions in the world (scientific, political, economic, social, spiritual and artistic) and their impact on philosophy, theology, literature and the arts. This Course So far has allowed me to see the influence of the Western thinking, forms of thinking and ideas on non-western cultures and vice versa.
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Arts and Artist Paper Essay
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