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The Renaissance period Essay

Was the rival of classical learning produced by Charlemagne in the 9th century and later used more in 12th century. Cites started growing, Intellectuals, artist and universities after the 1200. This time was called the Renaissance, which was in Italy and later spread through Europe. New and Old text consisting of vernacular writers was used in the renaissance using the printing press. The use of Humanism using scholasticism. Humanism was a new way of thinking and seeing the world.

It was called the earliest expression of the Renaissance, and was apart of the movement and cause. The people who practiced this were called Humanist. They challenged ideas of the Scholasticism, which is the daring the efforts to synthesize reason and faith. Students in the new universities, which revolutionized in the renaissance, practiced Scholasticism. Education and the spread of knowledge and specialization was the basis of the Renaissance and brought new things to Italy.

Humanist also Halloween the church allowing new mindsets, which underpinned the renaissance to develop. New a wanting for discovering text developed new printing methods, which was one of the main reason there was a renaissance. Classical works in the renaissance manly came for Europe and Christian and Muslim states. Secular readers read old test and classical writing and new libraries emerged. The printing advancement by Johann Gutenberg allowed for more copies of the text to be available.

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He incorporated movable pieces of type consisting of individual letters, new ink suitable for printing on paper, and a mechanical device that pressed inked type onto sheets of paper called the printing press. Both of these things spread ideas and created or were created by different ways of thinking of the world. The spread of art and knowledge later spread to Europe during the hundred years, which was the conflict of power between French monarchy and his vassals. The Renaissance By huddled By Sierra Peel 5th period

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