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Medici Godfathers Of The Renaissance Vi Essay

The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance Viewing Guide 1. To what era did people of the Renaissance look back to as the golden age of human life? What city, which was the birthplace of Cosmic d’ Medici and the center of this new movement? 2. What huge gamble did Comic’s dad take that put the Medic’s on the map? Describe in detail. 3. What project had the people of Florence failed to complete? Who tried to complete this failure? How did he prove he could do it? 4. What happened to Cosmic in Florence thanks to the Labials family? How did he get UT of it?

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Once exiled, how did he get out of that? What power did the people of Florence give to him as a result? 5. Describe the relationship the Medici bank had with the church. What did they collect for the Pope? From where did they collect this? 6. What is patronage? How did Cosmic use it to lead to political influence and power? 7. What was Brutishness’s problem when it came to completing the dome of the Doom? How did he prove to his workers that it could be done? 8. Who becomes first citizen of Florence after the death of Cosmic? What infamous

Italian organization does the video compare his government, leadership style, and system of favors to? 9. Who were the main rivals to Lorenz once he came to power? What incentive did the church have to bring down the Medici? In what type of plot, on Easter Sunday, did these two come together? What was the result and aftermath of the plot? 10. After sorting out is enemies, what did Lorenz take/get from Florence? How did he use his money and power and what title did he receive? What famous Renaissance artist did he discover at a young age as a result of this?

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