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Baroque Music Essay

Opera was the new musical form of the Baroque period and it was very expressive of the baroque cultural values. By then end of the operatic form was stylized into a recipe, including improbable plots, small motivations for the characters, and magical transformations, which were signs of opera’s baroque nature. Oppress united drama, dance, elaborate stage mechanisms, and scenery with music. Johann Sebastian Bach was one artist whose greatest legacy was religious music.

His works re distinguished by their inventiveness and complete mastery of major and minor tonality. George Frederic Handel was renowned for his Italian-style operas. He had a brilliant way in which music allows the singers to show their virtuosity. Yes, Opera was the new musical form of the Baroque period; it originated from Italy in the late sixteenth century by a group of Florentine musicians and poets who had ties with the aristocrats. However, let us not forget that if it was not for the four trends that gave he music of this time period its distinctive qualities.

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One in which was the creation of the major and minor tonality which was prefigured by Joaquin des Perez. That was the rise of modern music. The second was the mixing of the genres, which was well known in the literature and the arts made its way into baroque music. In addition, the third thing was the expressiveness in the music in the late 1 sass; it became more magnified and was used in emotions in the text of the music that may not have been eared. And lastly was the age of virtuosos, master musicians, especially singers, who would perform with great technical skill and vivid personal style, and of a growing variety of musical instruments. ” That brings us back to Opera; this musical form brings all the mentioned trends together, became the ultimate symbol of the age. Claudio Monteverdi was the first great composer of opera; he composed Refer (1607) about a legendary ancient Greek poet-musician named Orpheus. It incorporated ram, dance elaborate stage mechanisms and painted scenery with music (410).

Monteverdi was known for expanding the dramatic appeal by taking each of the five acts and ending them with a powerful chorus. He took the use of aural symbols and music phrases to intensify events. Jean-Baptists Lully was the founder of French opera but he was actually Italian. He would later become a French citizen and serve as Louse’s court composer. French opera under Lully’s direction would become more dignified and full of choruses and would add ballet and French text.

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