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    Archetypes in Star Wars Essay (692 words)

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    Community service: help in the community performed as part of a sentence, such as assisting with a community cleanup or food bank Criminal record: a armament record of breaking the law, which is public information. A criminal record can bar you from jobs Sentence: A consequence for a crime, such as imprisonment, determined by a court of law. YWCA: Youth Offenders CRIMINAL CODE: Adult Offenders Deals with 12-17 year olds Deals with adults Allows some yolk offenders to face consequences such as community service. Makes going to court the usual consequence for breaking a law. Prohibits adult sentences for youth 12 to 14 years of age.

    Allows adult sentences for young people 14 years of age and older who have committed serious crimes, Defines dull sentences, which can include long periods of imprisonment for some crimes Protects the privacy of young offenders. News media may not publish their names unless they have an adult sentence. Allows the publication of offenders’ names. Allows most young offenders to avoid a criminal record. Creates a criminal record for most offenders. What factors determine the consequences young offenders face? The seriousness of the offence. For example, a violent offence is more serious than a non violent offence.

    The history of the young person. Some who has been n trouble before may face more serious consequences than a first time offender. The attitude of the young person. A young person who takes responsibilities for their actions will face less serious consequences than one who doesn’t. The circumstances of the young person. What are the objectives of the YWCA? The youth criminal justice system is intended to 1. Prevent crime by addressing the circumstances Lingering a young person’s behavior, for example, a young person may need counseling for alcohol or drug abuse, or help coping with a family situation. . Rehabilitate young persons who commit offences and reintegrate them into society. This means providing young offenders with the skills to make positive choices in the future, and to help them find positive ways to participate in their community- for example by joining a sports team or a community action group. 3. Ensure that a young person is subject to meaningful consequences for his or her offence to promote the long term protection of society. 4. The youth criminal justice system must be separate from that Of adults and recognize their level Of maturity. What is a jury?

    Under the YWCA, a person of 14 years of age or older may choose to be tried by a judge and jury for certain serious offences, such as assault or murder. For these offences, juries always have 12 people and all 12 people must agree on the verdict. Anyone who is 18 years of age is eligible for jury duty, but cannot have a criminal record If you are summoned to jury duty, it is your responsibility to arrive on time. You must have your own transportation Employers must give you days off, but don’t have to pay you. People can be excused from jury duty if they can express undue hardship.

    What do justice advocacy groups do? What are advocacy groups? Canada has 2 major citizen-led organizations involved in the justice system: the John Howard Society and the Elizabeth Pry Society. These organizations furor independently from the government. They try to solve underlying reasons for crime. They provide public education about laws and the justice system, including the YWCA They help rehabilitate youth and adults They advocate for the rights of youth and adults accused of crimes They call for measures to improve the fairness Of the justice system for people accused Of crimes and those harmed by crimes.

    The Elizabeth Fry Society focuses on justice issues for women and girls. The John Howard Society works With everybody. What role do elders have in the justice system? Under the YWCA, young people can face consequences for the Youth Justice Committee. These committee exist in communities where volunteers agree to work with young offenders. YES reflect the ideas of sentencing circles. These came from Aboriginal history, and reflects their their consequences such as banishment. They believe that breaking a lava harms the whole community, and that the community must be involved with solution.

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