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Architecture Drafting Essay

Drafting is the drawing up of blueprints for architectural structures, and mechanical engineering tools and objects. There are two sides to drafting, the mechanical side and the architectural side. It’s a great career that is fun, and easy to do. Architectural drafting has to deal with drawing up the blueprints for homes, schools, churches, and any other architectural structure you can think of. It’s very easy to come up with these blueprints. You can either draw them by hand or use drafting software such as CAD. If you draw them by hand you need to know how your fractions so you can convert the drawing down in scale size.

If you use the software the computer does all the work, you Just have to know which tools to use to create the drawing. Architectural drafters draw the blueprints for all the buildings you see in the community. Mechanical drafting has to deal with drawing up blueprints for engineering tools and machines. You can use software called Inventor to draw up these blueprints. As you draw the drawings in Inventor you can view them in AD to see how it will actually look. Mechanical drafters draw up the blueprints for the parts for vehicles, airplanes, and even space shuttles. Drafting is a great career to have once you get older.

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There are many places you can work as a drafter such as the Arsenal and NASA, if you go into mechanical drafting. Most architectural drafters have there own drafting companies and businesses. You don’t have to go to college for a really long time to have a career in drafting. A maximum of five years and many colleges offer drafting courses. Some high schools who have a technical career center school offer drafting as a class also. If you take three years of drafting in high school you only take two years of drafting in college, or however many years you take in high school you take the difference in college to get all five years.

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