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    AP Euro Renaissance art and key characteristics

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    The holyAdoration of Grecco Roman culture, and man/ his emotions. A strong belief in human ability. Idolizing man instead of God.
    The idea that humans have untapped potential. A man of virtú has developed that potential.
    Emerging Individualism
    The idea that people want to be known for their contributions.
    Era of extreme contrasts
    Many people are unaware that change is occurring around them. The Renaissance and the era of changes was reserved for the wealthy. Medieval and Renaissance ideals were co-existing
    Emerging secularism
    The idea that the church does not have all the answers and people have begun to think for themselves, and be less connected to the church
    School of Athens
    Raphael- this painting represents humanism (obsession with grecco roman culture, shows ancient greek philosophers ). Individualism, renaissance artists are depicted as greek philosophers, as they want to be know for their great works as philosophers were, they are virtuous by showing themselves with such great accomplished people, and continuing to grow their knowledge. Raphael depicted himself in the picture.
    The money lender and his wife
    Metsys- this painting represents an era of violent contrasts because because it shows emerging secularism as the woman is devoted to reading the bible but is looking at her husband partaking in Renaissance culture as becoming a merchant, and gaining wealth.
    Adoration of the magi
    Bottiecelli- this painting represents secularism because it shows the separation between the spiritual world and the physical world, holy figures are depicted as important people in society such as the medici family opposed to traditional paintings. This is viewed as a slight rebellion against religous traditions. Individualism is also expressed because botticelli depicts himself as a religious figure in this painting as he wants to be credited for his works
    Creation of Adam
    Michelangelo- this painting represents humanism as an obsession with greco Roman culture as God is depicted as the greek god zeus. This can also be viewed as secularism because it was rare that God was ever depicted in paintings.
    Peasants dance
    Brüegel- this painting represents individualism as each person in the picture shows a different emotion and looks different. This also represents an era of violent contrasts as it shows medieval traditions clashing with renaissance ways.
    Magpie on the gallows
    Brüegel- this painting represents an era of violent contrasts because while it shows a beautiful landscape of a renaissance city, it shows medieval traditions still occurring as if the renaissance ideals never reached these people.
    Madonna of the spindle
    Davinci- this painting represents humanism because there is a strong sense of human emotion displayed. The holy family is depicted more as real people that have real emotions rather than religious figures.

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