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AP Euro Chapter 12

Debate about Women
A debate about women’s character and nature that would last for centuries
Sworn associations of free men in Italian cities led by merchant guilds that sought political and economic independence from nobles
A program of study designed by Italians that emphasized the critical study of Latin and Greek literature with the goal of understanding human nature

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Disenfranchised common people in Italian cities who resented their exclusion from power
A French world meaning “rebirth”, used to describe the rebirth of the culture of classical antiquity in Italy during the 14th-16th centuries
Christian Humanists
Northern Humanists who interpreted Italian ideas about and attitudes towards classical antiquity and humanism in terms of their own religious traditions
New Christians
A term for Jews and Muslims in the Iberian peninsula who accepted Christianity
Magnificent households and palaces where signore and other rulers lived, conducted business, and supported the arts
Financial support of writers and artists by cities, groups, and individuals, often to produce specific works or works in specific styles
Government by one-man rule in Italian cities such as Milan; also refers to these rulers
The quality of being able to shape the world according to one’s own will
Thomas More: Utopia
Society’s problems can be solved by a beneficent government
Renaissance Humanists
Women’s sphere of activity was private and domestic
Renaissance grouped people based on ethnic, national, or religious factors
Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile
Dynastic Union but didn’t unify all the kingdoms in Spain
Women as painters
Limited success on frescoes because their technique was done in public
Sumptuary laws
Reinforced social hierarchies, impose moral standards, protect local industries
Believed that government should be judged on providing order, security, and safety of the populace
Cosimo de Medici
Patron of Renaissance arts in Florence
Land, well rounded socially, contributed to the arts, educated
Nobility status in Renaissance
Even the greatest rulers could not escape fate, even though he should try
“Fate” in The Prince
The importance of a good education
Italian humanists stressed what?
Glorification of individual genius
Central component of the Italian Renaissance?
Humanity possessed both material and spiritual natures
Pico Della Mirandola’s view on the uniqueness of humankind?
Court of Star Chamber
The way Henry VII’s council dealt with real or potential aristocratic threats through judicial offshoot
Fiery sermons, and extreme views of Christianity
Savonarola is characterized by what?
Believed that writers of his day should follow ancient models and ignore the 1000 year period between his own time and that of Rome
Francesco Petrarch’s beliefs?
Manifested corporate power
Early Renaissance art in Italy…
Made a printing press that caused a printing revolution
Johann Gutenberg
By promising to decrease the power of the nobility
How did Henry VII gain support?
Paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Michelangelo was commissioned to do what for pope Julius II?
Academies and schools weren’t open for Women
Why did women receive less compensation on the Renaissance?
There was a great commercial revival in Italy
During the Renaissance…
Attempted to rid Spain of Heresy and Muslims
Spanish Inquisition
Sought to train, discipline, and fashion the young man into the courtly ideal, the gentlemen
Purpose of The Courtier?
Spanish Conversos
New Christians
Concordat of Bologna
Approved the Pope’s right to revive the first year’s income of newly named bishops and abbots in France
Term Gorgio Vasari coined
Highly sought after and used to indicate wealth
Status of Slaves Iberian Peninsula

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AP Euro Chapter 12
Debate about Women A debate about women's character and nature that would last for centuries Communes Sworn associations of free men in Italian cities led by merchant gu
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AP Euro Chapter 12
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