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An Analysis of Fashion Essay

Despise fashion as unwise, as too zealous follow it. ” La Buyer. Fashion Art, Clothing and Fashion; when talking about fashion it is hard not to discuss clothing; and when speaking about clothing, it is hard to omit the influence of art. Thus, these three words go hand in hand to give meaning to each other. Art, clothing and fashion influence each other and provide basis for us to understand each one. Anyone who was ever visited an art show or art museum cane easily see that art comes in various forms.

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Art ranged from an oil painting handing on the wall to a statue made out of diamonds. In the same way, fashion may be presented through different clothing each falling categories like; evening, gala, night, beach wear etc. Fashion is a creative process that results in a fashion garment. Fashion has always borrowed from other art forms whether they are textile patterns of ancient cultures or sport. Taking these insights, designers recreate a new language of art in the form of an item of clothing. They are artists working within the medium of cloth.

Throughout history art’s role has been to reflect the society in which it was created. Likewise, fashion is indicative of the era in which it exists. Images from historical art utilized clothing to assist in the narrative, conveying a message to the viewer. I can’t imagine Van Decks ornate portraits without those epic, layered fabrics and costumes indicating social position; or the Angelic Musicians in his Ghent Altarpiece wear robes that could easily have been worn on last season’s Italian style Gucci models. His was a study in fashion as much as pose and painterly techniques.

Fashion was essential within his artists’ narrative. Indeed, for some people fashion – this hobby, for others – a necessity, for the third – Job, but someone to do it no matter. So, try to understand what kind of an interesting phenomenon. To get started please refer to the dictionary. Collegiate Dictionary Deal gives the following definition of the term “fashion”. This “walking habit of a temporary, changeable whim in everyday life, in society, in the cut of clothes and outfits. В» How do you see in the very definition of the word incorporated the natural variability of fashion.

Contemporary sources say that fashion – is a form of cultural expression, a reflection of reality, which manifests itself in the manner of human behavior and his clothing. In other words, fashion gives us some rules. It turns out, if you follow them, you look fashionable, but if you ignore them – that, accordingly, not fashionable. Stop! There should be someone who sets these rules, determines what is now fashionable, and that – no. After all, any rules of someone else created. Who dictates fashion? Admit it, Dahl very accurately observed that fashion – “changeable whim. So it turns out.

This is really a kind of whim of individuals. Here they wanted to see the new season in pink – so be it. But who are these people and what they have the right to specify what you wear? It turns out that they have, Just so we trust them. Fashion dictates fashion designers. They are professionals. Before the new season, these people create fashion trends, conduct demonstrations. After that, the media make certain findings and tell us that this season will be fashionable: what colors, styles, fabrics, etc. That’s about as well as this process occurs. So we dictate the fashion of its legislators.

And obey them or not – it is a private matter for each person. However, if you’re determined to follow fashion, remember that the main thing in this case – do not overdo it. Undoubtedly, a fashion trend has not been cancelled, and keeps track f them, probably worth it. However, all must comply with the measure. Simply put, when it comes to fashion, do not go to extremes. After follow fashion trends and strive for fashion – two very different things. For example, if the main color of the new season – red, you should not change clothes and clothe themselves in bright red clothes. Enough to get a couple of new things.

And it may be not only a clothing or footwear. Do not forget about accessories. Thus, one can, for example, to buy gloves and handbag fashion for the new season of color, and otherwise – to show the creative imagination and wear what do you go. In addition, you must understand that if everyone followed the fashion, then we would look exactly the same. But the girl is known to be salt. So if you want to pay attention to you, do not be like everything. On the contrary, seek to identify something from the rest. Main – individuality Of course, you can not quite listen to the fashion and clothing, in that horrible.

Because then you risk to stand out, shall we say, not for the better. However, never forget your own individuality. Your image – is, first of all, you yourself. Your clothes should match your inner world, your feelings, your character. Unfortunately, in pursuit of fashion, many girls forget about it, and so often seem banal and vulgar. The reason is that they blindly accept everything that dictates fashion. But to dress in good taste – is an art. Sense of taste is not given by nature, it should be a raise. Pick up clothes so that you feel confident in it and you comfortable.

If you wearing the most expensive and fashionable rags – that does not mean that you look good. Need to know how to combine things. Following fashion trends choose something that suits you. Do not worry if some sort of trendy thing you absolutely do not go well. It is better to choose something a little less relevant, but is really capable of allowing you to decorate and emphasize your individuality. Do not forget that fashion is only given a specific direction, giving you the right choice. Following fashion trends always stay yourself. Only in this case you will be really beautiful, feminine and unique.

Most books on the history of costume, begins by describing the clothes of ancient Egypt. From scientific papers we can learn how primitive people of the Stone Age used to wear, or modern aboriginal tribes of Africa, and Australia. With the development of unman society, the formation of states, the change of historical formations suit is more complicated. But from age to age in clothes with the utmost clarity reflected, the social position of people of different incomes, different classes. Suit at all times remained a social sign, evidence of social status, an indicator of a person of rank.

In Europe and in times of barbarism, and in the Middle Ages, when the folded state, and the Renaissance, when capitalism sprang, and in an age of absolutism, when brewing the bourgeois revolution, there were unwritten custom and special orders in aspect of the suit. Feudal lords, for example, did not dare to dress rich then king, and wealthy citizens, merchants and craftsmen – to compete with the feudal lords. Thus, in the XV century fad of fashion were shoes with long noses. Moreover, the peasants were allowed to have shoes with toes no longer than 6 inches, 12 inches of the townspeople, nobles 24 inches (2. CM in an inch – that’s Estimate, how long were shoes for dandies! ). In the XVIII century, the degree of nobility is determined by the color of the ladies dresses, long tails. In the XIX century, the bourgeoisie, becoming the master of lifeВ» not only financially but also politically in most countries in Europe, America, society dictates its own principles, tastes and fashions. Formed universal types of clothing, it would seem the same for everyone – it’s coat or frock coat with long trousers, and later a Jacket, waistcoat and trousers, almost unchanged for a hundred-odd years.

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In our time, the process of demystification suit continues. So popular among young people form the bulk of clothing and footwear, if you look, have their prototypes in traditional dress of the peasant population in Europe. Such s coat, tuxedo Jacket are derived from the outer clothing of British farmers. It is not that offer leading artists – fashion and costume development on the whole subject is not someone’s wishes and tastes, and their domestic laws. In the “golden fundВ» of classical forms of clothing gets that meets the requirements of comfort, versatility, is the most functional, that is fit for purpose.

You can “recognizeВ» or “not accept” fashion, admire or resent it, be it the creator or a slave, but cannot be out of fashion. Therefore, fashion is a social phenomenon, part of public life. We have Just traced, albeit anecdotal, that fashion, the suit has always been inseparable from certain segments of society, social classes – hence, the fashion – a phenomenon of class. Clothing – a necessity, its production involved various industries, and sales – a huge network of stores. Thus fashion – the phenomenon of economic.

Fashion as art of the costume, along with other art forms, of course, there is an aesthetic phenomenon, part of the artistic culture of a country, era, humanity as a whole. Everyone sees fashion in its own way, it depends on his age, education, beliefs, culture and nature – in short, of personality. Fashion for any of us is part of the inner world, the phenomenon of psychological, and relationship to her choice – a moral phenomenon. Fashion history is rich with events. Everything in it is: a serious and novel, and the bloody drama, and comic farce. Not surprisingly, many philosophers tried to explain how to understand this phenomenon.

We present here some of their estimates, the reader can see myself how they are contradictory. Thus, the English philosopher, the late XVII-early XVIII century, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Lord Spreadsheet, in his famous essay В«Senses Communism, or Experience the Freedom of sharp mind and an independent frame of mind, writes:” Over time, people began to consider decent for themselves alter their appearance, and your mental addition lead to uniformity. Thus, the authorities became tailors, and when they transferred their powers to new tailor, in turn, dressed as they deserved in the eyes of others.

However, although such an extraordinary set of circumstances all agreed that there is only one definite and true form of dress, the one and only way, to which necessarily must accommodate all the people, the misfortune was that neither the authorities nor the costume could not decide which of the multiple modes was truly faithful people from all parties were persecuted for their appearance and characteristics, they should fit in their mines to their shirts in accordance with the correct fashion, in circulation were thousands of samples and models of clothes, and they changed again and again, at every opportunity, in accordance with the habits and spirit of the times. Judge for yourself, do human persons could not become cramped and constrained, and the natural appearance of people – it’s hard recognizable, messy, distorted cramps! Philosopher drew attention to the despotic power, which takes over the fashion people, the way it sometimes distorts the true human nature, the natural look of the people.

Yet Spreadsheet acknowledges and beneficial fashion, calling the fashionable gentlemen of those “who are good natural genius or power of good parenting have given the feeling that gracefully and decently by their very nature. В» Fashion was not indifferent to beauty, though understanding the beautiful at different times and varied. Writes about it and XVIII century English philosopher Thomas Reid in his Lectures on Fine Arts: “… For example, the dress of the reign of Queen Elizabeth is now seemingly far from perfect, but a man dressed in a dress that would be considered a heavily ridiculous. Perhaps it arises from the following: It seems that a man dressed in the fashion, belongs to the nobility and rotates in a good society. As you can see, it draws attention to the fact that fashion creates the illusion of the significance of a person if he follows its recommendations. Curious thoughts about fashion, we find the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant in his essay “On the palate, which corresponds to the fashion. В» He gives one of the first functions of fashion: “The law of imitation (aspiration) seem no less significant than others, and it is in fact, not taken into consideration any benefit, called a fashion”. No use – Just an imitation – emphasizes this feature of fashion. Maybe she likes us that it’s apparent uselessness? It has no internal purposes, as Kant thought, attributing her “to the category of vanity. » It would be unfair – in relation to the philosopher – to dwell on this part of its definition, because the further he writes that in the same degree of fashion “refers to the category stupidity, because this is a forced-flow in horal exclusively by example, which give us a society, many And concludes: “Every mode has its very concept is an unstable lifestyle. В» Kant had not seen in the fashion of any merits and positive qualities. But Hedge’s Philosophy of Spirit “noted that the fashion good effect on morals, and definitely took it under protection. He wrote: “It has long been reproached the French frivolity and vanity and the desire to please. But precisely because of this desire to please, they reached the highest subtlety secular manners and thus with much success have risen above the gross selfishness f primitive man.

For this treatment is precisely that for their own interests not to forget the other person. ” Later – and abroad, and Russia – were special studies on the mode, where it has been considered from different perspectives. So, the book NV Reinhardt “Social and economic importance of Fashion, “published in Russia in 1889, was devoted to the study of fashion is not an aesthetic, but with the economic and social point of view. The author believes that fashion is born under the influence of two factors: the spirit of innovation (the desire to upgrade) and the tendency to imitate what he was saying was right, though now we might add his observations. And W.

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Dahl in his famous dictionary, for example, defined the style as “a walking habit of a temporary, fickle whimsy in everyday life, in society, in the cut of clothes and outfits. ” But even with this definition we can agree only partly. Studied fashion and continue to study by sociologists and economists, psychologists and art critics, historians and artists – good material for these studies, she gives plenty. Fashion has become a natural part of art costume. The artists themselves, designers treat it very rigorously. The famous French couturier Pierre Cardiac gave the following definition: “Fashion – is a way of expression. In other words, fashion – a reflection of the individual qualities of the individual in the social and moral aspect. ” Fashion considers harmless game of fantasy and whim of people.

Note that only through fashion can be hard to avoid the tyranny of custom, hidebound traditions, which in fashion is reflected age-old human search. Mode allows the individual to express themselves, to protect their identities. While at the same time fashion, providing a pacific person, adopted by most standards, certainly makes a person the issue of choice. Fashion, bringing under their “banner” thousands of people, creates a certain illusion of unity. And this fact is very beneficial in the spirit of our time. But at the same time, fashion offers a variety of social symbols, which to some extent are the hallmarks of social attitudes in social strata.

And may thus play a completely opposite role, that once again convinces how ambiguous and complicated phenomenon. Fashion democratic and elitist at the same time! Fashion is considered in relation to art, Joining with him, or, conversely, opposing him. The famous Italian writer Alberta Moravia, who, by his own admission, mode of interest from the standpoint of aesthetics, defines it as: “Fashion – a story, the story itself, about which you can not debate, argue, cannot be denied. And indeed, the people who have no history dispense with clothing. ” In light of this understanding, it seems now outdated definition of fashion, which was given by V. Dahl; – it is not Just a walking habit, “she did not” fancy. In an age of science, technology, and now – and the technological evolution has arisen this powerful “fashion industry”. It uses advances in science and technology to create new, previously unknown material, allows making fashionable clothes, shoes, etc. In any desired quantity. Invented by chemists, artificial and synthetic materials – nylon, nylon, polyester, and others, gaining popularity very quickly became fashionable. Fashion – and in the sense that the enthusiasm was only temporary. Still, when cooled down passion aroused by the novelties, we returned to the tested, proven over centuries of fabrics and materials, which so well and feels natural and man in the heat, and cold.

Chemists “rescued” an open rejection of a dangerous fashion, combining natural and synthetic fibbers so that they have a dignity and of those, and others – are pleasant to wear, hygienic, does not crease, easy to wash, durable. How can you call such a development mode changing whims? No, it’s hard logic, in a society rapidly changing moods and tastes, hobbies, etc. Writes, for example, Doctor of Philosophy BAA Parrying in the book” Social Psychology as a science. В«But this is – at first glance comprehensive – definition, apparently, does not reflect the essence of fashion. Because there are examples here the fashion of the West created a well-tested process as creating “stars” and “beauty queens” are increasingly used at the same time some economic controls to be placed on manual mode a lot of money.

And fashion is not always there “under the influence of the dominant society” tastes and moods – often fashion serves as a kind of protest is the natural dynamics of science and industry. New draws attention, experience life and time, and adjusted accordingly. So the fashion of our time goes hand in hand with scientific and technical progress and to some extent contributes to it. But even this provision for, and against the objections can be found, since there are cases when fashion went in the direction of all progress, having tempted suddenly forms and colors of bygone decades. Disputes about fashion, begun immediately after her birth, continued.

Remains on the pages of newspapers and magazines ask the question: what is fashion? People are looking for an answer, crave precision and certainty. And it was no and no. Too complicated this ambiguous phenomenon. It originally – and each time a new way – reflects our life: spiritual and material. Mankind has, of course, does not live fashion – he has other, more serious encores and problems. He is much more important, for example, to avoid the “star” and other wars, keep the land in its purity and charm. The man went into space and flew to the knowledge of the unknown. It would seem that the fashion to these global problems? But no – it does not remain indifferent to them.

The first flights into space inspired by Pierre Cardiac to create his “space” collection, and now the second decade, we see the development of this theme: here went overalls and helmets, silver and gold shiny fabric, of which sew everything – from Jackets and raincoats to exquisite evening toilets. Changing the type of beauty – fashion changes the makeup, hair, shape the very face of a man who is considered beautiful. Then this teenager as Twiggy, proclaiming mini skirts and dresses, it is a natural cosmetic and short-haired athlete. Or a man keeps good shape, smart. All this is a consequence of mass interest in sports, the desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

The new image – new types of clothing, a silhouette, fabric and other materials. Media, international contacts, tourism – all this makes the information widely available about fashion, and fashion itself becomes an international character. Tradition of folk costumes, national costumes have an impact on fashion, which was with her usual omnivorous draws ideas from all available sources. Fashion – is a specific and highly dynamic form of standardized mass behavior that arises spontaneously, mainly influenced by the dominant against the tastes of the dominant society. In particular, this was the fashion of hippies and punks who were wearing shocking, causing clothes. We all somehow become involved in this process.

Now many are interested in fashion, waiting forecasts, find out what is fashionable today that sew, what to buy, how to dress, to keep pace with time. And when a man wearing fashionable trousers – bananas, pulls on his shirt in a fashionable style “safari”, throws on the shoulders of the nylon, as if inflated with air, a Jacket – one that he often feels like walking in step with the times Many temptations fraught with fashion, but it is cruel and pitiless. Entering into any relationship with fashion, we find ourselves faced with a choice, and it must do consciously. We do not currently outfit to choose; we are saying about their passions, their aesthetic ideals So – to start – try to understand the laws, which call for a new life style and that she complies.

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An Analysis of Fashion Essay
Despise fashion as unwise, as too zealous follow it. " La Buyer. Fashion Art, Clothing and Fashion; when talking about fashion it is hard not to discuss clothing; and when speaking about clothing, it is hard to omit the influence of art. Thus, these three words go hand in hand to give meaning to each other. Art, clothing and fashion influence each other and provide basis for us to understand each one. Anyone who was ever visited an art show or art museum cane easily see tha
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An Analysis of Fashion Essay
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